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  1. I think we will stay up but people must stop blaming everything on Stubbs . The guys attitude was very poor and his signings shocking ( apart from Cooke ) who I think will be good player for us . However Stubbs was not a fan of Stephen McGinn but McGinn has too much power in the dressing room and any manager who knows the game just will not suffer this . It's NOT about individuals it's about " togetherness " . To many stories coming out of the dressing room and AS knew this but was possibly trying to sort it out too soon . I notice Stubbs has remained silent probably due to him signing an agreement to remain silent in exchange for a bumper pay off ! Anyway I'm glad he's gone but yet ANOTHER poor appointment by The Board
  2. Why do so many people think that it's great that The Club unloaded a lot of players and make out its " great business " ? Let's see how much we had to pay to get rid of these signings ! Ok I think we all agree that Stubs was a poor appointment so answer these questions Who appointed Stubbs ? Who approved these " poor " signings ? Who exactly is responsible ? Do people honestly think that Stubbs was allowed to do what he wanted ? It's just all accepted by Saints fans . It's the same as when we lose soft goals . No one accepts responsibility . Can someone explain why Jack Ross was allowed to sign Paul McGinn then the next day went to Sunderland ? It's quite easy , he was doing his " pal " Stephen McGinn a favour by signing his brother , then he leaves and The Club are left with another wage ! like it or not we need a new captain , Oran should have appointed his own man by now . McGinn runs the show id be interested to know the real views of Anton Ferdinand a guy who's no doubt seen it all . McGinn plays for himself it's time he got put on the bench but because of he's living on past reputation he is an automatic choice . These are the rules : dont question poor signings , don't complain about McGinn , Don't question the SMISA ( which I contribute to by the way ) , don't complain when we lose , and whatever you do don't question the fact that a Jack Ross himself gave contracts to lots of players who were duds . He didn't leave us with a good squad . last night poor very disappointed with the numbers in attendance but it was cold and midweek but understand people don't want to contribute to Celtic and Rangers .
  3. As for Oran , poor guy fact is we will never really know if he's any good as he's now got far too many opinions IE Gus , Rice , Nichol etc etc . He should have appointed a new Skipper as his own man McGinn has far too much control and the club is riddled with Nepotism and he's past his sell by date . The signings that don't work out let's just blame Stubbs that takes the pressure off The Chairman who surely would have had to approve these signings . Stubbs was out of order with some of his comments but he probably wanted to get rid of the rotten apples but looked like he wanted to do it too soon .
  4. Let's get real stop blaming Stubbs for our predicament . The Chairman hasta lot to answer for . People to easy fooled by him . A few years ago my mate played 5 a side with him and did he turn up with a Saints strip ? No a RANGERS STRIP !!! Of course this will get rubbished but it's a fact same as people applauding rubbishy performances this nonsense has to stop
  5. IVE no loyalty of Alex Rae whatsoever . All I'm saying is that GS sacked him at the wrong time . If he wanted to begin his takeover with a fresh manager then that's understandable . But to sack RAE after 6 games after RAE brought his own signings in during the summer was a massive error . All Gordon Scott done was try to be popular among the supporters who wanted Rae out the door . i repeat Rae was NOT the manager to take us forward and was not the correct appointment by the previous board but Scott should have " bit the bullet " and kept him till the end of the season or even until last December . All this mess we are in has come from GS and his complete misunderstanding of how players can react to a manager leaving at the wrong time . If GS had known what he was doing he'd have looked around for the correct appointment when Rae was still in the job . Having done that then sack Rae preferably at end of this season . We'd still be in The Championship and the new manager would have been appointed at the correct time . Instead Jack came in at a difficult time when making his own signings was impossible and this has lead to a lot of panick and short term signings
  6. Yes , you could be correct but GS has just tried to keep people happy by sacking RAE and when the season had started he should have seen out until December at least before sacking him . I just can't understand why Scott has not been criticised more on this point . Probably because RAE was unpopular ( which I understand ) but GS got it badly wrong . Also his commenting on players is poor policy and looks like he's undermining the manager .
  7. I honestly do not disagree with most of what you say . IVE said before he kept us up last year and we were a poor side . If he'd been given the sack at the end of lat year I'd have been happy to see JR. Come in then . However when the decision was made to keep RAE then it was complete madness to show him the door after 6 games . As for the players turning up to enjoy their work ! I don't enjoy mine either . At the moment it's a war we are in so of course won't be enjoyable . Bottom line is GS got THE TIMING OF RAE'S sacking badly wrong and he has to take full responsibility .
