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  1. I will accept it has been written from the other side of the Irish Channel, but it sits relatively comfortably with how the world works. Yes probably slanted, but believable. However you look at it, yet again here we are one season on from the AS appointment (wasn't that a stupendous success) and we are looking around for a managerial replacement at the very point when we should be recruiting players and trying to establish a team spirit that might see us above the bottom three scramble.
  2. I can probably swallow what is being said in this article: Oran Kearney's dramatic spell in the Scottish Premiership is over. He can leave St Mirren with his head held high after saving them from relegation Pride won't be the only emotion he will be feeling today as he reflects on an eventful nine months with the Paisley outfit. There will be disappointment for the ex-Coleraine boss at the way in which his time in the full-time spotlight finished following a fall-out with the chairman Gordon Scott, but by the same token also relief that what was turning into an acrimonious saga has now ended. Once their relationship broke down last week, there was no way back. Scott has a 51% share in the club and, effectively, what he says goes, as previous managers know all too well. Kearney and Scott never had the warm, fuzzy relationship the former enjoyed with Coleraine chairman Colin McKendry. Read More Coleraine 'very disappointed' as St Mirren cancel friendly while Bannsiders prepare Kearney approach It reached crisis point at a meeting last week when Kearney's desire to continue commuting back and forth to Northern Ireland was discussed. Last season, the 40-year-old had been returning home twice a week to spend time with his wife Lauren and their two children. Kearney was certain the trips did not impact on his job. Keeping St Mirren in Scotland's top flight would suggest he was right. Scott felt, however, it would be better for the club if Kearney stayed in Scotland on a permanent basis. There was never going to be a meeting of minds on the issue, leading to Kearney's inevitable departure. At the weekend, Kearney had been told not to turn up for the club's first day of pre-season training yesterday when behind the scenes lawyers were drawing up an exit settlement. News from Paisley last night confirmed Kearney had left by 'mutual consent'. Just last month he was being cheered off the pitch at St Mirren by jubilant supporters after the Buddies had beaten Dundee United on penalties in a play-off to maintain their status amongst Rangers, Celtic, Hearts, Hibs and Aberdeen. That was an emotional afternoon for St Mirren fans, who for most of the season feared that their team would go down. They saw the manager as a miracle worker. Kearney's remit was to avoid relegation when he took over last September having inspired Coleraine to Irish Cup glory just a few months before. In that same season, they almost beat Crusaders to the title. He found the going tough in the early months but, after bringing in new players in January, St Mirren ended the season in splendid fashion, moving away from bottom place and the automatic drop to 11th and a play-off. In the run-up to the two legs with Dundee United there was speculation linking him with a move back to Coleraine, who had sacked Rodney McAree and were hunting for a new boss. Kearney had decided, however, that he wanted to give it another crack with the Buddies against Neil Lennon's Bhoys, Steven Gerrard's Rangers and the rest. He organised a friendly with Coleraine for this Saturday and was lining up new players. He had also made travel arrangements to commute between Northern Ireland and Scotland. Now he is a free agent and with Coleraine yet to appoint a successor to McAree over six weeks since his departure, Bannsiders fans are hoping that Kearney 'comes home'. Incidentally, Coleraine players start pre-season training tonight, with coaches William Murphy, Trevor McKendry and Paul Owens putting them through their paces. Coleraine chairman Colin McKendry said: "If Oran, as a former manager of Coleraine who had built something special at the club, became available, it would be totally remiss of me not to approach him. He knows the club and many of his players are still there. "As a person running a business at Coleraine, I know how good a manager Oran is and also what a good person he is. "I would assume we would not be the only people looking to talk to him simply because of his ability and his reputation. "What he has done at St Mirren, in my opinion, has been astonishing. Personally, I would love Oran back at our club but we will see what happens." Addressing rumours Coleraine had hoped Kearney would depart St Mirren all along, McKendry stated that wasn't correct, pointing out that earlier this month they approached Dundalk to speak to their assistant Ruaidhri Higgins only to be denied permission by the League of Ireland outfit. "People have said our plan the whole time was to wait for Oran. It genuinely has not been like that at all," said McKendry. "We felt that Oran would be staying with St Mirren and I was sure he would continue his outstanding work there. That's why we looked at Ruaidhri Higgins, but obviously things have changed." Belfast Telegraph I am disappointed in his departure as I have stated elsewhere that his feat in keeping us up last season was probably a better feat than JR's Championship winning success. Managing a football club like St Mirren can work in many ways. Can you imagine any good manager being interviewed by the BoD's and before taking on the job being told that he must stay in Paisley (or locally) otherwise he won't be given the job. Of course not, if he can do it from Timbuctoo and he is the right man / woman then why not just go with the ride. Nice decision from the BoD's yet again. We really do know how to shoot ourselves in the foot - ☹️😩🤬
  3. I know he is a Stubbs signing, but I like Cody Cooke. He has come on a bundle since the start of the season and it showed in the last few games of the season. I know you can argue he was slightly lucky with his Dundee hat-trick, but he was there and took his chances when it mattered. He is a handful, puts himself about and defenders won't like him. Interestingly I also like Danny Mullen for lots of different reasons, but he is also a pain in the butt and there is skill in there as was shown in the goal he scored against D Utd. I know he was a JR signing, but he has also come a long way since he came to Paisley.
