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  1. Is this confirmed I have missed alot of the window past few hours
  2. 2 hours 17 mins left of the scottish window and its all went eerily quiet for us.
  3. JG may now be forced to change it as both “DM’s” will be out of our next game. On so called plus was the clean sheet and even that was more lucky than anything.
  4. Watching on TV due to self isolating got booted out now no link showing to get back in lol.
  5. Why put Tait in as DM in a role unfamiliar do we not have mcPherson and Flynn on the bench, Flynn should be starting someone that has a forward thinking mind. We are the home team for goodness sake. Its St Johnstone we are playing not bloody Barcelona
  6. Unless my forced self isolation is affecting me that line up seems to have 7 first and foremost defensively minded players in there
  7. I see it mentions no away tickets but the general sale link allows you to click the away stand whats to stop away supporters just buying them.
  8. Agree they will want to sit in and pace is not something we have right now. Do we have the guile to break them down hmmm right now bit unsure hopefully today it clicks and we get the win.
  9. Paisley Saints 2 (Dennis and McGrath) Perth Saints 1 (wotherspoon)
  10. Clearly its not allowed anymore and tbh could not give a flying ….. what hibs and celtic wear against one another. We should be allowed to wear the stripes against that manky lot but wont next week as the SPFL will say otherwise.
  11. You cant have black and white tops against black tops this isnt a new thing
  12. We couldnt play in our black and white strips at Livi they had the home top on which is black this season.
  13. Do we have an idea of how many tickets we have sold for taking fans through tomorrow. It doesnt look as if their will be a big home support by all accounts
  14. I believe I am personally too old to buy the top but training top of the zip up top would have been nice to have had on to show my colours for game tomorrow. My first away game since 2019 lol
  15. I get where your coming from clubs and kit makers wont/cant do that incase a club is changing manufacturer. However i reckon they should be on sale as soon as the season is finished to maximise revenue streams for the “good weather” and holidays.
  16. Mostly made up of our support by looks of it in their stadium map for seat
  17. I suppose technically you can if they still have any of their site for away fans but i wish you well if you try i couldnt get it to work after registration and was lucky enough that Ronnie picked me one up at our ground today.
  18. Thank you again @Ronnie would you like me to transfer the money just now or meet you about half 11 Saturday. What ever is easier for you just message me
  19. @Ronnie thank you for this, i have emailed and contacted Livi on twitter but still not heard back. I see they have added another section for sale on their portal but even though i have registered as you need to i get egg timer or just kicked out lol. Tried calling our ticket office but obviously busy left vm to see if i could buy one on phone and pick up saturday from ground. If you are able to i owe you a beer oh and £10 😂😂
  20. Is there anyone going to or at the ticket centre that could help an out of town buddy. I registered on the Livi site but keep getting booted out. I know tickets went on sale this morning if someone could pick up an extra I can either transfer the money straight away or im coming through to Paisley before the game and have a seat on one of the buses i could meet you and square you up.
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