  8. Glad you said that about Alex RAE . He kept up a bad team last year . I fully understand that he played a type of football not pleasant to watch but we'd have been better off keeping him until the end of this season . GS took a massive gamp,e and he has to admit it back fired
  9. Your wrong saying I hate Gordon Scott . I did see him at The AGM and thought he came across poorly and supporters see him as some kind of saviour of The Club ! Very wrong . Too many Board Members or friends of Board Members on this site . However I'm not saying your 1 of them ok
  10. Ahh , so you think because he bought the Club he's not responsible to Shareholders , Supporters or people who pay their monthly fee like I do ? He got " THE TIMING OF THE SACKING OF ALEX RAE " wrong and he has caused this mess . Yes I think he must do the correct thing and stand down from The Board . I note you say " he has invested money in " I'm sure even he will admit he didn't invest in The Club .
  11. Ok I'll have another go at trying to explain . My opinion of Alex Rae does not differ much from yours but when the new rules about transfer window came into force then it effects the impact a Manager can actually have . It's easy to look back and make comments I admit however RAE should have went at the end of last season . Now if JR. had been appointed say last May he's got time to take a breath and get players in who play his style and have the actual mentality he's looking for . So what happens ? RAE is allowed the close season to bring in players who HE wants then is sacked after 6 games . Now when Jack was appointed he's working with some players who are disapointed that the manager who signed them has left and In turn Jack may not trust 100 % that the majority of players are buying into what he's looking for . Result is Jack Ross is playing " catch up " and making signings during the window that possibly he would not have signed last close season . Solution would have been to make an approach to another Manager to get ready to step in ( if you don't think that happens then good luck to you ) And sack Rae at end of December . Scott was sucked into doing 2 things wrong . First Sacked Rae at the wrong time to appease the fans who wanted Rae out and Second he appointed a Manager who he didn't want !!! Girdon Scott is to blame for this mess of that there is no doubt . Jack Ross possibly was a bit naive taking the job at the time he took it and he will know that now For sure . However he's taken a huge gamble in his career and it still could work out if we stay up which is still possible . It's very obvious that Gordon Scott gets a lot of support on this site and I can't understand it other than I think that he has too many friends who run this site therefore denying real fans the voice that we deserve . Sorry but Gordon Scott must resign Asap as the whole Club stinks behind the scenes . As for his comments about no left back I still say he should not publicly make such comments and JR. Should not comment on for example : Stewarding or Season Ticket prices etc etc . i do hope I've cleared up the fact that I was not a big fan of Alex Rae but no way would we have been in this situation if he'd still been in charge . I bet GS wishes he'd have kept him until the end of this season then sacked him .
  12. Gordon Scott must take responsibility . He's got away with criticism on this site due to his connections . You don't appoint a Manager of a Club like ours and sit back . The Football side is nothing to do with him he's supposed to be sorting out the mess behind the scenes not making comments about players !
  13. Gordon Scott has to take responsibility stop blaming The Old Board . I could say look at their record ! Not bad for a Club our size . IVE been rubbished about Alex RAE being sacked but Scott got rid of Rae at the wrong time . GS should not be making comments about players . He's undermining JR. AND BOTTOM LINE IS LETS GET BEHIND JACK GET INTO PLAY OFFS AND STAY UP !
  14. I agree with you . We can still finish above Ayr Utd and win the play off . The sacking of Alex RAE should have been done after the last game of last season . When we started this season with him then to sack him after 6 games was complete incompetence and lack of knowledge how it works . If RAE had still been in charge we would have been 7 or 8 th place no way he'd have got us promoted but no way he'd have got us relegated . Gordon Scott must shoulder the blame for this decision . There are far too many errors being made in running The Club . This is no fault of The Manager .
  15. Steve Aitken excellent young Manager however we simply must stick by Jack . IVE said before that The timing of sacking Alex RAE was just plain stupidity . Gordon Scott never gets any criticism for this . The transfer system of January window means that RAE should have been sacked at the end of last season or this season . Everyone who reads this forum must understand that shull is a " buddy " of Gordon Scott . Scott has simply got to resign sacking Rae after 6 games was downright stupidity and shows GS has no knowledge of how to run a football club . Gordon Scott is also undermining JR. When he spoke about the need for a left back ! I as a supporter don't expect to hear this from The Chairman I do however want to hear it from The Manager .
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