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  1. Bit late on to the page, following Saturday's attendance, but never too late! Profligate - that's the only word I can think of to describe the frustrations felt throughout the entire 2nd half. Yes we had more chances than Hibs and if each had taken their obvious goal-scoring chances the score should have been 5-2 (or maybe 3) to the Buddies. That probably didn't reflect the performance if you look at both sides and their respective input to the game, but we know well enough, you don't have to dominate a game to win it! If we had been playing some other teams we wouldn't have got away with it and the opposition would have got at least 1 or 2 goals, so best to say it's work in progress, and we are still to find that regular net-finding striker that can take at least 1 or 2 of these chances that we passed up. My personal opinion, - we played ok, but we got away with it on this occasion.
  2. The irony is that through the years salmon have run both the Black and White Carts! Just ask the "fishermen" who have stood at the falls behind the Watermill and tried all kinds of methods to extract them, even in the rat infested era prior to the Piazza. Sadness is that the decline of Salmon in the Cart isn't down to the quality of the water per se, but all the other factors that have combined to kill off a huge asset to Scotland. 😰
  3. Found this photo the other day which i hadn't seen before. There are plenty of the Piazza, but not so many at this stage in construction.
  4. Aye and the said Bobby Vee album was a release date of 14 July 1962 and Telstar was 17 August 1962. I had a paper round at that time, so my record collection started to appear after the start of '62.
  5. Came across a really interesting bit of historical info, which I had no idea existed - see: 1882 – Town Hall, Paisley, Scotland – Archiseek – Irish Architecture There was a competition in the late 19th Century for designs to be submitted for a new Paisley Town Hall. The story behind it all is caught in the attached webpage but the diagrams are really interesting. The first set of plans was by John Robertson: The second batch was by Rennison & Scott, I believe a Paisley firm of architects and they thought they had won the commission, only for the Clark family to prevaricate and then award the job to W. H Lynn, an Irish architect (batch 3) with the final building photo as the completed project.
  6. At the game against Ross County I was (pleased) and amazed to see how many away strips were being worn by the crowd throughout the ground. If you produce something that is well thought through and quality (of design), it proves that the fans will go for it. Personally I think it's a great strip in its own right.
  7. You are probably right, I can't remember the doors of the cubicles, but I seem to remember the fibreboard panelled walls which were punctured in a regular pattern presumably to absorb sound (or at least that's what they thought it was doing) . Also you are correct on the price of an album, around that price also rings a bell with me too. The price didn't change very much for a single or an album for quite a few years. First single I bought myself (not bought for me by my parents or sister) was 'Telstar' by the Tornadoes and the first album was beleive it or not was Bobby Vee meets the Crickets (which I don't have anymore 😔....... and maybe that was 17'6d!)
  8. Two good pics of Paisley's TV / Electrical / Record stores. Cuthbertsons was the best as it had these specil booths upstairs where you could go and listen to the record before buying - 6/8d for a single and I think 17/6d for a LP. What I remember of the booths were the holed panels surrounding the sides and back of the unitand I think a glass door, can't quite remember that detail. As an added bonus the "Caprice" was just about next door where you could go and get a plate of chips, tomato sauce and a drink post school hours - not food that yer Ma served up later that same day! 😃
  9. Good little website with lots of history for those who liked to stand at the end of the platforms at Gilmour Street and watch the choo-choos go by! PBDR4 (paisleyhistory.uk)
  10. Getting back on track, may I suggest that it is appropriate to separate out all academy players and analyse how many become professionals, rather than just pick the easy Premier League stat. The analysis — of players born from 1 September 1995 to 31 August 2000 — includes 4,109 players who were registered at Category One academies. Of the 4,109 former academy footballers, 70 per cent were not even handed a professional contract at a Premier League or English Football League club. And only one in 10 has gone on to make more than 20 league appearances in the top four tiers of English football. I agree that the percentages are really low still, however you would have to agree that making it into the Premier League is well beyond almost any child's abilities unless they stand out from almost day one. The i newspaper did a pretty revealing piece about the whole academy system and it's worth reading. It highlights all the failings and the indescribable pressure for kids and parents alike. Yes the academies are there to create money for their clubs and you can't knock them for that, but they could go an awful lot further in ensuring that the education provided to them along with developing their skills on the football pitch will give them a good chance of achieving something outside of football should they not succeed.
  11. Good news if it's true............ Call me a fake news cynic!
  12. For all he knows I might be a smout, or a 6'4" antogonistic bas*ard, ................obviously thinks the former, but some others have alternative opinions (including my long-suffering wife )
  13. Agreed (for one of the first times in your short posting career! )
  14. At least it a change (slightly) from the JG standard interviews. Accepting blame is understandable as the buck stops with him, but I haven't see any cohesion and dominence at any point so far which is worrying. Unable to beat part-time lower league teams puts our current form into perspective and more worryingly doesn't auger well for the League in 10 days time. I agree some bite and creativeity in mid-field is lacking and not sure where it's going to come from. 😬
  15. From what I've seen, he may have been carrying injuries since he started with us, none of the performances so far have been inspiring, so maybe that's the reason. Chance for Urminsky to step up.
