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  1. Nothing's going to happen until at least Thursday.
  2. Fake Instagram account - id be surprised if anyone is announced today.
  3. Wonder what happened to the signing that was “done and dusted” last week.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sam_Foley
  5. Is there anything you don't know?
  6. You tell us - aren't you the font of all St Mirren knowledge these days?
  7. Seen this on Twitter, very sad.
  8. I'd take this as gospel, hes no less reliable than the majority of ITK posters on here.
  9. Is anyone’s St Mirren TV back working properly?
  10. Isle of Bute Saint's internet history ^ Calm down, FFS.
  11. Any idea who the no 22 was last night. Listed as “Iban Cossow” on the teamsheet but google returns nothing (unlike the others who have a wee bit of a background). Seemed a lot better than the no 6 and pinged a quality 40 yard pass in the second half.
  12. Should’ve brought josh Heaton IMO.
  13. Someone get a picture of the trialists so we can play guess the trialist!
  14. He’d be a good signing, far too good to go back to the Championship.
  15. Believe the situation will finally become clearer, albeit slightly, at 7pm.
  16. Popescu is one of the two signings. Should be announced tomorrow to soften the Kearney blow.
  17. This is correct but people are absolutely right to be harsh on him given the way he’s treated the club and the supporters. He should’ve acted exactly the same as Cody Cooke, not go babbling to the papers/media and not bother his arse to get back in the team.
  18. He was excellent before he got injured. Very exciting young player
  19. Another loan deal for Anders Dreyer almost complete.
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