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  1. You are on my prayers Fiona big massive hugs
  2. I was one of the 962 at the Albion rovers game in 23rd April 1974 looking at these photos brought back memories on that night ,I presented Bobby mckean with the player of the year award billy Johnstone was the captain My mum had a photo of it but she passed away ,and it got lost I live in spain now I did have an urge to go to the rovers game the neibours were wondering what was going on when steve smith scored on Sunday I really don't miss much about Scotland the politics weather and a lot more the heart string are severed except for st mirren hopefully they can keep this run going I have hardly read the reports this your but this recent run has got my spirits back up again let's hope the hump the rovers my wife comes from Kirkcaldy oh wine of the strangest games I have been at was when they grubbed us 7.0 very very strange that one paul
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