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  1. Goodwin really has to do more homework on strikers. His opinions are shocking so far
  2. Kiltie, Brophey and Jones played well together for Killie. This is an improvement on what we had. If we had to lose either McGrath or Ronan then I am happy Jamie is away. He has not been the same player this season. Gogic is a sound signing. Only disappointment is not getting another striker in.
  3. Good to see you on the ball. This is old news
  4. Jones for McGrath bring it on
  5. Would be a great signing if the rumours about Jones is true
  6. Not great cash offer but if we get Gogic and Allan then it would sweeten things a bit.
  7. Gogic is a good bit of business. Would still like some pace added to the squad.
  8. I hope he doesnt read this forum. With comments like that I would go elsewhere. He is hardly a cart horse. Quality player who would do a job for us.
  9. Dundee also in for Niall McGinn
  10. Main linked with move down south
  11. Goodwin planning some changes. This gives me the fear. An under strength team could see us go out
  12. McGrath now signed PCA with the dons
  13. I would take a punt on Leigh Griffiths. Goodwin is a good man manager who could be the one to get him playing again.
  14. Aberdeen looks to be his destination sadly. I think we have tried to get interest from down south but there is no one biting. I would prefer he went to Hibs and we got Scott Allan.
  15. Would take Allan in a minute. He is class
  16. With Hedges leaving I expect that person could be right and Jamie will go to Aberdeen. I also think Kennedy would be a stick on. Goodwin rates him and would fit the profile. I feel we need reliable players who are not crocks though.
  17. We could really lose a couple more as some are just not up to it. This is a big window and could make or break the managers job.
  18. If McGrath goes Scott Allan is a must
  19. Which makes this a bigger farce
  20. Come on people need to get real. Jim was there to spread Covid to the Celtic team prior to our game.
  21. Kevin Kyle is exactly the type of player we need. That and serious pace in wide areas. I was hoping we would get Scott Allan but with Ross away that wont happen.
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