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  1. The cheapest flights I could find were from Edinburgh £96 each. That's departing Friday and leaving Sunday. If you book the ferry via a bus company it's cheaper than booking the ferry direct. it works out about £65 return from Glasgow to Belfast and you can have a wee lager shandy on the boat. There are possibly cheaper fares if you are more flexible with your times. There's not much available hotel accommodation around Coleraine but Airbnb have a few locations. I vowed the close season was too short and I wasn't getting involved in the Pre-season or Bet-fred pish but I'm now looking forward to this little jaunt. Hopefully we'll have signed someone new to watch by the time we go.
  2. No luck mate but I'm sure you'll have a ball. After the playoffs and the almost immediate fixtures in the Betfred Cup I went in a huff over the lack of a summer break. I vowed I wouldn't be going to any games till the start of the season proper. However within 10 mins of the Ireland tour being announced the gang was mustered the ferries and hotels were booked and we were on our way. Fecking couldn't help ourselves. As we just found out life's too short mate. I'll no doubt end up at most of the Betfred games too but the plan is to give them a miss UNLESS we have exciting signings we HAVE to see. Make the most of the lakes. See you at the Betfred.
  3. Fiona was a legend. Often met her at home and away games (she seldom missed any) and drank with her in the club and Hospitality a few times. She was a True Bud. She supported all the players and wouldn't hear a bad word against any of them. She was always 100% behind the team and the club. As a few on here have eluded she wasn't called the screamer for nothing. She was a very vocal supporter and very proud to be a buddie. Puts life into perspective I was getting all excited about a trip to Ireland and then bang. She is no more. Bummer. I don't know her family but my thoughts are with them. If Anyone gets any details re the funeral. Post them on here. Thanks. RIP Fiona.
  4. A wee Ireland Trip 28th and 29th June. Ferry Booked. we're on our way.
  5. Injury-plagued St Mirren midfielder Greg Tansey is pushing to be fit for the new season after having potentially career-saving surgery on his groin. (Daily Express, print edition) Just more corroboration he is in the frame for next season. I know he got absolute pelters from the fans in his early Games. Him and Ryan Edwards were the scapegoats for just about everything that went wrong in our early games. I thought he was actually coming on to a game just before he got his famous red card and his condition was properly diagnosed preventing him from returning. when he gets back to full fitness I think he will be a decent addition. Good luck Greg
  6. I'd forgotten all about that. Another reason to be cheerful. Hopeful we won't need penalties or extra time.[emoji209] [emoji209] [emoji209]
  7. New Indian carry out opened a couple of months ago. The tiger coast sit in has been replaced by a bistro. The only downside of NB is you cant get a decent ruby anywhere local
  8. I'll get the factor 50 on and ditch ma coat then. Order a San miguel and find ma sombrero.
  9. Its chucking it down in the East what's the weather like in Paisley
  10. A travel bud would be good. NB is a cracking place to live. In the premier the away days at hibs n hearts are Brill and theres another Chinese if you just want a carry out and don't fancy the excitement at Tony's
  11. Couldn't sleep last night. After the shenanigans in Dundee I spent the day in Glasgow. Visited a sick Bud in hospital and never got home till about 10pm. Slept for 10 hours but never slept a wink last night. Up 5.30am and jumped the first bus out of NB. Thank feck I did. Forgot it was the Edinburgh marathon today. The roads will be chaos. Might be sleeping by half time but I'll be there. COYS
  12. Ha! Ha! That's No Doubt Tony in the Lucky House You should read his trip advisor reports. Brilliant. 135 mostly negative but some nice ones . "On bringing it to the managers attention he got angry and started saying we were complaining over nothing . We then left our meal ,paid the bill and left , as we left he told us to F off and when we asked him what his problem was he produced a baseball bat from behind the counter , a real nutter , avoid this place , you have been warned ." Strange that he picked a golfing haven to do business in when he's such a keen baseball fan
  13. That the same fan in pink that was nazi saluting and got tossed out around half time and was seen being spoken to by police? Might have been.. Never seen that but it seems a few did. Brilliant. the world has definitely gone to the dogs when we don't call someone who is engaging in Nazi style gestures, a Nazi, Because let's face it a few high profile politicians etc have had to apologise for using the term. Didn't realise the boys and the girls of the North Bank were so switched on. The VW chairman, Corbyn, Boys bands and numerous others have been singled out in the media for using the nazi word. Their PR folk should be taking tips from the saints fans. When in doubt call them a paedo Sorry Folks - Can't sleep and I'm suffering from insomnia tonight. wonder why????
  14. It's a lovely place. Can't ever see myself moving back to Paisley. What was the occasion?
  15. No it's just that some alcoholics can't function. The functioning one's are fine.
  16. The only reason I'm writing this pish is because I'm sober. No trains from North Berwick tomorrow till 10.30am so I'm in Bed early to catch the 7.20am bus. That should give me plenty of time Plenty of time to get Lunch before the game. I like some T with my Lunch
  17. Staying in Tonight so I'm fresh for tomorrow and probably just creating mischief but in our new tolerant world how did we get so Nasty???????? In the modern era of NO racist, homophobic, religious, gender anti-minority or snowflake offending Chants it appears the North Bank have adopted a stance. The only safe ground is attacking the paedo’s. It is unfortunate in some cases like the lottery ticket winner at Parkhead who brandished his winning lottery ticket and was vilified as a child molester. If he was a child molester, then fair do’s but if it was just because he won 10K it was a bit OTT. On other Occasion’s like Thursday night it was amusing when the Arabs sang some detrimental song about St Mirren Fans and The North Bank responded with "Who’s the Paedo in the Pink." It was obviously directed at a guy in a pink T shirt surrounded by Kids but owing to the Many Metro sexual United fans in Pink T shirts who weren’t sure who was being singled out it confused them and silenced them for about 5 minutes. It was funny watching their response. Maybe I'm sad but I did Laugh at their reaction. Calling someone a Paedo, if they aren’t, is probably one of the worst labels you could tag them with but it’s funny how in our new age of Tolerance it’s acceptable. Life was so much simpler when it was just sectarian bile or was it????????
