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    jaybee reacted to St.Ricky in Speculation Thread   
    Or driving a cab? 
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    jaybee reacted to Tommy in Night Shifts   
    Part of it will all depend on what your job is and is it indoors or outdoors. 
    Other part is what age are you and do you normally get a good sleep.
    When I was young, I could sleep for 8 hrs ok but that reduced to 4 hrs when I got to my fifties.
    Everybody is different and it can effect everybody different.
    I certainly got more grumpy than usual due to the lack of sleep  
    My 2nd best moment in work was around 6 years ago the n/s got stopped for good and everybody went on to straight d/s   
    My best moment was when I got paid off and was able to retire  
    Best of luck and hopefully you are 1 of the lucky one it doesn't effect   
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    jaybee reacted to TPAFKA Jersey 2 in Virtual Season Tickets   
    Aye but how many of those likes have come from his own aliases?
    I agree that a while back Shull was a decent poster on here, but for the last couple of years he has been a boring, irritating c**t. I don’t have anyone on ignore but if you could somehow guarantee that by putting Shull on ignore, it would automatically ignore all of his aliases as well, I’d do it. In the meantime I’ll just “skim” (copyright Shull) all his posts and all the posters I believe are his aliases. 
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    jaybee reacted to djchapsticks in Virtual Season Tickets   
    Think this is something that will be negotiated with SPFL clubs. Again, it's something that's hard to police as illegal streaming is so widespread. If they close up shop to home fans and season ticket holders watching only, it will make the situation even worse. It has to available to everyone and there has to be an option of a match by match basis. 
    I'd be happy enough chucking a few quid into other clubs coffers every other week to watch us. I'm sure many away fans would also be doing the same for ourselves. 
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    jaybee reacted to Leatherface in Squad Additions   
    I'd be tempted to cut my losses with Mcgennis as well. Very injury prone and to be honest has hardly kicked a ball in two years. At one point thought he was going to be really decent but flatters to decive most of the time. Defo a player in there but maybe needs change of club and fortune to make it happen.
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    jaybee reacted to magnus in Squad Additions   
    I'm with TopCat on Hodson. Good player. 
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    jaybee reacted to Wilbur in Squad Additions   
    Brad Lyons ? I thought he did ok under OK last season.
    His contract at Blackburn expires this month and he hasn't broken into their first team so he may be available.
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    jaybee reacted to lenziebud in Scottish Football - In The Gutter.   
    Why not check it out rather than mocking it. 
    If we can get money into the game with no strings attached then get every penny if it mean lower league teams surviving.
    If there are strings attached then call her out !
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    jaybee reacted to W6er in Season Tickets 20/21   
    You're saying there are Saints fanatics (I acknowledge that you have used the abbreviation, 'fans'), who have never stepped foot inside St. Mirren Park?
    I would suggest a fanatical follower of the club would purchase a season ticket, unless they're unable to do so for financial, geographical or family reasons. I'm saying that posting on this forum does not qualify one to call themselves a Saints fan. 
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    jaybee reacted to W6er in Season Tickets 20/21   
    I've just gone through some of the pages of this thread to see how many potential fans might have purchased a season ticket, and I was pleasantly surprised by the number of actual supporters on here! It's a shame, because when I think of the forum only a couple of names come to mind. But in no particular order, thank you to:
    @BuddieinEK - I hope you're in a position to purchase one soon, pal. 
    @djchapsticks, @aldo_j, @stlucifer, @foxbar_bud, @Stegman, @santaponsasaint, @jaybee, @munoz, @TediousTom, @linwood buddie, @Yflab, @Helmettroll, @rabuddies, @LargsBud, @ged62, @ALBIONSAINT, @StanleySaint, @smcc, @guinness, @nedflanders123, @Danny, @Cookie Monster, @E=Mc2, @oaksoft, @mattman, @portmahomack saint, @St.Ricky and of course @div
    There are definitely a few more who might not have replied to this thread, or who I have just missed, but it seems the majority on here are genuine Saints fans after all, and there's just a small, vocal minority who aren't. 
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    jaybee reacted to TPAFKA Jersey 2 in Welcome Vaclav Hladky   
    Absolutely not going to get into a Bazil style tit for tat on this but I think you’re avoiding some of the nonsense you posted earlier. I’ll just pick the most obvious one. You suggested that peoples’ high opinion of him was based on a penalty shoot out. By any stretch of the imagination that is utter bollocks and it does you a disservice if you can’t admit that.
    That’s all I’m saying on the matter. Each to their own opinion. 
