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  1. I put a light up in my hall yesterday that my wife had been nagging me for months to do and honestly that is the best goal I've ever seen.
  2. Yeah I thought the new guy was great, brilliant day all round!!
  3. Yes, would also help in the regard of goal difference!!
  4. I actually cannot keep calm with regards to tomorrow, my fear is that despite yogi baw bag publicly stating he'd be happy with a play off place, he'll be saying to his team if we win we're safe!! I do believe however with our backing we can beat them if we have the right mindset!! My stomach will be churning come kick off time!!
  5. Fair point, I should have been clearer in specifically referencing Morton yesterday and last week against Raith and Ayr respectively which would have helped us big time!! Just can't believe that it's came to this!!
  6. Agreed, there's many variables now that can determine our outcome, other teams have done Hee haw to assist us!!
  7. Quite worried now, since nerves may become a factor in the last couple of games (particularly if the hibs v raith game doesn't go our way), there could potentially be a lot of tension next Saturday.
  8. Stevie McGinn for me all day long, he has been the focal point that's held everything together centrally allowing the rest of the team particularly ahead of him the freedom to express themselves.
  9. Cheers for info, that's tickets now bought for me and my daughter!!COYS
  10. Hi, don't agree at all, I did not take my 12 year old daughter there on Sunday for that reason at all.
  11. Absolutely fantastic, that's the best they've been at home all season for me, could not fault any of the players and Stelios was outstanding!!
  12. I do agree with previous poster, Lennon is foul, albeit not a bad manager or motivator, would love a 1 nil to the buds..
  13. Look, IMO we have to praise GS & JR for giving it a real go this transfer window so far (in terms of players out and players in) as this is our final push, it's now up to the management, coaching staff and players to deliver safety or at worst a play off. COYS
  14. Fair enough point, it does appear a wee bit drab and a lick of paint on the breeze block along with some more pictures would work wonders!!
  15. Good luck Craig, we need you and the rest of the team to deliver!!
  16. Very sad to hear what's happening there, agree with previous poster that the decline of oil & gas industry has been a hammer blow for Doosan amongst others, people are clinging to their engineering posts at the minute, rotten time of year also for news like that!!
  17. Does anyone know the magnitude of the fault? Is it the boiler/machinery, pumps or the pipe work under the grass, one would imagine their must be diagnostics that would highlight what is broken, from there a cost estimate and schedule to get the work complete can only be developed!!
  18. How do you go about getting a refund? Bought tickets (in better seats than my season tickets) but daughter has running club and I'm generally hacked off with the whole debacle!!
  19. Agreed, LinkedIn is rubbish (1 level up from Facebook), great if you want to comment or guess how many marbles are in a jar or show of your new car. It will not deliver us new players...I don't know anyone who has ever been recruited from LinkedIn, complete waste of time and I removed myself from it....
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