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  1. Dead right, Bud. Hearts have started legal action. When will we ever see a ball kicked in anger again?
  2. Thanks HSS. In that case I'd rather just stay with a top division of 12. No reason why we should take less money and greater risks just to let Hearts stay in the division. They were clearly the poorest team when the games were called off, so should accept their fate. As I said in a previous post, does anyone think that there would have been all these attempts at reconstruction if Buddies, Accies or Livi had been at the bottom of the division? Don't think so.
  3. Sorry if this question has been answered earlier, but in a 14-team Premiership, will it still be one team relegated and one team into playoffs at the end of a season? If that's the case I might be tempted to agree with the change, but not if two teams are to be relegated. The other problem I can see is that the money in the division will have to be spread more thinly, among 14 clubs instead of 12.
  4. Sorry to see Vaclav go. He's been a fantastic servant to the club. The video farewell shows he has appreciated the club as much as the club has appreciated him. A class guy! According to the Herald article he has other clubs chasing him apart from Rangers, so he doesn't need to take their money. Hope he gets a better move. He was a great find for us, just a pity we don't get any money for him.
  5. Vaclav is indeed one of the top keepers Buddies have had, and we've had a few very good ones. JG is right to do everything he can to keep him for another season, but if/when football returns to something like normal, I fear he will leave for a bigger club which he undoubtedly deserves. I just hope SMFC can get good money for him. If/When he goes, he should go with our appreciation for the great service he's given to the club, especially the saves made in the season 2018-2019 play-offs when he almost single-handedly kept us in the Premiership. A very decent bloke. Good Luck to him!
  6. So, Dundee FC gifts the Championship title to its greatest rival, Partick and Stranraer are relegated and the leagues are to be rearranged. All so that Hearts can stay in the Premiership. What a stitch-up! I doubt if all this would be happening if Buddies, Accies, Livvy or Ross County were in bottom place.
  7. I'd take Mullen over Andreu on Saturday. Can't see why Goodwin has persevered with Andreu as his first-pick substitute for so long. Apart from one goal against Hibs, I don't think he has performed at the level expected of him when he was brought to the club. Danny will buzz around, causing as many worries to the opposing defence as Andreu does.....maybe even more. COYS!!
  8. Annoyed that I missed the game last night. had made arrangements to be at the original game in February before it was rained off. Couldn't postpone a family commitment last night so had to make do with recording the Alba coverage, which I've just watched. Sorry if the following comments have already been made, but haven't had time to look back through the thread. Not a great match, but that wasn't to be expected given what was at stake. What counted was not silky soccer, but grit and heart (no pun intended). Buddies ahead in these qualities by a long way. Foley, Obika, Jakubiak, Durmus and MacPherson (before the last two had to go off) all in great form. Was excellent to see both Obika and Jakubiak back in our penalty area helping the defence out at times. Still not sure why Goodwin persists with Andreu as his go-to substitute, but he did run about a bit and made a nuisance of himself when he came on. I don't speak Gaelic, but I gathered from the caption that TV made Obika Man of the Match. It could have gone to a number of our players. My preference would have been either Foley or Wallace. The latter was just the guy for last night, a good pro who looked like he had bags of experience of scrapping through games like this. As good as we were, I thought Hearts had very little to offer. Let's hope that continues. They play RC and Accies in the next few games, so they still have chances to come back. Anyway, COYS!!
  9. Also not attending this game. Haven't felt safe as a visiting fan at either Ibrox or Celtic Park for several years, and they don't need my money anyway. As for the game itself, avoiding any serious injuries is as important as getting any points because we are now getting to the business end of the season. We need all players available for the Killie and Ross County games and the vital fixtures after the split. I'd be delighted with no injuries and a point. Was going to the fixture with Hearts on 21st February, but can't manage to the rearranged game next midweek, so my next game will be a nice wee jaunt to Kilmarnock next Saturday. Looking forward to that one. Anyway......COYS!!
  10. Tonight's game was always going to be important as it's one we can hope to take points from. But now it's even more important because of Hearts' upturn in form. We can't expect anything from Saturday's game against Celtic and next week's midweek game v. Hearts now looks much more difficult than it would have been if it had been played when it was supposed to be. Tonight Buddies can win if they reproduce the form of the recent games against Motherwell. Key players are Foley and MacPherson who have been alternately great and off-form in the last couple of weeks. Also, Durmus needs to put in his usual dependable shift and Obika needs to be more consistent in front of goal. Would also be nice to see a contribution from Jakubiak and a sparkling home league debut from Chabbi. As always......COYS!!
  11. Went to the game expecting to see the new players. Surprised to see us start with pretty much the same team as last Saturday, but I suppose JG wanted to give them another chance after a decent result. But Morias up front on his own against a big defence seemed unlikely to work, though he tried hard. Very poor first half from practically everyone, including Foley and MacPherson, who are normally pretty reliable. Definite improvement in the second half although Foley was an exception to that. Thought he was really off form. Despite the improvement, still struggled to threaten their goal and needed a fantastic free kick from Ilkay to get a point. Got out of jail when Miller missed the penalty. Felt sorry for Hodson. He'd had a decent half up till that point. Jakubiak looked the part when he came on but needs more time on the pitch to prove himself. Ref's performance was very poor, but we can't blame him for the result. Surely JG must use the new players on Saturday if they're fit!
  12. Tomorrow could be a big night for us if we beat Accies. If St. Johnstone and Ross County both lose, we will jump two places to eighth. County are on a poor run, so Livvie winning in Dingwall is a definite possibility, I'd say. Dons v St Johnstone is more difficult to predict as the Perth Saints seem to be finding some form and Aberdeen are below their best, despite getting a draw at Ibrox at the weekend. In addition, we really need the three points to keep ahead of Hearts who seem to be improving under Stendel and look likely to get some points at Tynecastle against a struggling Killie. But Buddies should be confident given Saturday's result plus the addition of our new players. Let's get McGrath, Jakubiak and Chabbi on the pitch and see what they can do. So, as always...….COYS!!
  13. Looks tall and rangey. Speaks good English and gives an intelligent interview, saying all the right things about being here. This guy could be a surprise success for us if he plays as well as he talks. Welcome Seifedin! Hope you enjoy your time with the Buddies.
  14. In his post-match interview JG was clear that he had deliberately set up defensively to avoid losing a hatful of goals like a few other teams have done against Rangers and Celtic this season. In my view that makes sense. It's often been said previously that our fate won't be decided by games against Rangers and Celtic but by the games against the teams around us in the bottom six. So it's sensible to set up against Rangers and Celtic to protect our goal difference, as that is likely to be very important at the end of the season. JG also made it clear in the interview that he wouldn't be setting the team up this way against other teams in the league. Seems a reasonable way of looking at things. On to Aberdeen on Sunday and...….COYS!!
  15. This is the first of three very important games for us before Christmas. They could well define our season. We need a win against Accies to set us up for Livi at home and St. Johnstone away. But after a poor performance last night, can JG lift the spirits and get a sparkling show out of the players in just three days? Seems unlikely but we must keep the faith. COYS!!
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