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  1. pondsman

    John McGinn

    Ricky, just to be clear, do you know that Hibs have approached St. Mirren about accepting a lower percentage of the sell-on fee or is that just speculation on your part?
  2. Well done to the fans who travelled last night. Couldn't get there myself but watched on TV and the drum and choir made themselves heard throughout. Fine opening performance by our team. Coulson, King, Mullen and the two Cammys were impressive. Jack Baird didn't have his best game, but it's a little early to write him off at this level, I think. Kpekawa was praised on TV for some important interventions, but I thought he was muscled off the ball on a few occasions and needs to bulk up a bit to play in that position. All in all, a really good start by a team who only met each other a few days ago. If Stubbs adds the players he keeps talking about, we could do OK this season. COYS!
  3. pondsman

    Stephen Mallan

    I agree with Sonny. It's good to take an interest in the progress of players who have moved on to bigger clubs, especially if we've played a big part in their development (and if we have a financial interest as well). My only worry is how Mallan and Morgan might perform if/when they play against us.
  4. At this stage we have brought in a new manager, assembled half of a new team and we haven't played a game yet, so it's impossible to say how things will go. Given all that, survival must be the first target. A Cup run would also be nice, but staying in the top league MUST be the aim for the season.
  5. pondsman

    4 told they can leave

    I agree with most of the comments above. Players can't be retained out of sentiment and Stubbs must let them go if he thinks they won't be good enough for the Premiership. Just hope he can find better players to replace them. Having said that, three of the guys who are leaving played a big part in our success last season, so they must go with our thanks and best wishes for their futures. When I saw them play, I felt that they all gave 100% for our club. Football is a lucrative profession only for the gifted few at the top. For most, like these guys, it's a precarious business, so I hope they enjoyed the good times of last season and I wish them all luck in finding new clubs.
  6. pondsman

    John McGinn

    Celtic have a track record of making a good profit on their transfer dealings. Having got £7m for Armstrong, they won't want to part with more than half of that for McGinn. They might also muddy the waters by offering to include Scott Allan in the deal and paying less cash. If they do that, does anyone know how St. Mirren's share of the deal will be calculated?
  7. We got 300k from Celtic AND we had Lewis' services for the remainder of last season. What value would you put on that, Shull? Seems unlikely that we could have sold him to another club as Celtic was always where Lewis wanted to go. I do agree however that some of the money being mentioned for other players is ridiculous. But as windae cleaner has mentioned, playing for the OF seems to make a big difference when it comes to prices achieved!
  8. pondsman

    Tickets for July games

    Thanks for the information. Will try again tomorrow.
  9. Official website says tickets for the games in July are available to buy, but just had a look online and the webpage says 'Unavailable' for all four games. Do you have to go to the ticket office in person?
  10. pondsman

    Gavin Reilly

    I agree with this. Gavin had plenty of time to accept the new offer before it was withdrawn. He might have shown a bit more commitment given that the club gave him a great chance to kickstart his career last season. I'd have liked to keep him and give him a shot at the premiership, but not with his present attitude. I'm sure with his record from last season he'll get another club, but I doubt that he'll be going to Sunderland. Good Luck, Gavin, and thanks for your efforts last season. In time, you might realise that you've made a bit of a mistake here.
  11. pondsman

    Time to bin Interstadia

    I also renewed my ST on the first morning they were on sale and had no difficulty, though I have experienced gremlins on the site in the past and sympathise with those who are unhappy. Have just been back on the site to get tickets for Betfred Cup games and the Sunderland friendly, but they are not yet available. Anyone know when they'll be on sale? On the plus side, our stadium has now been given its correct name. I suppose that's something.
  12. Just watched Alan Stubbs first interview at Greenhill Road. Clearly very different to what we became used to last season. He made all the right noises about the need to sign players, wanting to progress the club and not just stay up etc., but it did sound a little as if he was persuaded to take the job as much by the attraction of pitting his wits against the other managers in the division as by the situation at St. Mirren. Having said that, I am still in favour of waiting to see what he puts on the pitch before making any judgments. Happy to hear what others thought of what he had to say.
  13. pondsman

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Can only echo this post. The decision has been made. It's up to the supporters to give the new manager our whole-hearted backing and I'm sure all true St. Mirren folk will do that, whether the new man was our choice or not. The heady heights of last season will always be remembered, but it will be a very different season this time round - new manager and roughly half of the team will be new as well. Success must be staying up, with some signs that we can perhaps do better in season 2019-2020.
  14. pondsman

    New Manager Latest Odds

    If he wants to improve his English, maybe Paisley's not the best place to come to! Joke, by the way, before anyone goes off on one.
  15. I admire your optimism and enthusiasm, Ricky, but I don't think we can say too much about what will happen next season until we have a manager in place. We have a good board in place, but, as we saw last season, the manager plays an absolutely vital part in the success or otherwise of the club. Perhaps you could pose the question again when we know who the new manager is (another opportunity to start a thread?). Until then, the best I can offer is to echo Sweeper's sentiment, that the goal next season must be to avoid relegation and the playoffs, and perhaps progress from there in the following season.