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  1. I note this wasn't written on the 1st of April...…………………… Could have been believable under these circumstances! 🤔
  2. On the Fb site you either bin him, or thole him and as I understand it the mods on there tend to allow free speech to a greater extent. Whether SD manages eventually to P**s them off to the point he is binned is always a strong possibility! I noticed a couple of weeks ago that a mod had binned one of his negative posts and he had the temerity to write in and ask why it had been binned................... The man has no positive molecules in his body.
  3. I think the difference between players brought in to the old firm on loans are potential signings for them both. It gives them an opportunity to see if they fit into the team and are worth the investment. For Saints I like Hladky and Popescu and I think Lyons with a few more games and a bit of confidence is a worthy asset, but are we looking at any of these players as possible permanent contracts. The answer is no, they are attempts to get better players in for a short term period who are better than what was there before. The sad fact is that the Scottish talent sausage machine is not even stuttering, it produces the very odd sausage that steps up to the mark once in a 'blue' moon!
  4. Ricky, in truth we had few chances. Up to the point of JB coming off I don't think we tested their keeper. Just after the substitution we had a flurry of activity and he made a great save plus a couple of other incidents that weren't really goal threatening moments. In the 2nd half we scored a goal from a header, but I had the distinct impression (up to that point) that we could try all night and not score. Other than that moment we hardly threatened their keeper. The huge difference between the teams was confidence. Motherwell were slicker in passing, quicker to the tackle, more decisive, played with confidence and meanwhile we were chasing shadows. You sit and watch it and realise that passing across the field or backwards just isn't doing anything other than building up a possession stat. After we scored, it didn't look as though we would chase a winner, but my God, Motherwell showed us exactly what to do! I have refrained from talking down this team as I want OK to be successful. It will be a blow to go back down to the Championship, but they need to get some confidence from somewhere and start pushing for a result. Show the opposition that we want to win. At times last night I watched Ferdinand or Paul McGinn pass back across the field because no-one was making a run or making space up front for the telling ball. Something needs to change in the team for us to survive!
  5. VAR is the answer to most of this post. It will be introduced to the English Premiership next season, but I think you can wait an eternity for it ever to be introduced in Scotland! I'm not saying that all the decisions were right, or wrong, but at least there would have been a review and if that had occurred on each occasion then it would have been very interesting to see how many would have been awarded. Football in Scotland is a backwater. The English Championship will have goalmouth monitoring and VAR long, long before Scotland will, and as a result we will continue to see performances such as Dallas's on Saturday!
  6. After the game against Hibs I changed my Top Man from Captain Courageous to Jack as I do see an improvement in him and a desire to defend better each season. Time will tell if he gets the advancement he deserves, but at least he has shown commitment to the Buddies, more than I can say about one or two others.
  7. You'll get tufted out the Brownies for that comment. I actually thought that you might need a Westminster Mandarin to clear all our foreign signings but they'd probably make a ruddy mess up of the process. We might consider bringing Garry Teal back as a late addition!
  8. I'm not generally a Guardian reader, I leave that to my leftist leaning friends who will occasionally send me the odd gem or two from the paper. So it's not that often that I find that their offerings ring my bell, but the attached certainly did! I think most of us are totally pi**ed off with the performance of our politicians of all shades but with only a few weeks to go and to have no clear plan is beyond belief. Plan A was all they had, and plans B,C & D are still in the melting pot! History will damn the architects of Brexit.docx
  9. How I originally remember this: The Inside was pretty grand too: Then it moved on to: And only to finish as this: Sad to think of it when it disappeared to become a McArthy and Stone development! I had many a good evening in there with my long-term girl friend!!!
  10. With Cooke I see a player that obviously applies himself and is prepared to learn what it takes to step up to this level. This signing by Stubbs was really bringing in a player who needed a lot of adjustment to be able to compete at this level, but I actually have faith in Cody to deliver. If he gets the right kind of delivery into the box and has a good striking partner then he may turn out to be one of his few successes. That having been said, I still think we need another striker who has found the net regularly in the past.
