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  1. A win against ICT is a must, so that we go into the RC game with some confidence again. We showed in the cup game against Accies that we CAN score goals from open play, something which eluded us far too often in games before the split. If we don't do something similar against ICT, then the RC game will definitely descend into a blood and snotters pitched battle which we are unlikely to win, given RC's need for points. They will fight like tigers. We need to be playing decent football - and scoring - to counter that.
  2. Really disheartening to play so well, have so much of the game and leave with nothing. Now down to 8th in the league.
  3. Should have had the game finished before Well scored.
  4. If we had taken some of the first half chances, Motherwell's goal would hardly matter. Must get Dennis on now.
  5. HT. We are all over them but cannot score. We really need to find a decent striker. Meantime, game calling out for Dennis.
  6. We're really on top. Need to capitalise or we might regret chances spurned.
  7. Definite, clear penalty. But we have 'excellent referees', remember.
  8. Some really good play by us so far. Just not able to finish
  9. Very good performance today. The rest must have done them good! Thought most of the team was on form, even Erwin who did lots of good work. Obika and Dennis also good. Defence solid, Alnwick had some excellent saves and McGrath was as reliable as usual. Will risk the wrath of the rest of the forum and say I thought Erhahon didn't have a good game, but it didn't matter because the rest bailed him out. Must keep this form going through the last 5 league games. Most importantly, Dennis must stay fit. We've really missed him.
  10. This mini-league will be no pushover, given the difficulties we have putting the ball in the net. Killie seem to be getting better under Wright, we needed a penalty to get past RC last time out, and Accies are their usual fighting selves at this time of the season. United have just beaten Aberdeen, though Dons are short of a manager at the moment. Only Motherwell seem to be still an easy touch. I'm not usually so pessimistic, but we'll need to be better than we've been recently to finish seventh.
  11. At this specific time (Saturday evening) I think we require 44 points to be absolutely sure of not finishing in eleventh place. However, the scenario required for that to happen is highly unlikely, and the points we require for safety are likely to reduce as the final five matchdays are played out.
  12. Despite the clarification of the topic, much of my argument stands.
  13. Reasons for not making top 6 have been much discussed on the matchday thread for today's Accies game. Too many draws throughout the season which can be put down to loss of players through Covid and injury, especially Brophy, Dennis, Quaner. And McGrath, our best player over the season, out for a couple of weeks recently. Had these players been available I agree with JG that we could have had 5-6 more points by this time in the season. So, it has not really gone wrong. Despite the problems listed above, the club has made decent progress this season. We must now make sure that we get the 4 points required to ensure we don't finish eleventh. If we do that, JG must prove his worth by signing some better players in the summer so that we are ready to make a stronger challenge next season.
  14. Back on top again after a wee sticky spell. Need a goal to finish things off.
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