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  1. What about this then? Say you stay in Ayrshire somewhere like Dalry, Beith etc, that's closer to Paisley than Kilmarnock, so what would be your local team? Kilmarnock because it's in the same county or Paisley in a different county? Why I think we have a good squad of fans from Ayrshire who support st Mirren instead of Kilmarnock is because most of North Ayrshire is actually closer to Paisley, then you get Largs! There local team is regarded as Morton. See where im getting at?
  2. Great input to the thread fella..... well you sort of work that out when you speak to different people from different towns, there families and so on, know? It's pretty much a thread on where you know most Saint Mirren fans from... People I socialise with come from Saltcoats Dalry, Beith, Kilbirnie and Johnstone, Renfrew. Nobody I know personally from Paisley is a St Mirren fan. FFS.
  3. So how do you think our support is narrowed down? I honestly think most of our support is from other towns, Renfrew, Erskine, Barrhead etc, there isn't many people in Paisley town supporting St Mirren. We have loads of supporters from Ayrshire, why is that? I know Ayrshire is practically next door to us but why not Kilmarnock?
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