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  1. I'd be interested to see how he'd get on at left back, read that he's equally comfortable there. Would be happy for Broadfoot to come back in beside McCarthy with Famewo replacing Waters.
  2. I agree with this. McGinn is a good 7/10 every week but Flynn offers a wee bit more in that role IMO. Good servant and wish him all the best.
  3. Thigh strain apparently, won't be long before he's back.
  4. Their fans were great for the most part - behaviour like that just spoils it though. Spotted a few pre match on Greenhill Road pissing on the street and generally being wee tadgers. I hope we bill them for the seats.
  5. If we're comfy, there's no chance Paul McGinn will be risked. Glad he's been given a rest today - been one of our best players this season. Agree Erhahon should be given another chance, he got a raw deal last season.
  6. I thought this too - however, seems Samson is indeed at Rochdale in a temporary GK coach role.
  7. Can anyone help me with this please? Much appreciated!!
  8. Morton supporting colleague reckons Baird is the best defender they've had in years.
  9. Hladky McGinn MacKenzie Broadfoot McLoughlin Waters Magennis McGinn Foley Andreu Obika Spam out a 0-0.
  10. I'm sure there's still restricted view tickets left, with unrestricted sold out.
  11. McLoughlin hasn't been particularly convincing for me. I'd be quite happy with Baird partnering Broadfoot, with Gary Mac filling in for KB when required.
  12. Anyway, Junior on for injured Andreu. COYS!
  13. Imagine using an alias account to talk to yourself.
  14. Is this the first time we've beaten Aberdeen in the league since Gareth Wardlaw scored a winner at Pittodrie in Danny Lennon's first season? ETA: Great result!!
  15. He took an absolute roasting on several occasions for me. All about opinions I suppose.
  16. Is it just me who thinks Muzek was hopeless? Thought Erhahon outperformed him at LB last season. eta: young Ethan struggled but still was better than an “experienced” Muzek.
  17. Was hoping he would turn out to be a good player for us. We had absolutely no obligation to pay for the surgery. It's a shame for the boy, but it's important to make bold decisions and cut ties when appropriate at a club our size.
  18. Yep, really impressed with McLoughlin today. As for the incessantly needless above that epitomises everything that is wrong with B&WA these days - see if he's playing well for us, who gives a f**k if he was recommended by Gus/Goodwin/Alex Rae.
  19. Joking, surely? The two of them are on the verge of tears every time we make a legitimate tackle.
  20. Him and Gary Mac have strolled it so far.
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