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  1. Yes as my moniker suggests it was the team that inspired me to become a Saint's supporter. Sad to see him go, but I do remember him as a good integral part of a good team. 😢
  2. The other little matter with McAllister is that when he came back to Saints, he had to be well managed in terms of the amount of time on the park. We did that well, but I think there might be a slight lingering feeling that you might not get a full 90 minutes a game for a full season out of him. I like him as a player and when in full flow he is a handful with a good shot and a great dead ball speciality. If push comes to shove, I would keep him and see if you can get a good season out of him around the No. 10 positioning as said above.
  3. Interesting to read the comments on the game from those that were there. The goal from Main and the general background to his performance somewhat differs from the gist of the thread in the main section of the website................ Of course maybe his performance was only a one off and he will now disappear from view for the rest of the season. That would please a few folk, no doubt!
  4. What you have read here is a pretty good cross section of feelings for the guy. He came to our rescue several times over and his shot stopping was outstanding. I rate him along with England's current stopper in that department, especially at penalties. When he left he was complimentary about the team and you got the impression he was a good team player and liked by he team mates. So good luck with him, I wish him and ITFC all the best.
  5. One of the main reasons Woolies went to the wall at the time was how they marketed their products. Who else in the prime stretch of the High Street would have counters of sweeties in the first 30 feet. That is where you grab the shopper and show them what they really want to buy, or at least be encouraged to browse further into the store. Victims of a changing retail world and bad retail layout.
  6. I have a little experience in this field if you want to discuss it. I have no clear favourite or preference and like most I have had some pretty ropey experiences with Estate agents, but there are some slightly better than others.
  7. In the cold light of day, the signings who might be free-scoring forwards is poor................ that is stating the bloody obvious. On the other hand we have tightened up the defence to a degree, we have players who can get into the opposition half and create problems and we are middle of the league. So in my book we have made significant steps forward. That however doesn't get away from the fact that the various signings that have been made over the last few years who theoretically will be a main "striker" have been pretty poor. Our main goal threat is from the mid-field and that isn't good enough if we want to be a top 6 club. it is almost a case of signing someone and hoping they might come good as opposed to a player that is hungry, on the rise as a player and also has an eye for goal. We have to hope that Brophy can partially fill that gap. We also need both back-up to that player and also good support to lay off cross balls or is a mobile tall player who can chip in with a few but takes the brunt of the work so that a Brophy type player can play to his full potential. I would keep Dennis, Erwin and Brophy and let the rest go and continue to try and find that diamond in the rough (or a Lafferty!)
  8. I've been able to do a wee bit more research and the maps below begin to tell the picture. 1st Map 1947 clearly showing the Alex opposite the RAH on the corner of Orr St 2nd Map same in 1951 3rd map is a 1965 edition, but actually was already 3 years out of date as the area was surveyed in '62 and still shows the Alex Cinema building. 4th map 1967 showing what might appear to be a petrol station with the number 23 Neilston Road lastly today
  9. I'm actually quoting from the historical reference to the Alex as it seems to appear in the records. As I say I didn't know the Alex so can't exactly say where it was and how it relates to today's street scape.
  10. I don't remember this building as it seems from the historical blurb (below) it was demolished in '59/'60, which is just a little before I could get to know this part of the town. I think it was the early 60's when I just got on my bike and saw as much of the town as I could. Located to the south of the town centre, opposite the RAH, the Alexandra Cinema was opened in early-December 1923 by Caledonian Entertainers Ltd. It had a 40ft wide proscenium (the part of a theatre stage in front of the curtain). In early-1930 it was equipped with a Western Electric(WE) sound system. It was modernised in 1938/1939, just before the War and was re-named New Alex Cinema. It was closed in early-April 1959 and was demolished in 1960 and a petrol station was built on the site. Today there is housing on the site.
  11. A couple of retail establishments I used to frequent. McDougal Bros in Moss Street was a great shop to go and wander round. They chased you out a few times, but it was an interesting shop to spend your time especially if it was pi**ing down outside. The Sherwood Café, was always worth dropping into especially if you were meeting the girlfriend at the Kelburne and you were early, or she was late. Of course no mobiles in these days so you had to keep popping your head out the door to check if she had arrived.
  12. There have been quite a few High St photos posted which isn't surprising given that it was the most important shopping street for so many years, even after the Piazza was built. However I came across this photo of the Liberal Club which dates back a little and the rather sad 2019 photo of it now. I suppose it really sums up the demise of the Liberals in general! This is located on the corner of High Street and Church Hill.
  13. Getting back on subject, I'm sure these will have been posted before, but I think they are worth repeating as they are both relevant to our old home. In the first aerial it is a great shot of the town centre but you can see the roof of the north enclosure....... not sure when this was taken but it looks pre-motorway and I think Abbotsinch is still there as a RN Air Base, but I could be wrong. The second one is pre-north enclosure around 1933 time.
  14. Assuming for one second you were correct, amazing how leopards can change their spots! 😉
  15. There were a number of really disappointing aspects of today's performance. 1. The tactics were wrong from the start, i.e. the team put on the park was wrong 2. The team gave away cheap fouls which played into the strengths of Livingston. They pumped balls into the box and looked for the chaos. 3. It took the management team far too long to see that their selection wasn't working. 4. There were players on the park especially in the first half, who shouldn't have been near the Hampden turf. 5. If you compare that team with the team that played Celtic in 2013, there was no comparison. We deserved to lose to Livi if you especially look at the first half. Fractionally better in the 2nd half, but no cutting edge and long balls all day long, which suited their tall defenders. If the players believed that perhaps this was their one chance to appear and win a final at Hampden, then they didn't show it. Really, really disappointed 😞 😥
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