  18. Some say Stephen King, Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley are the greatest horror writers ever born but your post would give anyone night mares Not even the Texas chain saw massacre, the exorcist or a date with Anee whiddicombe is as scary as that line up. A Bram Stoker Award for Sonny.
  19. I get where your coming from but let's be fair. Jack Hamilton was woeful. Cody was very fortunate on Saturday. but he got them all on target and they went in that's all you can ask but Hamilton is no Hladky
  20. That's his greatest weakness I agree but I think he looks much fitter and better than he has all season. In the last couple of games I think he has played some great balls and let loose a couple of Rockets. I think Stephen is about to stand up to the plate at last. Thank feck. He's been woeful all season. The team has being playing very patient football. I get your point but our defence is suspect. When we press and players are out of position we often get caught at the back. Big Gary Mack often struggles to get back. He wasn't playing but Dundee still exploited our sloppy back tracking on Saturday. I think Oran plays it cagey for this very reason. I get frustrated too at our lack of penetration but hopefully this week we keep United under the cosh and keep the ball at all costs. Like we have seen in Previous weeks the goals will come.
  21. I can see your point re Lyons. I often wonder what he brings to the team, Most times when he gets the ball it goes backwards. He makes the odd telling run but I'm not his biggest fan. I disagree about McGinn. He is a piss poor ball winner and lots of our goals have been conceded when he plays too deep. Dundee was a classic example. Bairdy and him where left standing. I think when he's on form he's a real threat going forward. He's looking good just now. I reckon there's a Vincent Kompany type goal coming from him soon. I would still think The two Kyles will score more than Cody over the next two games But seriously I hope they all score 10 each. 220 - 0 would be a great aggregate score for us.
  22. The team is much fitter now under Oran which is why they are better. Under Stubbs their fitness was shocking. Stubbs is documented as having a lethargic approach to training. It couldn't have been better illustrated than by the state of Stephen McGinn. I think he is also now playing them in positions that suit his tactics. Previously they couldn't do this. I love the way Cody Cooke is coming onto a game but I personally don't think he's a great striker. Oran used him because Dundee were playing 16 year olds and were down to 10 men. I'm not a great Mullen Fan either but to be fair he has been effective recently. I think Jackson is the best forward we have. He's not a great scorer but he's still the best we have. The St Johnstone penalty was unfortunate. Oran signed the Duck. Not been too impressed by him. He looked good for the first 10 minutes when he came on in the 2-0 rangers game but after being on the receiving end of couple of hard fouls he lost his taste for scottish football and has been ineffective ever since. Scoring goals hasn't been our strong point but since Hamill left McGennis and McAllister have been our biggest threats. I wouldn't rush to throw in Cooke or Nazon early. Just my opinion but I think Oran is playing it right
  23. Football is a game about opinions and for what it’s worth here’s mine. I question the idea that Oran is tactically naive. He has a game plan and in his early days his substitutions (when they were made) were largely ineffective. This led to some questioning his ability and comparing his points rate to that of Stubbs. I think the problem here was. Most of the players he inherited were crap. It’s easy to spot crap players on the field but when all you have on the bench are players who are even more crap. (Or more Crapper). It may just have come down to fitness. No point in being tactical just get fresh legs on. Alan Stubbs left us with an unfit team and a captain who needed shorts two sizes bigger than the season before because of ballooning arse syndrome. It’s hard to play quality football when you’re a Fat Bassa. Ask Mike Yardley. Since Oran has got the team fitter, Top Bin being a classic example of how a manager makes a difference, and he has made signings that offer more depth and option his substitutions have been much more effective. Like most good managers when you have good players you can make a difference. The argument that he is a bad manager because he couldn’t motivate a bunch of unfit duds is unfair. In the tactical battle between Neilston (who rejected us) and Oran my money is on Oran. Robbie has been playing his season in a lesser league with the best players in his division and superior budget. He failed to win the league. His team have grabbed a lifeline and they will be up for it but will they be good enough. I don’t think so. Oran has been playing most of the season with arguably the worst players in the top league but kept our survival hopes alive. He now has much better players. He’s racking up the points and we’re winning by fighting and scrambling for every point. We are a much bigger, stronger, fitter and more balanced team than we were the last time we met them, and Oran knows his players much better now. Neilston has a 60% win Ratio with United and Oran has a 22% win rate with Saints but you can’t compare apples and oranges. I think we will see the best of Oran over these two games. “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” Cody Cooke wasn’t a bad substitution
  24. Got my tickets for both games safely in my hands. Now a happy Bud. I can get down to the serious business of worrying about the games now. Tannadice will be tough but its a two leg affair. It's in our hands now Buds. See you all there
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