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  1. Thanks for the additions, obviously I know the names, but didn't realise their link.......... Well Mill Street is pretty obvious and an omission I made to an extent as it is the building rather than the material, but I agree, still relevant.
  2. Well we must be the only town with the following references to the trade that made the town: Lawn Street Silk Street Thread Street Cotton Street Gauze Street Any I have missed?
  3. The fare is pretty awful to watch and also to listen to on the radio. ST nailed it yesterday when he said that some of the crosses were terrible, can't get it past the first defender. Of course there will be a number who will argue that we are only just losing these games by the odd goal (Hibs aside), and with a little bit of luck we could have at least got a draw or even scraped a win, but I agree with Lenziebud, the forwards we have brought in reflect a manager who isn't that clued up about quality strikers. He knows about a combative mid-field and a defence, but the forward line needs someone who can take a chance. Morias doesn't really know the way to the net, Obika doesn't convert enough of the chances that come his way, and Erwin performs well outside of the box but isn't the kind of player that scores 15+ goals a season. I don't know anything of Dennis as we haven't seen anything yet of his abilities! I'm not on board with any argument that justifies that the Manager Must Go but somewhere along the line we have lost the ability to find someone who can score goals. I laughed out loud when earlier this season after scoring his second goal in the league the fanny on the Beeb said that Obika was becoming "prolific"! The word may have been appropriate if he had scored say 6 or 7 in the first 8 games, but two..................... We are bottom of the league for a very good reason and it was the same last year, we don't score enough goals and if this is the pattern for the next few games, then it will be same old, same old.
  4. I always preferred Burtons to John Colliers when you had to buy a suit and also I remember DER in Moss St, we rented our television from them for years - renting your TV - there were a number of companies like them (Radio Rentals etc). That's what you did back then! Also look at the number of people walking down the High Street, - it must have been the Glasgow Fair Saturday afternoon in July that it was taken.
  5. Wow, did I start something there! I have always assumed it was Orchy Crescent in Foxbar, given he says: "I'm used to Glenfield road and spending my time down in Orchy" and the song was a throwback to his younger days, but I could stand corrected!!
  6. So that's where Paolo Nutini got inspiration for that song........................
  7. My wife made a very valid comment: If the same had happened to either of the old firm would the same thing have applied? Of course not they would have tried the the SPFL to postpone, and if they were told to play like us, they would have magically come up with a 4th player testing positive and they then would fall under the SPFL's rules if 4 players from the 1st team squad test positive they can apply for a postponement. We missed a late trick if you ask me.
  8. What I don't get with some posters is their 'write off' attitude to any player that is maybe going to join us. Through the years we have taken quite a few players on who didn't set the heather on fire with the club they were with previously and they have proved to be good additions to the squad. If Erwin comes to Saints, he comes with a reasonable pedigree and it's down to the coaching staff to get the best out of him. There are unfound gem stones out there, picking the right one is never easy, but possible, in all walks of life.
  9. Also stumbled across this photo which must have been taken in the early 60's given a Mini is in the picture. Look how busy the traffic is!
  10. Stumbled across this link which shows a great montage of old photos of our town, many of which I had never seen before. Well worth the 5 minutes to look at the 'video' showing a variety of B&W photos. https://tour-scotland-photographs.blogspot.com/2014/12/old-photograph-wellmeadow-street.html
  11. Does anyone remember the toy shop down Cotton Street opposite the Abbey and what it was called? A photo would be great.............. I used to spend my ill gotten gains in that shop more than any other toy shop in the town.
  12. Funnily enough I have little or no knowledge of Gallowhill House other that what I've read on Google. But it was a grand house in its time. It would have been interesting to see it when it was this ornate.
  13. I suspect the railings went like many others throughout the country during the second world war.
  14. Looking at this, Johnstone High Street at the square hasn't changed that much!!
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