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  1. Did Shankland steal your boys jersey at a team when they were younger or something the hatred you have for this young 21 year old is vile explain if you will why you hate this boy so much?
  2. Probably Oor money the people oot working paying the right taxis.
  3. Lawrence will score goals if getting the service he knows where the net is. Just couldn't find it this half the season. obviously Jack knows what his plans are and he was not in them. Naismith out next.
  4. Think Jack will add Storie and drop one of the youngsters. Sutton has had a lot of game time but nobody near him to help him score. the youngsters are playing for themselves Mallan wants his move and we are going down. End of story.
  5. Good to get rid of Shankland but that's not the team I would want him to go to. Also heard Dundee United only hearsay.
  6. Hartley has wanted wee Stevie since last year he really likes him might be the case. But I thought he would have moved there by now. That would be a fair swap too but Leyton Orient in the mix too as previously disclosed.
  7. This is the norm managers pull players in ask if they are happy and they won't be unhappy if they want to find another team. That tells the players in a round the houses way we don't want you here so please move on. Might think this tactic may bite Jack in the arse. This is a tactic used by loads of managers then the silent treatment starts to piss the players off then on the bench etc etc. Heard a rumor now only a rumour that jack is chasing Rory Loy. There is no way he will come down to the championship especially to us. Good luck in the transfer window cause we are Gonny need it.
  8. I am the source. if I said Leyton Orient would I be correct? Now someone will know I'm no talking shite now.
  9. I am the source. if I said Leyton Orient would I be correct? Now someone will know I'm no talking shite now.
  10. aye but I'm no telling ye for calling me stupid.
  11. One mans shite is another mans treasure lol
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