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  1. Another game lost by a slim margin. And we had chances! After Obika's fine overhead kick and a great team goal last week, we're back to fluffing and sclaffing shots at goal. BBC stats tell the story...…..9 shots on goal, but only three on target. As usual, defence was fine in open play but got caught out by a set piece. Killie weren't great. Neat play up to the 18 yard box but then struggled and attacks petered out. As long as we fail to put away our opportunities we will fall prey to losing games by a single goal. Killie were not really any better than us yesterday, but look at the difference in our league positions. Looking at the game as a whole, it would not have been unfair if we had won it by one or two goals. Quick word for our supporters. Someone above says we took over a thousand to the game. It certainly looked like that from where I was sitting. Fantastic turnout given the poor run we've had. Well done to everyone who travelled! On to Celtic Park. Let's just hope they're concentrating on their European adventure! COYS!!
  2. Mullen's strike against the post was shown in the pundits' analysis of the game, mainly for Obika's contribution. Fair enough, but surprising it wasn't included in the highlights of the game, as it was clearly the main highlight after the two goals.
  3. Was at the game and then watched it again on BBC Alba. Not a great game (ball spent too much time in the air), but definitely a great and much-needed result for the Buddies. St. Johnstone might have been two or three up before we scored, but after Obika's great overhead kick, the Saints in blue faded badly. Heads seemed to go down, like a club at the bottom of the league. I expected them to rally at the start of the second half, but that never materialised. Buddies controlled the remainder of the game and produced the one really fluent move of the game. Great through pass from Broadfoot to McGinn. Ball crossed with pace and an outstanding controlled finish from wee Danny. Hope his injury is not too serious. Wasn't sure about putting S. McGinn back in for such an important game, but he did fine and Flynn might not be selected next week, if fit. Andreu was a bit of a mixture, not very good in the first half, but really up for it in the second. Obika had an excellent game, even apart from his goal. Real commitment in going after everything and a fantastic leap and flick on to Mullen when wee Danny shot against the post. When Morias came on, he ran about a lot without achieving very much. Foley was very solid, settling well into the midfield. Great effort from all the others. Goodwin obviously fired them up at half-time. If it can be maintained, this form will surely have us in a safe position in the league. Mullen given MoM on TV, but it could equally have gone to Obika or Foley. On to Killie...…. COYS!!
  4. Like Turrabuddie, I'll be making a fairly lengthy trip to the SDA on Saturday. Due to living a fair bit from Paisley now, I can't always get to home games, but this is a vital game for us. Win and we put clear water between us and St. Johnstone; lose and we drop below them. Could also be the start of getting cut adrift considering the two games we have coming up after Saturday. I'm a fan of Stephen McGinn but don't think this is the game to put him back in the team after such a long time out. Foley and Flynn have been working well together, so we should keep them in place at the moment. Magennis gets into good positions but needs to get his shots on target, McAllister needs to show much better form than he's been doing recently, and, of course, Mullen, Obika and Morias need to show that they deserve the title 'striker'. Defeat is not an option, so...….. COYS!!
  5. Have to agree with Cornwall above. JR had to take the chance while he was riding high with us, and I agree that he wouldn't have done anything special with us in the Premiership without massive investment which just isn't there. So, no hard feelings to Jack, despite the SMTID on his final message to Saints fans, which I thought was a bit over the top at the time. Only fans should be saying that!
  6. A six-pointer this early in the season.....surely not? Sadly, I think it is! I agree with Sweeper's comments above and his team, except for MacPherson. Would swap him out for either Durmus or Djorkaeff. And as we're at home, we really must get something from this game! COYS!!
  7. I think we can all see the area that needs improvement. We have a solid defence, backed up by an excellent goalkeeper. Midfield seems to be working pretty well, with Flynn and Foley developing a good understanding. It's the attack which isn't working. I was surprised that JG started Morias again, as he was very poor against Hamilton. What chance does such a small man have, playing lone striker against tall defenders? Before the game I was sure that Obika would start. At least he's a bit taller! Also thought Danny Mullen was decent when he came on. We urgently need at least one of the strikers to find a scoring touch. We've depended a lot on Magennis this season, and we see the result when he is even just slightly below par, like yesterday. Kyle McAllister continues to be a bit of a mystery. It's been a while now since we've seen him at his best. He really needs to perform better, and with more consistency.
