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  1. .......and a manager whom he knows well and with whom he has worked successfully in the past. Kyle must surely be very interested in this move. If not, he would be a very unusual professional footballer. However, Ross is taking a chance, given Kyle's recent long spell out due to injury. Even before that, I think most people who saw Kyle regularly would agree that he wasn't producing the goods as regularly as he did in previous seasons. If Hibs try again, we should probably take money for Kyle, rather than wait till January when he can sign a pre-contract and leave for nothing. Any money received for him could perhaps go towards signing a player who might help us get out of our present predicament.
  2. How hard is Zlamal going to try, playing for the team that relegated his own team in March? We should get a goalie from somewhere else.
  3. So, if this game goes ahead next Wednesday, Celtic avoid any punishment on the original date despite having a player who broke Covid protocols, while we now have to play under a huge handicap (no signed goalie available) despite our Covid infections being genuine, with all of the players having followed all SPFL regulations and broken no protocols. How can that be fair? The original game should have been declared a 3-0 win for Buddies! And another thing! Does anyone think this would be happening if Celtic's game scheduled for 12th August had been against Rangers?
  4. Thanks, Antrin. Just wondered as the game is showing as 'Live' on the St. Mirren TV website. Certainly won't be donating any money to either of the Old Firm.
  5. Can we watch this game on St. Mirren TV?
  6. At least JG's aspirations are more realistic than TF's predictions a couple of years ago!
  7. Difficult to predict where we will finish when we still have some players to recruit. Going by what we have already, I think we will be in the bottom six, so while it would be nice to finish 6th or 7th, anywhere above 11th will be fine!
  8. I use a mixture of car and public transport. Because I live a good distance from the ground, I do the first 25 miles by car, then I have a choice of either bus or train into Glasgow, then train from Central to St. James. However, when we're allowed back into the stadium, I'll have to drive the whole journey. Not keen on going back onto public transport in the near future. On the Saturdays when Buddies are away, I listen faithfully to Sportsound and Open All Mics. BTW Ricky, I'm a Senior Citizen, so it's not only young folk who use public transport.
  9. Dead right, Bud. Hearts have started legal action. When will we ever see a ball kicked in anger again?
  10. Thanks HSS. In that case I'd rather just stay with a top division of 12. No reason why we should take less money and greater risks just to let Hearts stay in the division. They were clearly the poorest team when the games were called off, so should accept their fate. As I said in a previous post, does anyone think that there would have been all these attempts at reconstruction if Buddies, Accies or Livi had been at the bottom of the division? Don't think so.
  11. Sorry if this question has been answered earlier, but in a 14-team Premiership, will it still be one team relegated and one team into playoffs at the end of a season? If that's the case I might be tempted to agree with the change, but not if two teams are to be relegated. The other problem I can see is that the money in the division will have to be spread more thinly, among 14 clubs instead of 12.
  12. Sorry to see Vaclav go. He's been a fantastic servant to the club. The video farewell shows he has appreciated the club as much as the club has appreciated him. A class guy! According to the Herald article he has other clubs chasing him apart from Rangers, so he doesn't need to take their money. Hope he gets a better move. He was a great find for us, just a pity we don't get any money for him.
  13. Vaclav is indeed one of the top keepers Buddies have had, and we've had a few very good ones. JG is right to do everything he can to keep him for another season, but if/when football returns to something like normal, I fear he will leave for a bigger club which he undoubtedly deserves. I just hope SMFC can get good money for him. If/When he goes, he should go with our appreciation for the great service he's given to the club, especially the saves made in the season 2018-2019 play-offs when he almost single-handedly kept us in the Premiership. A very decent bloke. Good Luck to him!
  14. So, Dundee FC gifts the Championship title to its greatest rival, Partick and Stranraer are relegated and the leagues are to be rearranged. All so that Hearts can stay in the Premiership. What a stitch-up! I doubt if all this would be happening if Buddies, Accies, Livvy or Ross County were in bottom place.
  15. I'd take Mullen over Andreu on Saturday. Can't see why Goodwin has persevered with Andreu as his first-pick substitute for so long. Apart from one goal against Hibs, I don't think he has performed at the level expected of him when he was brought to the club. Danny will buzz around, causing as many worries to the opposing defence as Andreu does.....maybe even more. COYS!!
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