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  1. Snake really is a nonentity. Sleekit and snide posts to decent people all over the Forum. Should be banned for life along with constant abusers Poz and Drew.
  2. Aye, just you sit there like a sheep with nothing original to say and wait for somebody to put a thought in your head. You're the biggest and most sleekit Troll on the Forum.
  3. Dangerous also, if you Troll on another Club's Forum.
  4. Drew and Pozbaird, the two biggest abusers on the Forum. They just don't like contrary opinion. Poz has fecked off in the huff again after another poster correctly answered him back. Cowardly bullies. And untouchable on here.
  5. Shull never condemns alcohol. However, he does comdemn those who consume alcohol, like McGowan, whose personality and behaviour becomes moronic. Alcohol in the correct mouth is fine.
  6. Only those who blatantly broke the rules in W7 are forbidden to fly flags and raise banners. There is no statement from the Club to say the rest of the support are banned. So get into the Shop, buy some flags and get your weans flying them.
  7. So, they haven't been updated. The boys in W7 were informed what was required regarding the Drum. As you well now,
  8. We are a Family Club and those in charge just don't want Neds ruining it. The Banner was not needed. Try be Men , hold your hands up and apologise to all concerned.
  9. Not wrong now, as rules were changed and new guidelines were laid out for those in W7 regarding the Drum.
  10. The Panda Group are more grown up and sing louder than W7. Even every away support drown out W7, and that is sometimes with about 10 fans singing. W7 boys would be better moving to the Family Stand where the acoustics seem to be better and the Panda Children would help them out. From the Main Stand, I can only hear noise from the South & North Stands. Maybe loud halers needed in W7.
  11. The Club did see sense. You and your Group were wrong.
  12. Read the rules in 2017. Then apologise to the Club , Morton and folks from Greenock.
  13. https://www.stmirren.com/images/downloads/policies/2017/Unacceptable-Conduct-2017.pdf
  14. https://www.stmirren.com/club/about-st-mirren/club-policies
  15. Alex Young Age 80 Hearts and Everton Legend. RIP
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