  4. Wee baldy-heided Bobby Adamson...………….. mind you I can't really talk! 😂 Along with Peter Kane they were a couple of players who you enjoyed watching, even if it was just a case of blinking hard because you couldn't quite believe that they missed that sitter. 🤣
  5. I remember one game, which I think was against Hearts at Love St and Cammy came forward with the ball, and everyone expected him to just pass it, but instead he chipped it over the advancing defence and he ran through almost unopposed on goal...……………………… but Cammy wasn't quite made for goal scoring (I think he only ever scored 4 goals in 10 years) and with only the goalie to beat missed rather wildly.! That never made me think any less of him, but that memory has certainly stuck!!! 🤔
  6. Back in the dark days of November / December of last year I posted that if OK managed to keep us up in the SPL it would actually be a better feat than JR's success in managing us to winning the Championship. I don't change that point of view. The SPL is a much harder league to get results week on week and whilst we had to change the entire squad around and parachute players in from various sources to achieve it, the gamble was both worth it and was at least, positive. I don't give a damn if OK got help from both Gus McPherson and Jimmy Nicoll, they were brought in to help him, both handle the pressure but also to get acclimatised with the Scottish game. Yes you might argue that we looked top heavy in that department, but it worked, and I also get the impression that behind the scenes, the chemistry was right. I heard rumours too that OK might have to consider his position due to family pressures and everything that goes with that, if that is the case, there is nothing we can do about that, many good men have placed their family and happiness ahead of a tenuous career in Scottish football. Whatever he does, I wish him the best of luck, and hope, for the time being, that it continues in Paisley. 😍
  7. I note this wasn't written on the 1st of April...…………………… Could have been believable under these circumstances! 🤔
  8. On the Fb site you either bin him, or thole him and as I understand it the mods on there tend to allow free speech to a greater extent. Whether SD manages eventually to P**s them off to the point he is binned is always a strong possibility! I noticed a couple of weeks ago that a mod had binned one of his negative posts and he had the temerity to write in and ask why it had been binned................... The man has no positive molecules in his body.
  9. I think the difference between players brought in to the old firm on loans are potential signings for them both. It gives them an opportunity to see if they fit into the team and are worth the investment. For Saints I like Hladky and Popescu and I think Lyons with a few more games and a bit of confidence is a worthy asset, but are we looking at any of these players as possible permanent contracts. The answer is no, they are attempts to get better players in for a short term period who are better than what was there before. The sad fact is that the Scottish talent sausage machine is not even stuttering, it produces the very odd sausage that steps up to the mark once in a 'blue' moon!
  10. Ricky, in truth we had few chances. Up to the point of JB coming off I don't think we tested their keeper. Just after the substitution we had a flurry of activity and he made a great save plus a couple of other incidents that weren't really goal threatening moments. In the 2nd half we scored a goal from a header, but I had the distinct impression (up to that point) that we could try all night and not score. Other than that moment we hardly threatened their keeper. The huge difference between the teams was confidence. Motherwell were slicker in passing, quicker to the tackle, more decisive, played with confidence and meanwhile we were chasing shadows. You sit and watch it and realise that passing across the field or backwards just isn't doing anything other than building up a possession stat. After we scored, it didn't look as though we would chase a winner, but my God, Motherwell showed us exactly what to do! I have refrained from talking down this team as I want OK to be successful. It will be a blow to go back down to the Championship, but they need to get some confidence from somewhere and start pushing for a result. Show the opposition that we want to win. At times last night I watched Ferdinand or Paul McGinn pass back across the field because no-one was making a run or making space up front for the telling ball. Something needs to change in the team for us to survive!
  11. VAR is the answer to most of this post. It will be introduced to the English Premiership next season, but I think you can wait an eternity for it ever to be introduced in Scotland! I'm not saying that all the decisions were right, or wrong, but at least there would have been a review and if that had occurred on each occasion then it would have been very interesting to see how many would have been awarded. Football in Scotland is a backwater. The English Championship will have goalmouth monitoring and VAR long, long before Scotland will, and as a result we will continue to see performances such as Dallas's on Saturday!
  12. After the game against Hibs I changed my Top Man from Captain Courageous to Jack as I do see an improvement in him and a desire to defend better each season. Time will tell if he gets the advancement he deserves, but at least he has shown commitment to the Buddies, more than I can say about one or two others.
  13. You'll get tufted out the Brownies for that comment. I actually thought that you might need a Westminster Mandarin to clear all our foreign signings but they'd probably make a ruddy mess up of the process. We might consider bringing Garry Teal back as a late addition!
  14. I'm not generally a Guardian reader, I leave that to my leftist leaning friends who will occasionally send me the odd gem or two from the paper. So it's not that often that I find that their offerings ring my bell, but the attached certainly did! I think most of us are totally pi**ed off with the performance of our politicians of all shades but with only a few weeks to go and to have no clear plan is beyond belief. Plan A was all they had, and plans B,C & D are still in the melting pot! History will damn the architects of Brexit.docx
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