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  1. Scottish football clubs will be able to welcome up to 2,000 fans to their stadium from July 19. If you ask me very ambiguous so who makes the call as to who get the 2000.
  2. Are there tickets to be available for this game ??
  3. I personally thought from maybe 10 minutes on in the game Erhahon had a good game as other have said he looked to be trying to add a few new strings to his bow. Some on here just want to deride the boy and thats just it in terms of football years he is still a boy still learning, for me he seems the type that needs someone else round him to help and ease pressures. Yet someone are very quick in pulling the trigger. He will get better as well as stronger bottom line for me he wears the stripes of St Mirren and gets all my support. According to some supporters we should be signing so called superstars what we have isnt great we are who we are and we are where we are in Scotland limited funds both pre and post covid we can only cut our cloth accordingly. I for one think we will have a good season.
  4. He deserved it to be fair dived at the celtic red then done it again at own sending off
  5. Alright Mr Happy as its already been pointed out stenny aren’t controlling the camera as per most club channels tv coverage of games
  6. The home strip looks good with stripes on the back. Just need a release date now end of july and still nothing. The change of sponsorship cant be used as an excuse it is the same every single season
  7. You just need to go to stenhousemuirfc.univtec.com and log in with the email address password you would have used to buy the game pass
  8. Yes if you look at my post directly before your own their Ceo confirmed this
  9. Apparently its just the details you used to register to log in just got a reply from Jamie Swinney Chief Exec of Stenny as i was unsure also. Thanks for purchasing the game tonight. All you need to do is login using the details you registered with. Thanks, Jamie Swinney Chief Executive Stenhousemuir FC CIC Ochilview Park I Gladstone Road I Stenhousemuir I FK5 4QL Email: [email protected]
  10. Bottom line i don’t give a toss who scores the goals for us if its 1 player or preferably 2 maybe 3 whether they score 10 plus (would settle for 6-12)each lol in the league or the split across the major competitions if we somehow have more than 1 doing so it bodes well to some sort of successful season
  11. I'd forgotten about the handicap system they implemented. Yeah all so the big boys win things as always no one having the chance lol
  12. Fcuk sake this is a football forum can we keep it to football chat all this childish name calling and other shit can the administrator just ban this shit its page after page of utter horse shit either that or get a fcukin room or boxing ring just give it a rest
  13. The good old golden shoe where someone from our league needs to score quite a few more than others to be in running lol. As its been pointed out by someone else cant mind who lol. That just means Obika on his strike rate over 2 seasons 13 league goals even in bracket 2 would hqve got him grand total of 19.5 points in the race for it
  14. Well they arent just judged on league goals, goalscorers are just pure and simply judged on scoring goals and get paid to do just that irrespective of who its against. Clearly you did care what was previously said to try and correct something that wasnt said. Your right most teams dont have players to get 10+ goals a season we’ve had Obika and last season McGrath so we are a tad fortunate. This season hopefully will be the turn of Dennis or McGrath again should we keep hold of him.
  15. Brophy has scored a total of 11 pk’s from 35 goals not exactly all he does 1 in 3.5 goals is a pk think he offers more in my opinion going by that stat
  16. Outside of the big 2 in Scotland i doubt there is a club or fans of their respective clubs saying the exact same. Any decent striker worth their salt will not come to Scotland unless they are coming from an “inferior” league and if that is the case then they can not be classed as a prolific striker
  17. Any combo of 2 from those 3 will do well for us this season i know Jim likes to get the ball down and play but it also gives us an option to use Main to play upto and either hold it in for runners or play others in whilst putting himself about with their central defenders.
  18. I have no interest in what a player does before he comes to us. In his short StMirren career he has played 10 games for us yet. He has played a total of 9 games before and after the aforementioned pre season games totalling 457 minutes avg of 50.7 mins per game. In essence he is still finding his feet in our squad and how we and JG wants us to play and individual player roles. Mooted reply you gave. You clearly dont like or rate him but my god give him time to bed into the team.
  19. The previous poster never said 10+ goals a season in a the league just said 10+ goal per season. The article about McGrath calls him a 17 goals scored midfielder not a 17 league goals scored midfielder moot point to be honest in your post.
  20. Only time will tell, its all about opinions i guess and constructive chat/banter no malicious intent. In my opinion there are way to many “supporters “ on this and other forums that believe they are sofa Mourinho’s. They slate and deride players for this that and the other, like they could do better. For me there are opinions fair play then there is almost vilification and dislike/distain for players
  21. https://www.the42.ie/bids-rejected-for-jamie-mcgrath-as-some-serious-clubs-show-interest-in-ireland-midfielder-5496241-Jul2021/
  22. Obviously not fan of Brophy with the amount of sheeat you seem to spout about him. Each to their own opinion but its verging on obsession. Maybe you should message him and see if he fancies starring in Paisley’s own version of Fatal Attraction
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