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  1. We've been off form last couple of games and managed to get draws, but it caught up with us today. Disappointed with the midfield again. Thought Cammy would be better but he and McGrath were outplayed. JDH also off the boil. Like some others, would have brought Durmus on rather than the new lad. He didn't have much chance to get into the game before being crocked by Davidson, which was predictable. Need better tactics for the cup-tie. Livi are red-hot at the moment.
  2. An attacking line-up, but we need to be at our best. St. Johnstone played well midweek. JG must think that Erwin will work better with Brophy. If it's not working as he hopes, Obika can be brought on.
  3. Thanks, CM. Suppose it makes me feel a bit better to know they're fleecing their own supporters as well as away fans.
  4. Last time I was in Perth with Buddies was a couple of seasons ago at a midweek game. As has been said by others, a very cold stadium. It was the night of the infamous Simeon Jackson penalty! Say no more! As for this week, I think we just shade it in the form stakes, though both teams aren't great. As I write, St. Johnstone are 1-1 with Dundee United, so maybe they're improving. For us, a lot could depend on our new players. Will Brophy come good after a full week's training with his new teammates? Will we see the new German striker, Quaner? I'll be optimistic and say Buddies will win 2-1. COYS!!
  5. I know that clubs are free to fix the price of their PPV games, but I'm surprised that there is such a big difference between what the clubs are asking. Most seem to be £12 or £12.50, which I think is very reasonable. I'm not averse to going as far as £15, but when it goes above that, I can't help feeling that clubs are pushing it a bit. St. Johnstone are charging £17.50 for our game in Perth on Saturday. Does anyone know if that's the price for their own fans as well, or is it just away fans who have to fork this out?
  6. Not a great performance by either team, so a point apiece seems fair. For a second week our midfield struggled. Erhahon and McGrath could not get a grip on the game. Perhaps time to try Flynn and MacPherson again. Also, Doyle-Hayes was less effective than he's been up till now. Think the Well players had sussed that he was the man in our midfield to target. Durmus good again when he came on, but doesn't seem able to play like that consistently. Quiet debut for Brophy though he was clearly trying. On to St. Johnstone and as always..... COYS!!
  7. Anyone know why Obika isn't mentioned. Should be in the subs IMO.
  8. Some improvement with the subs on. Pushed forward in the last 15 minutes, but Killie still looked more likely to score till we got the late goal.
  9. Killie quicker to the ball and passing much better than we are. Surface might have something to do with it as some of our lads seem to be struggling on it - Erhahon in particular. On the occasions when we go forward we're let down by failure to control the ball quickly and play it on. Need a big improvement in second half.
  10. I'm afraid the accolades you mention come from people on here.....by definition all St. Mirren fans, so they should be taken with a large pinch of salt. Your final monitory sentence is closer to the mark. We are taking baby steps in the right direction, but should not get carried away. After all, it is St. Mirren we're talking about. Following their good result on Wednesday (first for some time), Killie will be right up for the game, playing for the manager, as someone else has said. As for us, we'll need to be onto them from the start and show our best form. Looking like Shaughnessy might be casting doubt on JG's legendary 'strong defence'. I had concerns about him before his howler on Wednesday. He didn't have a great game against Hibs. Also, the midfield (McGrath and Erhahon/MacPherson) needs to get a grip of the game, something they failed to do against Hibs. I think we shouldn't make too much of the Ross County win. Yes, the lads kept going in horrible conditions, but the opposition played with ten, then nine, men for a long spell. Finally, the Dennis goal at Dingwall apart, we haven't solved the problem of getting goals from our strikers. Nevertheless, as always COYS!!
  11. Can't fault Moria's for effort, but too often there was no end product today. That's been the case at other times as well. However he does occupy opposing defences and gives them something to think about when he comes on. Question is whether that's enough to make him a starting player. I think he's better used as a sub.
  12. Terrible weather, but credit to the lads for plugging away. With only 9 men County were bound to tire. Lucky deflection for the breakthrough and good finish by Dennis. Delighted to hand John Hughes a loss.
  13. Yes, I remember Hughes' rant at Raith Rovers players after we beat them 5-0 in Paisley a few years back. Not very professional and not surprising that they went on to be relegated. He is very much old school in my opinion (or he was at that time anyway). Here's hoping that he hasn't changed and won't get much out of the Ross County players today. A win by a couple of goals would be nice, with our strikers getting on the scoresheet for a change. As always, COYS!!
  14. I'm finding it difficult to go along with the optimism expressed by some about last night's game. Thought there were too many of our players who didn't play to form. McGrath and Erhahon never exerted any control of the game in midfield, Erwin did very little upfront and Mason struggled all game before his sending-off. Disappointing because up till now I've thought he was a decent find, but last night he was the one who was found out! I also didn't think Shaughnessy had his best game for us. Thought Durmus and Obika were going to change things when they came on, but each of them squandered a good chance then dropped out of the game again. No real spark against a Hibs team which didn't look all that great, apart from Nisbet's goal which was a quality finish. Only to be expected from someone with his reputation, though you could argue that the ball shouldn't have got to him in the first place. I'm not usually so critical of our lads, but I have to say it as I saw it. Hopefully the spark and belief will be back when we go to Dingwall at the weekend. As always, COYS!!
  15. Another fine win today. As has been said, it was a game we might have lost a couple of months ago. Despite having a man advantage in the second half, we struggled to break through the St. Johnstone defence. But heads did not go down. The players stuck to the task and JG brought on the right subs at the right time. Erwin had what must have been his best game for us. I've criticised him up till now, but maybe he just hadn't recovered fully from the effects of Covid. Doyle-Hayes excellent again and McGrath now looks full of confidence. Still have concerns about Durmus and McAllister. They were good yesterday but they need to play like that in every game. Again, the effects of Covid might be a factor in Durmus' case. Quick word for Alnwick. Unlucky with the penalty and he made a couple of good saves to keep us in it when we were pushing for the equaliser in the second half. All round, a really pleasing performance and result. Now, can we do the same to our second team at Easter Road on Wednesday? As always, COYS!!
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