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  1. Back in Celtic training this week.
  2. Souleymane Coulibaly worth a look? Currently training with Partick Thistle but would still be a good player at this level IMO - main issue is that he’s not played a competitive match for about a year..
  3. Seems we might be signing him from Southampton on loan. CB/CM.
  4. When does the window shut, and does it apply to cross-border loans (as this seems to be our thing this year)?
  5. AS: Would be surprised if we sign anyone else by the weekend but actively looking to strengthen. Expects a portion of McGinn funds.
  6. Anything to this, or just speculation?
  7. Would imagine he's referring to Nicolai Brock-Madsen.
  8. I can't describe how much I've felt the atmosphere improve inside the stadium over the last two years, thanks to Josh and the rest of the boys in W7 - week in, week out they're arranging displays, setting up drums/equipment, giving out positive messages about the club on social media - not to mention singing their lungs out on a Saturday, win, lose or draw. Jack Ross referred to it a lot last season about how well the players respond and I have watched it genuinely having a positive effect on player performance and results. I know some of the boys take a bit of a battering sometimes but I raise a glass to them for helping turn our club around. Fantastic once again today. An absolute credit to the club
  9. Attacking midfielder/striker. Think we still need a goal scorer to supplement Mullen’s 20 this season.
  10. Cole Stockton being linked on twitter. shite scoring record.
  11. Where on Twitter is Randall mentioned?
  12. Corner kick routine so far in these first few games has been absolutely horrific. Every single time a half arsed, rushed attempt at a cross and it always ends up being knocked up the park by the other team - we've lost a few goals from this already this season. Needs to be sorted pronto - absolute madness.
  13. Shankland's actually not a bad shout. Lost a power of weight and is about to hit his prime. Probably a no-goer though, due to Ayr (probably) demanding a big fee.
  14. Am I missing something? Hippolyte plays for Dunfermline.
  15. I'm not here to contest whether he'd be the right signing or not. I'm just questioning the original comment that suggested we shouldn't sign a player because he's played in India.
  16. On the official site preview that Gary Mac is injured anyway - Kirkpatrick and Magennis still out too.
  17. Bizarre comment. So you wouldn't sign a player just because he's played in India? Paterson doesn't look like he fits the bill from the outside looking in, but could be worth a look in a trial. Played at a high level in England and has some international caps. His career is quite similar to the Thommohawk's, and that worked out okay.
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