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  1. I get where your coming from clubs and kit makers wont/cant do that incase a club is changing manufacturer. However i reckon they should be on sale as soon as the season is finished to maximise revenue streams for the “good weather” and holidays.
  2. Mostly made up of our support by looks of it in their stadium map for seat
  3. I suppose technically you can if they still have any of their site for away fans but i wish you well if you try i couldnt get it to work after registration and was lucky enough that Ronnie picked me one up at our ground today.
  4. Thank you again @Ronnie would you like me to transfer the money just now or meet you about half 11 Saturday. What ever is easier for you just message me
  5. @Ronnie thank you for this, i have emailed and contacted Livi on twitter but still not heard back. I see they have added another section for sale on their portal but even though i have registered as you need to i get egg timer or just kicked out lol. Tried calling our ticket office but obviously busy left vm to see if i could buy one on phone and pick up saturday from ground. If you are able to i owe you a beer oh and £10 😂😂
  6. Is there anyone going to or at the ticket centre that could help an out of town buddy. I registered on the Livi site but keep getting booted out. I know tickets went on sale this morning if someone could pick up an extra I can either transfer the money straight away or im coming through to Paisley before the game and have a seat on one of the buses i could meet you and square you up.
  7. Im working so using hesgoal been fine first half inly downside its a hearts tv feed got to listen to them commentating
  8. We sat back to much first 20 or so gave them all the time they wanted. We need to get further up the field and not leave the forwards isolated Kiltie needs to up his game second half
  9. Another stick to try and beat the club with there could be numerous reasons for the change. Cost being one how do we know if the new company were more competitive in their pricing. Do we know if the previous company are still doing this type of work given that sort of service has not been required for obvious reasons for a while. Thats just a couple of reasons for possible change
  10. I never said they didnt have access to an email address i was talking firewalls etc the club put it on the official site. There was ballots for the other 2 home games it was obvious there was to be a ballot for the Hearts game given the current situation even if we had been given an increased attendance numbers it was never going to cover even just us season ticket holders so a ballot would have still taken place.
  11. A demonstration prior to the game with 2k fans in what is still until Monday a level of social distancing doesn’t make sense. It has been a shambles by the club and i have sent numerous emails asking direct questions of this debacle and how they planned to fix it all fell on deaf ears but at this stage when come 09/08/2021 a minimum of 5k can attend is the wrong thing.
  12. The club put it on the website what the process was due to non attending fans at the Partick game. Everyone’s email addresses can reject emails or send to junk due to firewalls. If this happened im sure those affected would moan about that. I have been lucky in any of the ballots and have through both barrels recently for various issues but i dont think this one can be labelled at the club.
  13. A councillor and the club have stated why the Partick and Hearts were/are 1039 and its not going to change now for the first home game. I admit i put a fair few posts out qbout the 1039 how did it come about? Did we just lie down and accept it? Did we request more as clubs are allowed too? I put it on here also contacted the SLO and the club didnt get much traction. I have came to the conclusion it is what it is and we will get no proper clarity do not see the point of this continued asking questioning demanding answers our club has shafted its loyal supporters and have pretty much put a blanket ban in answering except a small statement not really saying much
  14. St Johnstone IF they beat Galatasary will face Randers of Denmark if they get beat the will then face Conference League play off against either Vojvodina of Serbia or LASK of Austria
  15. Do we know if this game will be available on ppv for fans that arent lucky in the ballot or those unable to pay to get in.
  16. A diver might perfect things but that is when the see it coming and know what to do and expect. Brophy is running away from Anderson and has no idea he is going to hack him down. As i said you clearly dont like or rate him and that is your opinion and fair play. The forum is all about that best to agree to disagree on that one. Henderson wasnt a pen not denying that. Just like 2 of the 3 corners leading to the og werent corners how Adam stayed on the park is beyond me, the ref was at best incompetent. He didn’t have full control of the game.
  17. Given the pace he is running at and the unexpected nature of the challenge it is impossible to fall flat on your face he goes down sideways do again impossible. As i said go try it and you will find out. Maybe you and a certain other person should start your own wee anti Brophy club
  18. So you think he cheated pile of tosh he is running at speed gets done and you expect him just to be able to stop when he falls go get someone to do it to you and see if you just stop dead when you fall when tackled from behind
  19. This ref is only fit fir the race course( at best) if still playing games down there
  20. What a pile of ……. He arrived with a broken bone in his foot missed a chunk of the run in. He has used pre season to get stronger and fitter and showing more of hisgame today.
  21. Hmmm me thinks not ohhh and who scored 1 nil ( Brophy)
  22. According to their site it is saying audio commentary only for uk subscribers from 2pm
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