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    jaybee reacted to djchapsticks in Welcome Vaclav Hladky   
    The dearly departed (from the forum, he's not deid!) Stuart Dickson had the odd moment of clarity and decent idea formation, he simply couldn't accept that despite coming across with decent points now and again, people would never take to them as the actual person delivering them was really insufferable in general, especially when making their point and really not worth the hassle of working with or against. Good idea formation (now and then) but a nightmare of a person to try and co-operate with.
    Baz seems to fall firmly into the same category. Any agreeable or valid points are completely lost in the delivery of his response. The need to not just make his own point for someone to agree or disagree with but to make the person he's debating with seem foolish, confused or clouded.
    Despite this, I've no real issue with him at all, I glance at the points he's making but then know I don't have to really read anything else he posts on a subject as it will typically contain no real new content aside from him going into a back and forth with whoever he's arguing with to point out where in their previous statements he's going to try and show them up. And then a general couple of 'Why Always Me?' style posts when he gets pulled up for it.
    Bit of self reflection though, Baz. I don't think anyone is telling you not to post but sometimes you can look at a post, accept you've made your point well enough the first time and move on. Countering a response with another response if required is fair enough but the constant need to come back and try and reassert yourself every single time by picking through the bones of points already argued isn't a good look.
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    jaybee reacted to munoz in Season Tickets 20/21   
    Any amount of ST sales are a great effort , given that there are no guarantees of football getting played anytime soon. Well done to everyone who's help safeguard the future of our club for the foreseeable future. 
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    jaybee reacted to W6er in St Mirren Kit For Season 20/21   
    Because I'm acknowledging that I am a sad bastard. I'm a middle aged man excited by the prospect of seeing the new St. Mirren shirt. I don't drink, smoke, take drugs or eat red meat. Aside from spending time with my girlfriend and hoping for a new Netflix release, seeing the new kit is currently the only thing I have to look forward to!
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    jaybee reacted to linwood buddie in St Mirren Kit For Season 20/21   
    What even unfunnier than that?
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    jaybee reacted to FTOF in Welcome Vaclav Hladky   
    As much as I thought Thomson was great (we named a cat after him), he was prone to too many gaffes.
    I haven't seen Hladky make too many mistakes, and I just feel he's less streaky than Thomson was.
    Hladky has also played in much worse teams than Thomson did.
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    jaybee reacted to Sonny in Welcome Vaclav Hladky   
    We knocked back a six figure fee twice for Vaclav one at least from a team in the Champions League. So it ain't just St Mirren that rate him.

    Personally I rate him as the best keeper I have seen with us. Money and Thomson were also great keepers but Vaclav is a far better footballer for kick-outs and playing as a sweeper.
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    jaybee reacted to FTOF in Welcome Vaclav Hladky   
    As much as I thought that Samson had a great spell with us, he is nowhere near as good a 'keeper as Hladky. Not in a million years.
    Fans of other clubs who Samson played for, have him down as one of their worst 'keepers ever. e.g Motherwell. He is ridiculed by fans of other teams too.
    Hladky is highly rated by the majority of fans of other teams in the premiership, which speaks volumes for his ability.
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    jaybee got a reaction from ged62 in Season Tickets 20/21   
    Much rather be him than  Shull,G-Man, Leatherfaced arsehole; thanks very much.
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    jaybee reacted to Leatherface in Season Tickets 20/21   
    Doesn’t give me grief, I just continue to laugh at you and the other deluded  fools!
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    jaybee got a reaction from E=Mc2 in Season Tickets 20/21   
    Only if it was guaranteed to give you grief.
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    jaybee reacted to E=Mc2 in Season Tickets 20/21   
    I can only assume that you are not a St. Mirren shareholder.
    The purchase of shares is definitely wishful thinking if a person believes it will ever give return. I remember about 25 years buying some shares at, I think, £50 each just so I would get a St. Mirren shareholders certificate. Then, no more than a few years later, my dad told me that shares were being issued at 50p each. That made me laugh and I bought my dad some. You've never seen a man more happy with his son. 
    Why do people do it?  
    For me, if I don't see a game for the next 12 months because of this virus, I will be more concerned about the survival of St. Mirren F.C. than the £144 I've spent on an adult concession. 
    You can call me a fool or a person who is proud be known as a Paisley Buddie.   
    I know which one I am.  
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    jaybee reacted to Fricky-Troll in Season Tickets 20/21   
    I think under these unique circumstances, it’s clear that those who can afford to buy ( knowing the ‘bigger picture’ is actually to help the club as opposed to the amount of games they may or may not see ) are putting the club before themselves.

    I applaud this sentiment
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    jaybee reacted to nedflanders123 in Season Tickets 20/21   
    Evening Shull.  
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    jaybee reacted to djchapsticks in Season Tickets 20/21   
    Approaching 1,000 ST sales in the first week.
    I look forward to the angry reactions.
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