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  1. So the current trend for footballers running onto the park is to kiss their wrist, touch the grass or carry out some semi-religious chest crossing exercise that probably has nothing to do with religion, but has a lot to do with superstition. So it got me thinking am I superstitious and yes is the answer, in some parts of my life. I don't walk under ladders, I always at least acknowledge Friday the 13th, I always try and use the same ball marker every time I play golf and...………………… I wear black & white boxer shorts whenever Saints are playing! The last item is of course if I remember, as the mid-week games sometimes catch me out and they are substituted with some other colour, and amazingly Saints don't get a result on that day. Mind you Saints don't get a result on quite a few days, even if I've donned the requisite multi-coloured pants, but that is part of being a Buddie and accepting that every game isn't winnable! Of course I've worn them at Hampden Park and they worked, but I also wore them when we didn't get a result against 9 men, but that's life I'm afraid and I didn't blame the pants!! So what ticks your Box?
  2. Again we huffed and puffed, much the same as against Aberdeen. It's an obvious comment to make, but my main worry is our inability to find the net, by anyone on the park. Yes the defence has tightened up and isn't that bad, but our basic fault of not being able to put the ball in the net may well prove be our undoing this season. We have no answer to this problem either, now we are trying Chabbi as an option and we seem to have dropped Cooke and Mullen as any kind of impact substitution, it's a bit like trying a perm of any two from 6 poor options and we can see that hardly anything works at all. It sounds like knicker wetting, it's not, it's just the reality of this season, we are going to struggle until the last day of the season and hope that we are at least in 2nd bottom spot and we again come up against a Championship side who are somewhat adrift of D Utd!
  3. Exceedingly rare for a Manager to say it as it has happened. He tends to say it as he likes to think how he sees it. 🤥 I think if JG was to articulate what we see every week he would soon be out of a job. Part of his remit will be to encourage and support the players he has to work with and make a silk purse out of a sow's ear if he has to!!
  4. I'm not sure that luck was ever going to come our way on Friday! We huffed and puffed all the way through the game especially in the second half which we dominated, but never really threatened. I don't think we were ever going to blow the house down!! What it showed is that basically Aberdeen were pretty awful, actually worse than us, but took their early chance and then we conceded in the last couple of minutes when trying to chase a lost cause. It exemplified our season, not bad in the build up play, but rotten up front.
  5. Maybe it's not a good idea to take a bikini holiday in the Maldives either!
  6. Great watch...…………………. (if you liked trams that is!). 1. I remember that it was never a good idea to get your bike tyres stuck in the tram lines - you always fell off 2. When you got to your destination the driver / conductor always came through the gf and 1st floor and altered the backs of the seats so that you faced in the direction of travel. 3. What happened when there was thick snow on the ground, did they not run? 4 What happened in the pea-soupers did they just crawl along at 2 mph?
  7. I watched the England Vs Kosovo game last night in its entirety and it was a great open game of football to enjoy. It got me thinking why can a country (so relatively new to international football as an individual country), can be so technically ahead of Scotland. In just about every department they were ahead in actual ball skills, closing down the opposition, chasing everything and organisational set-up. At one point Hoddle said that it would be a joy to play with this team, and then later it was said that when they don't have the ball they look quiet or even tired, but the moment the won the ball back they became alive and inventive. Forget the idiots in the studio who said at half time that England had many more goals in them, it was a really inventive Kosovo, who made their 'star' hosts look like a team that just turned up for the second half and thought they had done all the hard work after 45 minutes. It was great. So why can Scotland not produce a performance like that...……………. P.S. Not many of the Kosovo team play for well known teams!
  8. I get the Facebook / Google thing, as there has been more than sufficient info out there telling us that they collect and sell the info we all allow them to have, but I thought that cleaning out my machine each day would reduce that. I also have noted as others have commented elsewhere that it's annoying to google something and for the next three of four hours every website you open has an advert for that product / service. Yes you accept it as part of life's poor tapestry in the browsing world that is the internet, but Legia Vs Rangers on the B&W website, surely out dearly beloved Mod can moderate that content, otherwise any mention of Rangers, Celtic, Aberdeen or Hearts will see adverts for any / all of these teams appear on our beloved moaning platform!
  9. So what you're saying, basically I'm stuffed whichever way I turn...………… I must start watching porn more often then as it might change my advert content to a more interesting slant if that is the case! 🤣
  10. I can assure you that is NOT the case...……………. In fact I can't really think of any other football based websites I've looked at in the past couple of weeks. In any event my cookies get cleaned out at the end of each day so I don't have a history for these adverts to relate to, and then to appear randomly at the top of B&W...……. It's a mystery to me!
  11. Every time I open a B&W Army page, up pops a Legia Warsaw Vs Glasgow Blue Noses advert to buy TV coverage on Rangers TV channel!!!!!!! 😣 Can we please have SOME SENSE when it comes at accepting adverts on a B&W page?
  12. It's interesting no-one has said he just might be happy to come back to Paisley as that is where he is happy, or has family, or likes the town(!) or he just plain likes St Mirren...…………….. who knows. 😉
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