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  1. Our Captain fantastic is 8s to score anytime today
  2. Motherwell ran a similar thing during the close season for those that couldn’t attend games not sure how many more fans it got them through the turnstiles but at least it got more through.
  3. It's on the tellybox but any idea if it will be on Saints PPV? Season ticket holders who can't attend can watch for free on tv.stmirren.com. As the match is being shown live on Sky Sports, PPV is not available.
  4. I just hope that we do not get sucked into their game play. Get/keep ball on the shity surface and play football we have shown we are decent if we do that. In the league game the ball was collecting some air miles by both teams.
  5. Home game on the tellybox expect nothing less than 3 points from this, Saturday showed we are getting there might be taking longer than hoped but hopefully corner turned. Saints 3 (Brophy McGrath and Captain Fantastic) Aberdeen 1
  6. We cant your right but if we had started 2 up ……
  7. For the record it wasnt us that didnt get the deal over the line. He was already to sign along with the other boy but HIBS couldn’t get it done.
  8. So as it stands we are taking 3 points but you wouldnt pay for St Mirren taking 3 points
  9. I as a supporter of St Mirren want and expect a win however I dont see where the goals are coming from today with only 1 up top and more often than not 9 behind the ball.
  10. St Mirren: Alnwick, Fraser, Shaughnessy (c), McCarthy, Millar, Power, Reid, Tanser, McGrath, Ronan, Brophy. Subs: Lyness, Tait, Flynn, Erhahon, McAllister, Dennis, Main.
  11. It’s actually not that simple when the people that could get over for me are working. I live in Lanarkshire and our company are still working from home so its not as simple as you make it sound for some. I wasn’t complaining about St mirren only having actual tickets i simply mentioned Hibs could easily have put at least one section online for away support just as livi done in the cup
  12. I totally get that and Im not berating our club. As you say Hibs could have made at least 1 section avail for e ticket on their site. Livi did it for the cup, its simply not viable for me to get to our ground this week at all before Saturday to collect a ticket. I would have been doing my usual and used a supporters bus to go as its much better than making own way to game sounds silly as its only 11.50 return from here to Edinburgh but its just never the same lol.
  13. There is no etickets for this game that I've heard of bud. As far as I know it's only match day tickets. I'm lucky in one respect that I live 10mins from the stadium. But it's a rubbish situation if you don't live so close and want to attend. Thanks for that looks like a game i will need to miss always enjoyed Edinburgh away days.
  14. That was never my point. I understand that. Was the fact fans could only get tickets if the go to the ticket office. Which closes at 2pm or what if your not from the Paisley area and struggle to get to the ticket office. Is it only actual tickets for this game rather than e-tickets was just toying with idea of the game 1. Because St Mirren are my team and 2. Its another away game after 18 months without but im working from home and live in Lanarkshire so no chance of getting through to get a ticket.
  15. Can we leave the comments about other players to their own thread if they havent got one start one. This is about Matt Millar joining us for the season and discussion around that. Its not rocket science.
  16. Am i really when did you become the almighty in the inner workings of football coach/management and club running business or the actual common knowledge of the way it works
  17. Goodwin tells the board his list and if they sign someone he knows the new budget but the board still has his list. He doest not say you must sign x y or z get friggin real managers no longer do all that stuff. The coach and hierarchy deal with signings if you dont know the simple facts of club signings why are you here. Ohhh i forgot to be a wind up
  18. Its irrespective if he scored 1 or all 17 from the spot it would still have been losing a player that had 17 goals all in last season for us and 5 years younger than Allan who has a grand total of 8 goals in 2.5 years recently for Hibs and has had various injuries. I know which one i prefer
  19. Goody didnt he doesnt negotiate contracts etc he knows the budget and advises of a list if pot A,B,C options and leaves it to higher up to deal with it.
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