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  1. Danny Mullen was excellent last night, but it would be nice to have an extra striker. Coulson ended up playing centre forward!
  2. Will be the first time in a long time that I've decided to go to a game against either arsecheek from the manky patch of the country. Couldn't turn down the opportunity to see OK's first game. Hoping for another famous win under the lights. COYS
  3. Would hope that Rice is kept on in some capacity if this is going ahead. Think Nicholl would be a good addition.
  4. Link? Online article for DR says McIntyre is still the front runner.
  5. Not really if he’s the one who scouted the shite we’ve signed this summer..
  6. Yep seen Cammy Smith, McShane, Heaton, Willock etc - Tony Fitz was a few rows back to the left beside Tommy Wright. Think he only appeared after HT.
  7. Killie are being backed by Billy Bowie, too. Danny Lennon got us 7th and a national trophy with a smaller budget than McIntyre.
  8. I didn't say the huge upheaval of players yielded immediate results. The fact is he turned over 49 players over three years in order to stay afloat in the Premiership. He has wasted an incredible amount of money as a manager. We can't afford that.
  9. If he'd kept them and not been allowed to sign others instead they'd have achieved nothing close to what they did. Time will tell, but I believe there's another manager in line to take charge.
  10. Several mid-contract terminations being paid off for players.
  11. My only issue with McIntyre would be the number of duds he signed over his time at RC. No Roy McGregor here to bail him out if the same happens again. That said, he'd be an upgrade in a tactical sense and would have a better connection with the supporters.
  12. Davis is gone and Gary Mac is injured. You can’t tell me Kpekawa or Jones is better than Baird.
  13. Who do you think is better? In an ideal world, we’d have Gary Mac in the team but I think Baird is still a step above Kpekawa and Jones, regardless of an error today.
  14. How are we shaping up? 5 at the back right enough?
  15. I’d be amazed if Stubbs hadn’t at least enquired about signing Kyle McAllister on loan before opting for various bizarre loan signings. Andy Driver and Ross Wallace also available on frees...
  16. Accies being linked with Matt Kilgallon - experience centre half who has played at various levels in England. Would be an ideal signing for us...
  17. It’s Josh Jeffries ex Rangers
  18. Currently playing against Rangers and we’ve a trialist playing for us. Anyone any idea who?
  19. Mainly because all you bring from that sort of attitude is negativity, a lot of it comes out the woodwork as soon as the going gets tough. Take the Alex Rae/JR transition as the most recent example - a section of the support were giving JR a tough time at the start because people thought JR was wasting the money he had on untried signings that nobody had heard of and we had a run of bad results. The other section of the support were supporting their club and JR has credited those supporters as one of the reasons for the turnaround. I’m not saying that Stubbs is going to do anything close to what JR had done for us, but the least he deserves is our support because it doesn’t help anyone with those sorts of comments. Refusing to go and pay to watch the team only hurts us further. I thought “50+ years” of experience watching the club might’ve indicated that (FWIW, I’ve not been here anywhere near that length of time, so maybe my opinion means nothing). We’ll seldom spend money on players to out bid our rivals and will turn to contingency targets if need be - it’s always been that way and always will. I have absolutely no issue with that, especially if it actually bears fruit like it has done over the last couple of years.. Get your hand in your pocket and get supporting the club. COYS!
  20. Away and support Celtic or Rangers, then
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