  8. Just watched JG's post-match interview and it's the first time I've disagreed with his reading of a game. He says they started slowly in the first half. That's un understatement. It seemed to me that they weren't very interested in going forward, especially in the first 25 minutes. When they had the ball it seemed to go backward as often as forward. Even after Livi scored, that seemed to be the pattern. Jim also said that fifty-fifty balls went against them. I saw it a bit differently. In the first half Livi players seemed more eager to get to the ball and our lads were beaten to it or muscled off it on many occasions. They also dithered on the ball when they had possession, seemingly unwilling to get into the final third and put it into the goalmouth. Despite all that, it was a very different second half, so presumably JG sorted out the attitude at half-time, something that shows he can get a reaction from the side when it's needed. Let's hope they can start a bit livelier against Ross County and Accies and get some more points on the board.
  9. Real game of two halves for us yesterday. Team was very poor in the first half. Looked like JG's tactic was the same one he used against Rangers - defend solidly and try to catch the other team on the break. Worryingly, that didn't seem to change after Livi's first goal when it was obvious we would need to attack more to get something from the game. Complete turnaround in the second half when we attacked from the off and had some excellent moves. However we struggled to put the ball in the net and only scored thanks to a piece of magic from the captain. I agree with the criticism of the pitch and the ref. In particular, the ref was very poor, missed a number of fouls by Livi in the first half and a decent shout for a penalty in the second half. Also agree that our team needs time to settle. Maybe the strikers will find the target better when they're away from the artificial pitch. However, decent results in the Highlands next week and against Accies after that are now badly needed. Four points (or more) from those six would be good.
  10. As someone else has already said, I think the inclusion of some of our new signings means that Hibs won't have any idea of how we will play. Against that, the new boys will have had very little time to gel with the others, so I'm going for a draw (1 - 1) and a very welcome first point in our quest to finish further up the table than last season. COYS!!
  11. Finally got my season ticket renewed after several failed attempts with IE browser. Had to change to Firefox this morning and it went through first time, no bother. Why does such an important website not work with ALL common browsers? If season ticket sales are so important to the club, as they proclaim on the official club site, they have to look at this, I think.
  12. Same complaint as some others above. Went online a few minutes ago, only to find that the Quick Renewal button links to a page that tells me there is no ticket available for me to buy at the moment. Not a good look for the club when they make a big splash on the website, asking for the fans' support etc,. but can't get the ticket system to work properly!
  13. I'm genuinely puzzled by this outburst by Tom English. I'm not on Twitter or other social media outlets, so I get all my information from the traditional media, newspapers and radio. I listen regularly to this journalist on the BBC and have always found him to be measured and sensible in his assessments of what is, after all, a pretty crazy industry at times. I'm disappointed to hear/read about his reaction to St. Mirren's success at the weekend, for that is undoubtedly what it was. As a reputable journalist, he only had to check what the difference was in money terms of staying in the Premiership rather than dropping to the Championship to see what that would mean for players' salaries and for the jobs of other people at the club. The week before, most of the Queen of the South players appeared less than enthusiastic to celebrate when they defeated Raith Rovers to stay in the Championship. That was probably because QoS had been in the mix for playoffs at the top of the division earlier in the season, and the players probably felt that they had underperformed and should never have been in the playoffs in the first place. Most pundits agreed with the players' reaction and said it was quite understandable. Fair enough, but our position was very different. We had been fighting relegation for pretty much all of the season. Sunday's result was the culmination of a huge effort from a manager (and some players) who had been parachuted into the club part-way through the season. After a sticky start in February, the team picked up momentum and produced a fine end to the season. I'm disappointed that a Senior Football Reporter for the national broadcaster shows so little understanding of the situation of a club in the lower regions of the country's top football division.
  14. Great night in the end, but we huffed and puffed to no great effect after the early sending-off for Accies. The subs made the difference, with all three making a real impact. First time I've seen Cooke really contribute to a game, Baird was totally reliable and Flynn brought real impetus to the midfield. Stephen McGinn also greatly improved in the second half. Not sure why OK persists with Lyons. I've watched him quite a few times now. Can't fault him for effort but don't feel he brings an awful lot to the party. Would prefer to see Dreyer get more game time. As usual, fans were fantastic - even better as there were more of them last night! On to Dens Park, and hope that St. Johnstone do us a favour at Hamilton. COYS!!
  15. Big chance missed last night. St. Johnstone were nothing like at their best and were there to be challenged, but we were not good enough to do it. Lost the game in 5 minutes of madness in the first half by missing the penalty and gifting them their goal. Too many of our players underperformed. Only pass marks to McPherson, McGinn and Nazon when he came on. Upped the pressure on the opposition in the second half but still created hardly any real chances. Worried about Saturday, but unlike some others, will be there to support our team. Despite the performance and the result, it was wonderful to be among the away support last night. Just another great performance of backing the team. Credit to everyone who made the trip (especially the guy in front of me who fell over the seats even before the game started). Pity the supporters' enthusiasm and determination wasn't replicated on the field.
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