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  1. I came off the forum after being touted as a fullarton plant (giving honest opinions I thought)...but popped my head in after yesterday to see the reaction Anyone who wants JR binned just now needs to give their head a wobble. I criticised the 'linkedin' recruitment ad...and I still do ...and havent been blown away by the summer signings so far...but they are HIS signings and this will be HIS team shortly so let him get judged on that. Its far too early in the season to go mental. Ross has shown that he cant talk well and clearly isnt a dafty and has shown that he can put a team out that can compete ,that previously weren't. Any manager will live and die by his signings whether its staff or players and JR is no different. I think the guy will get it right ...and if he doesnt then results will dictate whether he stays...thats just football I'm afraid
  2. Ross has to get the window to at least try and get his own players in .. the chairman said this wasn't a short term appointment so his credibility is at stake here too. Today was dire, totally dire but a manager should at least get the opportunity to bring players in who he sees fits how he wants to play etc. with money being in short supply I don't hold out much hope but sacking Ross isn't the answer .. in my opinion , we look doomed anyway
  3. very moral of you Shull but back in the real world Falkirk took 3 points today and we are 10 adrift. Professionals need to wisen up and realise that teams wont just give us wins
  4. you usually do There will always be pros trying to get an advantage ...the trick is to be 'professional', score goals and walk away with three points. My point is that you seem awfully keen just to dismiss it as a 'silly boy' moment....moments like that will take us down and we cant afford them
  5. who gives a monkeys why he did it? 1-0 up and getting sent off for punching is amateur hour for anyone. I know you very rarely post anything serious but to deflect away from an incident that cost us the game just to have a rant at Miller is laughable even by your standards. 4 points out of 42 and you are saying 'give everyone a break' ..... aye, good yin Shull
  6. Get a few goals tonight and try and kick on . Ross was right , you won't get any real credit regardless so get through it with no injuries and try to get some momentum for the next game
  7. I started the thread about that and I stand by my opinion .. I also think the BOD should get it in the neck for this .. I just don't think the two things are related that's all
  8. I think GS and the BOD are getting stick on this thread are they not ? Not sure what this has got to do with the fowler issue ?
  9. But surely folk are entitled to voice their concerns ?
  10. Absolutely , sacking Ross would be mental given the rhetoric from the chairman. He's in post now so he needs backing
  11. Totally agree but it shows you just how many clubs appoint managers with long term ambitions only to panic when things get tough ..even after a few months the fans (and players obviously) have a huge part to play in keeping folk in post
  12. I think all fans can be irrational at times .. we call for managers to get jobs or players to play for a variety of reasons and then call for them to go or to get dropped when it's not going so well. Everything hinges on results not just in terms of the security of the manager but the general feeling around the club, so everyone is more likely to be a bit more relaxed when things are positive on the pitch once things go a bit Pete tong then everyone gets a bit irrational .. not just fans but boards and owners as well
  13. Like I've said before .. if we get a player who adds value to our squad through a LinkedIn advert I'll be proved wrong . .. personally I think this is amateur .. others don't .. but what it definitely does do is show where we are as a club currently
  14. Like I say , I've never posted anything negative on this forum before but I see this as amateur and a reflection of how far we have fallen .. that's my opinion , I'm entitled to it as are you to yours
  15. Ok so John hughes , Billy Davies or Jimmy Calderwood and the like would arrive at Greenhill Road and have no idea of players , positions , who can come in and targets etc ?
  16. Pretty much my point .. some of the replies to Fowler on LinkedIn sum up why I think it's depressing
  17. This isn't recruiting a new business development manager or an engineer .. this is about a manager knowing his market and if you think a player found through LinkedIn will improve our situation then I hope I'm wrong and this is a master stroke ... I very much doubt it
  18. This may be a shock to you but Managers who are in the game and have contacts do exactly that ... otherwise they would all be on LinkedIn and it wouldn't be 'innovative'
  19. So you are seriously telling me that a manager who is considering taking over a new club doesn't have them watched or analyse the club from top to bottom ?? Really ? Ross along with other folk in the game (including folk on here) knew that Rae's jacket was on a shaky peg early doors and they would have , if they hadn't done already, started their homework. To suggest Ross knew nothing about St Mirrens squad is at best naive so at the interview he just says 'oh I haven't seen much of St Mirren this season so I'll just pick it up as I go along' come on
  20. I've been supportive of them and never post anything negative but I'm depressed at this as it shows exactly where we are at this time. That word 'innovative' is mentioned again ... it's not innovation .. it's an admittance that , regardless of a scouting network being in place or not , Ross and Fowler (in my opinion) look very inexperienced in realising what we need and who can fit in. I'll say it again .. I hope they prove me wrong but I'd have expected a new team to come in , realise where we are weak before taking the job and identify targets .. this looks desperate to me
  21. Decent player ? Should the management team not have a fair idea who the 'decent' players are?
  22. I disagree .. this just shows exactly where we are right now as a club everyone is entitled to an opinion but to me , this just highlights a lack of contacts and awareness across the country. I hope they prove me wrong but I'm not convinced that this 'advert' will throw up anything they shouldn't already know
  23. The contact details are there Shull .. fire in a reply .. if you're on a free
  24. Throwing the net wider ? You say I'm being narrow minded but at least I can read .. his ad said U.K. based senior pros on a free .. this isn't about worldwide scouting .. at least read the original post eh ?
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