  11. Two interesting views of Glasgow Road looking east, taken a few years apart, but from much the same location. It looks like the Sherwood Church spire in the distance which appears to have been in use following construction between 1889 and 1891. I particularly like the amount of trees located on the north side of the road and it gives the road a very similar feel to Great Western Road in Glasgow in the west-end. There's a bit less foliage nowadays!
  12. Not quite sure that the soundtrack is appropriate, but a lot of the photos are good.
  13. Doesn't quite work to these figures in that you will have a fair level of 65+ year olds who are on half price and then students and youths who will also be on a discount, but for the purpose of your argument if you use the same figures you will get a feel for your point of view.
  14. I think OK felt that the game was unlikely to give us anything so why risk your better player for a lost cause. We were two down by the time he came on, so pretty much a done deal as far as the points were concerned. He gave McAllister time on the pitch when Kellerman was substituted and that was probably an attempt to give him further time before the weekend. I will tend to put the timings and decisions down to good management.
  15. I don't put it down to that solely. There are a lot of glory hunters who follow a team simply because they win trophies and maybe because their father took them to their ground when they were kids. I do accept that a certain large element will be attracted to each team because of some misguided belief that religion is an important part of supporting a football team. However I do know quite a few Protestant Celtic supporters and quite a few Catholic Rangers supporters. I suppose you might put them down for being totally misguided! In another fantasy world, and only Celtic and Rangers existed and if you were a football supporter, which of the two ugly sisters would you prefer to watch?.......................... and don't just say neither!
  16. ????????????? Not quite sure what you mean. I'm not a fan of either of the old firm but I'm not quite with you on this post.
  17. Ok, I was wrong, I genuinely thought he left his feet far too easily and that obviously was the ref's interpretation at the time too. It doesn't get away from the feeling that a large number of players go down much more easily than they need to, looking as though they have been shot when if they had stayed or at least attempted to have stayed on their feet they might well have got a more sympathetic hearing from the official in the middle. However delighted that he can now play without any issues this evening, and in the cup game against United.
  18. 33 was my beer of choice in Cameroon ! It went down quite slowly then!
  19. Your jury are almost returning with a verdict according to the above post, in that you just don't think he is going to cut it at this level. If you look back at some of the younger central defenders we have had on our books they often developed with a good mature calming influence beside him and to help him develop his skills. Jack Baird is 22 years of age and so far in his time at Saints I wouldn't have said that there has ever truly been that calming influence next to him sufficiently to help that development. Yes Davis was here last year and now we have AF who I get the impression is helping a lot behind the scenes and may well give him many pointers in where he can improve. Popescu had a reasonable game on Saturday and I also thought that JB was pretty assured and hardly at fault for either of the goals, and as others have said was let down by a less than efficient midfield. I'm prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt and hope that with both Anton and MP around he will now begin to build that confidence. Rome wasn't built in a day and many players (like most males) don't mature until their mid to late 20's!
  20. The 45 or 78 has a scratch on it and keeps getting stuck at the same place............................................
  21. He is featured as my favourite player, but that was on the back of the past season and a half when I thought he had held the midfield together and inspired those around him. This year he seems out of touch. Perhaps the disruption at the beginning of the season didn't help, but we are on to a new regime now and there seems to be a different person playing out there. Maybe he has less time on the ball, or the players he is up against are that bit faster and have a touch more ability than what he has been used to, but against a Championship side on Saturday, his first half performance was very poor. The second half was slightly better but still not brilliant. Others have suggested that he isn't tracking back as much as they would like to see. That kind of player is probably younger and has a 'better engine' than SM and so far I haven't seen any midfielder in B&W colours this year carry out that role effectively. Maybe they are thin on the ground!
  22. Interestingly a certain Mr Hammill scored in the 87th minute on Saturday for Scunthorpe to frustrate our ex-manager in yet another draw for his new found east coast adventure! https://www.scunthorpe-united.co.uk/news/2019/january/goal-hammill-v-sunderland-h/
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