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  1. Another one from the 40's / 50's of a scene taken quite often looking across at the High St and the La Scala in particular.
  2. This looks like the late 19th / early 20th century - Causeyside Street, - I think this must have been taken looking south. The reason it's in colour is due to the fashion at the time of taking a black and white photo ('cause that's all they could take) and then painting over it with stylised colour.
  3. Here's one from the 50's and obviously a fair bit has changed, but the Bobby is still on duty standing right in the middle of the Cross. That must have been the short straw for any traffic cop in these days, standing right in the middle of all these fumes!
  4. I know the Hight Street had died a bit over the past few years, but this has to have been taken on a Sunday surely?
  5. So how about something like this for next season?
  6. It suggests Paisley Cross in the early 50's after a Saint's game .................... but there isn't a scarf in sight!? Maybe just a busy Saturday, but there are a lot of males visible, so maybe they were right.
  7. 1952 Paisley and Barrhead cinema ads from newspapers of the time
  8. I had an SL90 in these days. Interchangeable engine parts with Opel cars as I seem to remember when I had to find a gasket in France!
  9. It was really icy and the pitch was as hard as nails. It would never be played today, even on pitches without under-surface heating! However a great team performance and game, the crowd on the day (from both teams) really helped make the atmosphere.
  10. I was young at the time and my Dad used to take me to see them in the late 50's and early 60's and lift me over the turnstiles .......................... those were the days! I agree Tommy Bryceland was really special and I remember Jim Clunie well, he brought great calmness to the back line and he commanded the box. He also turned into a well respected Manager and had a good record. It's really difficult to call, I really liked "cheeky" Bryceland at his best, I also liked Clunie and Baker, as he just instinctively knew where the net was. For sheer entertainment Ally MacLeod and his 4 goals at Iprox stands out as the best singular performance I've seen from a Saint's player so I think he must come into the reckoning as also must Bobby McKean who was a real ball player, fast and an entertainer. Of the more recent batches both Paul Lambert and John McGinn stand out and they have both shown that they could and can play at the highest standard.
  11. I completely agree, any of them would be welcome. I accept that in some cases the opposition might have been less demanding than that of the Premier League, but you can only score against the players and opposition you are faced with. If what you are saying is that it is easier to score against inferior opposition, then theoretically we would have a lot more players with good stats, given we spent a reasonable amount of time in the 2 tier through the 60's and 70's, but we don't, so the best way to look at it overall is to assess games against any team and analyse the ratio. It makes Gerry Baker's stats all the more impressive!
  12. The best way to look at Saint's strikers is to analyse the goals scored record against all the games played by them over their period with the club (including cup games). ST wasn't prolific as I say with an average of 0.36 of a goal each game. The following puts it into perspective: Mark Yardley - 0.38 Tommy Bryceland - 0.41 Barry Lavety - 0.43 Frank McGarvey - 0.34 Dougie Somner - 0.45 Gerry Baker - 0.81 Anything over 0.40 would be a good return from a good striker. Stevie was valuable, a good leader of the line and he is a fan. Yes lucky we had him, but don't just assess him against three seasons.
  13. Changing topic slightly, but still relevant to the upcoming game against Celtic, I thought that it might be worth a quick look through the past few seasons to see where we might end up if we stick to the current trend of a point a game (given that the Celtic game will see us at the halfway point). 20/21 - 38 games = 39 points= 3rd bottom 19/20 - 30 games = 29 points = 3rd / 4th bottom 18/19 - 38 games = 33 points = 3rd bottom 17/18 - 38 games = 39 point = 4th bottom 16/17 - 38 games = 38 points = 4th bottom (2nd bottom was 35 points and it was Kilmarnock from memory) 15/16 - 38 games = 36 points = 2nd Bottom So to put it in a nutshell, we have to wake up and smell the coffee since on the current trajectory we will be fighting at the bottom with at least one or two others in order to avoid the dreaded play-off. I'm not normally a negative sounding poster, but Top 6 my back side! 😨
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