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  1. I watched the England Vs Kosovo game last night in its entirety and it was a great open game of football to enjoy. It got me thinking why can a country (so relatively new to international football as an individual country), can be so technically ahead of Scotland. In just about every department they were ahead in actual ball skills, closing down the opposition, chasing everything and organisational set-up. At one point Hoddle said that it would be a joy to play with this team, and then later it was said that when they don't have the ball they look quiet or even tired, but the moment the won the ball back they became alive and inventive. Forget the idiots in the studio who said at half time that England had many more goals in them, it was a really inventive Kosovo, who made their 'star' hosts look like a team that just turned up for the second half and thought they had done all the hard work after 45 minutes. It was great. So why can Scotland not produce a performance like that...……………. P.S. Not many of the Kosovo team play for well known teams!
  2. I get the Facebook / Google thing, as there has been more than sufficient info out there telling us that they collect and sell the info we all allow them to have, but I thought that cleaning out my machine each day would reduce that. I also have noted as others have commented elsewhere that it's annoying to google something and for the next three of four hours every website you open has an advert for that product / service. Yes you accept it as part of life's poor tapestry in the browsing world that is the internet, but Legia Vs Rangers on the B&W website, surely out dearly beloved Mod can moderate that content, otherwise any mention of Rangers, Celtic, Aberdeen or Hearts will see adverts for any / all of these teams appear on our beloved moaning platform!
  3. So what you're saying, basically I'm stuffed whichever way I turn...………… I must start watching porn more often then as it might change my advert content to a more interesting slant if that is the case! 🤣
  4. I can assure you that is NOT the case...……………. In fact I can't really think of any other football based websites I've looked at in the past couple of weeks. In any event my cookies get cleaned out at the end of each day so I don't have a history for these adverts to relate to, and then to appear randomly at the top of B&W...……. It's a mystery to me!
  5. Every time I open a B&W Army page, up pops a Legia Warsaw Vs Glasgow Blue Noses advert to buy TV coverage on Rangers TV channel!!!!!!! 😣 Can we please have SOME SENSE when it comes at accepting adverts on a B&W page?
  6. It's interesting no-one has said he just might be happy to come back to Paisley as that is where he is happy, or has family, or likes the town(!) or he just plain likes St Mirren...…………….. who knows. 😉
  7. I saw Dougie Somner mentioned in another post and it came to mind that of all our signings over the years he surprised me the most - not because he could find the net, but that he found it with such regularity!
  8. What has this got to do with the St Mirren Speculation Thread. Oh of course, you are speculating that there is a God!!!!!
  9. With a complete nod to Paul Simon...……… oh how appropriate: Hello, darkness, my old friendI've come to talk with you againBecause a vision softly creepingLeft its seeds while I was sleepingAnd the vision that was planted in my brainStill remainsWithin the sound of silenceIn restless dreams I walked aloneNarrow streets of cobblestone'Neath the halo of a streetlampI turned my collar to the cold and dampWhen my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon lightThat split the nightAnd touched the sound of silenceAnd in the naked light I sawTen thousand people, maybe morePeople talking without speakingPeople hearing without listeningPeople writing words that voices never shareNo one daredDisturb the sound of silence"Fools," said I, "You do not knowSilence like a cancer growsHear my words that I might teach youTake my arms that I might reach you."But my words like silent raindrops fellAnd echoed in the wells of silenceAnd the people bowed and prayedTo the neon god they madeAnd the sign flashed out its warningIn the words that it was formingAnd the sign said, "The words of the prophetsAre written on the subway wallsAnd tenement hallsAnd whispered in the sounds of silence." ...............................................and still we wait
  10. This is so spot on, I could have penned it myself (however didn't have all the arguments in my head at the one time!) ...............….and been proud of it. I have only read this, after posting two other items in different subjects saying much the same thing. Great post.
  11. The starting point would be to have a Board that is grounded, financially astute, well balanced and knows how to deal with people, not just some football folk who have maybe walked the walk as a player or a manager at some point and are considered to be above criticism. So far I have seen nothing in the last 2 years to convince me that there is anything near that level of quality. The financial mistakes, the squandering of money, the inability to keep good Managers, and loose tongues, points me in the direction of thinking that we are unlikely to see any kind of stability, a good consistent football team or any difference in the managerial Carousel. Is that plain enough for you?
  12. If, and I do say if, there is any truth in the content of this post, I do fear for our Club this year. We have played 4 competitive matches, all against lower or non-league opposition and the results speak for themselves. 1 lost (2-3), 2 drawn (0-0) and 1 win (1-0). I will quite accept that we have only conceded 3 goals, but on the other hand we've only scored three. Good God, Morton even went on their travels and scored 5 against lower league opposition. The team we are fielding at the present moment will not survive in this year's Premier League and importing more 2nd grade, cheap, so-called footballers to make up the numbers will not cover over the cracks. Even with our turmoil, I fear the worst, if indeed the above rumour has any basis of truth!
  13. Actually 1,000 Euros a week is roughly £47,000 per annum so it would have been in our budget, (if your average salary figures are correct).
  14. A gig at any third tier club in England is far more preferable and financially advantageous to anything we could offer I'm afraid!
