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  1. Billy Mehmet was banging them in for North Cyprus in the recent CONIFA World Cup Finals in London.
  2. C'mon lads! We're about 7 pages behind on the Stubbs Out thread!
  3. Martindale seems to have the ear of the Livingston board. Their new manager/ head coach will have to work with him and not be able to bring in their own coaching team.
  4. Good to see Alan have an impact on the old town already.
  5. What an entertaining thread! Are we gonna have a similar poll for each and every poster on the forum?
  6. Guti set to be appointed Real Madrid coach. No ambition that lad, bullet dodged, imo
  7. Stubbs it is then? Mehlcome to St Mirren Park Alan
  8. Should have gone for Guti and got all those Real Madrid Castilla prospects signed up while the weather is nice
  9. Harry has officially signed for Grimsby Town. Close thread!
  10. Time to get the 'Stubbs OUT thread' started yet?
  11. Alan Stubbs1/4 Oran Kearney6/1 Jim McIntyre8/1 Micky Mellon8/1 Patrick Kluivert 12/1 Gary Caldwell16/1 Ally McCoist20/1 Darren Ferguson25/1
  12. Even with the Cup win it seemed a lot of Hibs fans weren't to sad to see him move on. Same goes with McIntyre and the County support although I get the feeling they wouldn't have finished bottom dogs if they'd stuck with him. Caldwell's record doesn't enthuse at all. Kearney? A tough one to call as managing in a different environment in what is largely a part-time league. I assume it won't be Caldwell. The rest have pros and cons but do any have the vision of Jack Ross? I'm not convinced on that score.
  13. Latest Odds: from McBookie Alan Stubbs2/1 Oran Kearney5/1 Jim McIntyre6/1 Micky Mellon6/1 Patrick Kluivert 8/1 Gary Caldwell14/1
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