  16. Having watched our friendly disaster on Wednesday then witnessed a really poor showing yesterday, I would make these comments on the new players as it relates to their efforts so far. I'm not saying that this is what they will always be like, as hopefully they will improve with good coaching, but these are my current opinions: Carson - Not as good as Alnwick from what I've seen. Not commanding in his box and seems nervous at corners / cross balls. Wednesday was a good example of the chaos that ensued. Gallagher - ok, but he has a tendency to try and weave or jink his way out of trouble. He will get caught by sharp Premier Division opponents and he will get found out if that continues. He needs to sharpen up his passing out of defence also. O'Hara - So far the best of the bunch, but got dragged down yesterday to an ok standard. Looks as though he could add to the team, given the right support in the middle of the field. Olusanya - Fast but forgets to take the ball with him(!) He shows that he can be occasionally tricky but it's almost as if he is acting faster than his brain and gets the ball taken from him relatively easily. Also goes to ground a little to easily as well. Ayunga - He is a bit of a handful at times and has the ability to beat players, but then tries too hard to take them all on. He needs to just slow down that little bit, look up and pick a pass. Also cut out the petulance - it will only get himself booked. As I've said elsewhere we desperately need to find a goal scorer, Grieve has the ability, but the support isn't there in abundance and the weight on his shoulders might eventually weigh him down. Finding someone who can give you a season or two, scoring 12 to 15 goals a season shouldn't be impossible, finding two is a dream which I think is beyond us!
  17. Seen it all before. We huffed and we puffed and the closest we came to a goal came from the two central defenders. All I can hope for is that it gets better, but I do have to say not overly impressed from what I've seen of the new signings so far, and the forwards look lightweight. Arbroath took the game by the scruff of the neck in the last 5 minutes and you just had that sneaky feeling it was going to end that way. Difficult to enthuse myself for any upcoming games unless we can find someone who can put the ball in the net!
  18. Been to 4 finals: - Scottish Cup '62, '87, then the disastrous League Cup final against the Blue meanies in 2010, and the glorious Hearts victory in '13. So two Scottish Cup finals and 2 league cup finals - EUFA can say what they like, we fans love to get to any final and because we are St Mirren and that we don't necessarily expect to win everything that we enter, when we do get a shot at it we soak it all in and love every second of it, losses even taken into account. As said above F**k em.
  19. As a generality I thought they brought on their first team at the break as opposed to ourselves, we introduced many of the youngsters who may get a chance in the odd game in the League Cup. One point I would just like to make is that there needs to be a good management policy in place to try to keep Murray Campbell's feet on the ground. Last night was my first sight of this much-vaunted player (if you believe the Press), and I came away with the general thought that maybe he has got a bit caught up in his own hype. He was petulant, more aggressive than necessary and gave away a cast iron penalty, which wasn't necessary. On the plus side he showed long diagonal searching passes that nearly came off. I liked that aspect, but not much of the rest. So hopefully the right kind of worldly advice from the experienced players and SR will help calm him down (15 or not) and help him mature into as good a prospect as someone like Bobby Reid.
  20. Actually saw him and his family in a town relatively close to Paisley a short time ago............ Not that necessarily means anything other than being back in the west looking around facilities, housing, schools etc
  21. I thought Tait had dipped in form maybe two or three months ago, but I don't doubt his bravery and his commitment to the cause. Maybe with Robinson re-appearing in his life it has given him an added spring in his step................................... but I do think also that he is getting to that point where he is good to have on the sidelines as a sub to bolster the team when needed.
  22. I agree that overall we matched Hearts in most respects. It was great to see the ball played along the ground and the inter-passing and movement were good. Where we differed from Hearts was down the flanks, especially the left flank (Jones has his fans and detractors and I fall into the area of not convinced as yet- he can score the odd goal, but he is a bit predictable in how he tries to get to the goal line), but also we miss players with an eye for goal. We have lacked that all season, especially a front runner with the ability to stick the ball in the net. Yes, Brophy's goal was clever and good and everything has been said about Ronan's, but we miss a poacher. It has been our failing for at least 4 or 5 years. That having been said we are virtually safe and we could (with a wee bit of luck) finish in the top 6, tho' our three last games before the break are tough, especially the last one with the Blue ones determined to run it all the way to the end with the Glasgow cousins, so I won't predict 9 points out of 9, but 6 would be a good target, and possible................. 4th place is I think beyond us however. (P.S. On the subject of wingers, I really like Livingston's Forrest, fast tricky and he has a good shot on him, - I'd take him over Jones if I had a choice of either)
  23. Like others, probably a bit underwhelmed by this move, but as with all other Saints Managers I will reserve judgement and form a better understanding of him and his abilities as the season pans out. I wish him the best of luck.
  24. I do actually, but it seems you choose to ignore the positives in people as opposed to using your carthorse approach of castigating someone simply because he wound you up as an opposition player over the years.
  25. Sorry, don't think you quite have your figures correct there. Yes Tesco wanted into Paisley and they had been thwarted quite a few times and along came the opportunity wrapped up in Love St and a way out of a financial crises for the Club. The club convinced the Council to consider granting them consent for a supermarket knowing full well that Tesco would take it, but the only thing was that as far as the retail giants were concerned, yes it was a consent for a store of the right size, but it was in totally the wrong location. So they bargained on buying Love St and then trading the consent onto a better located site. However along the way came a complete C (or sea) change in how the supermarket operators developed their sites and how much they could afford. They made the decision not to pursue a store in Paisley as they could not find a suitable enough site at the price level that would make it all worthwhile, so they held the site until they could find the best way out to a housing development value. Tesco probably lost a good couple of £m but my informed sources at the time suggested £7m is roughly what they paid and sold for no more than £5m. Figures can be clarified through the Register of Sasines if you are really that interested. Your thought that Sainsbury's offered £15m+ is also an interesting but I think flawed angle.
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