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  1. To be honest as a ST holder I would want in, however I would gladly give a ‘donation’ to the tune of the value of the game ticket - to help the club out.

    The day will come (hopefully soon), I have said many times on here that I hope the club is ready to act when the go ahead is given. It’s difficult as a partially filled stadium of ST holders only brings in hee haw revenue to the club.

  2. Aye mate, the same company my mate worked for binned me early August, why.................they had to start contributing a paltry amount towards furlough. 
    I got lucky, found another job out of O&G, but it's going to be a disaster, probably the worst ever,  for thousands of people and I've been involved in O& G for just over 30 years. 

    Yeah I still have a lot of mates up in the north east and I fully agree this is the worst, the next 3 to 6 months is going to be absolutely brutal.

    Glad to hear you got fixed up.

  3. Just had a message from an ex workmate, been with the company for 15 years.
    Being made redundant after being on furlough, almost constantly, from March.
    He's shattered, never known another company and there's not much out there.
    The oil & gas industry, and it's not on it's own, has been hammered. 

    This is it FS, they (the companies) are absolutely shi**ing themselves and panic cutting resources at will (most of the time with no logic).

    I recently bailed out of a large north east Oil and Gas mob that have interests down in the central belt as I could sense that they were panicking.

    Unfortunately there will be more to come

  4. It looks like a clearly orchestrated strategy to me. He's been told to drop that little bomb yesterday in the sure knowledge the press would pick up on it instantly. It worked as 1st question yesterday to NS gave her the perfect platform to emphasise the real narrative ie "it's a real possibility BUT to reduce that possibility as much as possible we all must follow the new guidelines".
    The fact he said 24hrs before that early indication was measures were starting to slow infections merely confirmed this was a planned, strategic "slip" intended to let NS emphasise the core message.
    They know full well Christmas household restrictions won't be followed hence the big push now to "save Christmas".
    I'm astonished the press in general (to be fair the BBC lunchtime news ran with the "saving Christmas" line rather than the "cancelled or digital" line) are so gullible but the daily questions show just how insipid and inept they are and thus so easy to be used in this manner.

    Absolutely 100% spot on!!

  5. Was out for a meal on Saturday night, got chatting to an older couple who had decided to have a couple of days away.
    The hotel they were staying in had charged them £250 for 2 nights.
    This hotel, I've stayed there twice, is in the £60-£80 a night range.
    The prices of drinks in the bar we were in were a joke, £8.25 for a glass of wine, £5.49 for a pint of Tennents and cocktails, I was there a year ago last week, had jumped from £6 to £8.
    Ripping people off to make up for the previous months of no/low income doesn't sit well with me so feck them.

    That is quite a hike in prices- particularly on the nightly rate, customers will soon get fly for this and won’t return, my sons haircut for example has went up a pound, now I don’t mind this because they will likely have additional overheads for the booking system, masks and sanitiser etc coupled with possible less custom.

    I have always been the way that companies need to make profit but shouldn’t tear the @rse out of it...

  6. I really do find it intriguing that the infection rates are high again but the hospital admissions and deaths are not relative.

    Something is not right with all of this - just seems to me that if this trend continues (minimum deaths and admissions) they absolutely HAVE to open everything up ASAP.

    Enough is enough!!

  7. Totally agree - just wish I knew their objective/ rationale. Pubs are busy (not that I’ve been to one), as of tomorrow you can go to the gym, was in Starbucks in Linwood today and that was busy.

    I appreciate they (government) are cautious and everybody has to be responsible but they need to get a move on and get us back in - this all helps the economy.

    I wonder if the government are even engaging with the football clubs about a return - if they’re doing nothing well that’s just criminal!!

  8. Are you able to clarify your understanding (source)?

    One of the considerations that was taken into account, was the previous record of what a teacher/school had submitted.

    If your daughter did achieve a A1 result in the prelim and was supported by her other work, you'd expect that a A pass would be the result of the appeal.

    I think it will be ok on appeal, what I don’t get is that after the teachers submitting their recommendations (based on prelim / general performance etc) is the random intervention (by SQA I assume) and subsequent ‘moderation’.

    Don’t get me wrong here, I’m being selfish and purely looking out for my daughters best interests, but for others (5th year for example) this is wrecking dreams.

    I just don’t understand how they can moderate (predominantly downwards) with no evidence.

  9. Does anyone on here work with the SQA?
    I've just heard through my daughter of one person who scored an A in her prelim and was awarded a D and scores of people talking about being downgraded from C to an outright fail in many subjects.
    This is making me very suspicious indeed and I would be interested in knowing whether a computer algorithm was used to assign grade adjustments in Scotland. This has all the hallmarks of the blanket use of a "magic algorithm".

    I would absolutely love to know the criteria for A, choosing which child gets ‘Moderated’, B, the subject that gets moderated. And C the actual method? It’s my understanding that a random 25% were subject to ‘Moderation’ and that 93% of that 25% were downgraded.

    My daughter scored highest in her school for the physics prelim but got ‘modified’ down to a B, we checked with the school and they proposed an A1, we will appeal and likely win (since the supporting data is there), however as you say, what is the criteria or indeed the algorithm for moderation.

    To say I am disgusted is an understatement.
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