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  1. If it's not Brian Graham who will it be
  2. That's good news. Means we'll hopefully go for Brian Graham. And Froxylias only had 3 career goals.
  3. Ignoring his goalscoring record for us his performances haven't been outstanding
  4. Still need another striker. Reilly just isn't good enough
  5. I now have a lack of enthusiasm about him after his dreadful performance against us
  6. No Strker today. I'll be keeping my hopes up for tommorow
  7. New striker will probably be Froxylias as he's been around with stelios
  8. No Striker signed yesterday. Maybe today ?
  9. Next to Craig Watson in St. Mirrens twitter post is Ray Grant
  10. Sign him up. Also Faycal Rherras was released by Hearts
  11. Martin Woods is past it, wouldn't mind Quinn though.
  12. My prediction will be MacKenzie contract extension and Harry Davis signing permenantley
  13. Andy ryan could be bought using money from Mallan. Would be a good signing
  14. Scott MacDonald is leaving Motherwell.
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