  15. A little harsh, I feel, but the sounds of silence from Greenhill Road as we get so close to the KO of the real competition leaves me more than a little concerned. As other posters have said it takes a minimum of three to four weeks to get any new players up to speed and assimilated into the team and then get the team playing with the confidence we want to see. As it has been articulated, whether we bin a manager and have a down period of weeks before a new one is in place, the appointment of a DoF was primarily to ensure that any hiccup in that process would be covered by a person over-seeing the day-today running of the team. I am surprised however that even with the departure of OK that the so-called list of targets that should have been in place, and in theory may not have changed very much, hasn't materialised. It doesn't need a change from OK to JG to see that we lack quality in a number of positions throughout the team and that any list should be prioritising options for these positions as a starting point, and then for JG to run the ruler over them and decide which option he likes most. As I've said in another post I fear that players and their agents don't see us as a good place to ply their trade and that we will again finish up with a lot of loan deals and players that can't get a club after the window has closed.
  16. I'm not entirely sure you would have said this had we won our three games at a canter!
  17. Yes I saw that last night, they will have been offering probably at least 6 times what we could muster per week, or maybe I should re-phrase that per game, as he is slightly injury prone and he will be lucky to get a straightforward deal at this stage in his career.
  18. I will accept it is a mute point, but the simple fact of the matter is that St Mirren FC failed to beat a non-league 5th-tier football club and we are arguing over a simple arithmetical anomaly that the wonderful SFA have dreamt up. I'm not saying that we can't occasionally deliver up a below-average performance, but in general terms I don't think, Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs or the terrible twins would have stumbled at EK. We are a full-time professional team and we should, 99 times out of a hundred, beat a 5th tier team! (Maybe this was the 1%, but that 1% is happening too often). We stumbled across the line last season with not very much to spare, and since that time we have weakened the squad by a significant amount. I get the firm impression that players are just not interested in coming to Paisley as; (a) we are very unstable as a Club, (b) they probably think are hardly likely to raise their profile and (c) we don't offer enough money to make them commit. My suspicions are that as we get nearer to the deadline date we will see another raft of loaners and maybe one or two new signings after the deadline with players who have failed to find a home. Same old, same old, I'm afraid and from what I've seen so far this season, a MAJOR overhaul is required!!! 😣
  19. Can I send you a pair of rose coloured spectacles?
  20. Getting back on subject, the question raised by Munoz is perfectly valid. I have read through the 4 pages of this subject and as usual there is a tendency for some to ramble on about subject matter that isn't necessarily addressing the question. Yes we all make mistakes, and there are many around who don't accept that our Board should be allowed any latitude in this respect, but it is the regularity of mistakes, at all levels, that worries me. We can only surmise that a certain amount of financial mismanagement has taken place and that the money that has come to the club from McGinn's sell-on clause has been mostly, if not completely squandered. However, if you add to that there is the very public and obvious failure to appoint and keep a manager that can work within a budget, motivate the team, develop youth, and work with a disparate group on the Board for a stable period that is more than one year. Even the different managers that managed to gain us promotion and then keep us in the top league (when all the positive vibes were in line), have left the club under strained circumstances. Lastly on the inability of the Chairman and his comrades to act as leaders with public statements when calm is called for, leaves me with a certain amount of doubt that the BoD's is actually capable of working as a strong group that will ultimately bring us any real success. I don't subscribe to the idea that they would rather have us in the 2nd tier of the football setup in Scotland, but the inability to draw in new funds, seek further investment and to use the income they have been lucky enough to generate brings me to the ultimate conclusion that yes new blood is required, and not just because that they have been club legends, or necessarily are fans. I also don't subscribe to the notion that fan ownership will work. No-one has convinced me that once the club is in the fans' control that sufficient funds will be generated to make us stronger in the player buying market or in the player being paid market. We are a small club living on the margins of Scotland's biggest city, which is completely dominated by two bitter rivals. Shull is right, Scottish football would be a better place if both of the Glasgow brothers were off somewhere else plying their trade. Until that time we will continue to be a small time club, with limited long-term ambitions, but we certainly shouldn't be without the odd occasional dream, or hope that we can sometimes challenge the bigger boys around us and also that we are tightly run by a group of people that have a robust business management style that inspires confidence.
  21. I agree, it looked as though we had bibs again! 😞
  22. Interesting post, ……………………… I suggest if you are going to have a go at someone properly, you don't leave yourself completely open to any criticism from any angle.😫 Glass houses and throwing stones comes to mind. The internet is a wonderful invention, it provides a platform for all, that was never available to the common person in years gone by. Maybe, just occasionally, you might manage to get one of your (edited) posts appearing in one of the daily rags, but you never had the opportunity to have your personal views aired with such venom. So pot and kettle...…………………………….., lack of clear punctuation and the overall construction of an article, e.g. lack new paragraphs when changing subject matter. Use of a verb in the wrong tense (I'll let you work out where this might apply). Yes this is a sanctimonious post and it's not in any way a defence of LPM or his views. However he is entitled to his slightly off-beat views, in the same way as we all are, but, and it is a large BUT, he shouldn't be attacked by you because of these views, just because you can.🙄
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