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  1. Erhahon is developing as a player and deserves his place in the team, however I don't think we need 2 defensive midfielders and either him or Power (Currently Power IMHO, but give it another 6-12 months and will probably be other way around) would be enough. Erhahon's positioning is usually spot on and breaks up play well and in addition his pass to Ronan for the first goal was inch perfect. I don't get the negativity sent towards one of our best young players.

  2. 2 hours ago, Brilliant Disguise said:

    The Covid rules change all the time. Dates move, capacity changes. Bars and Restaurants have been living with these constant changes throughout the pandemic. The difference with them is they have plans in place to cater for changes. If your hopeful that the 9th is freedom day then prepare yourself for the worst.

    Point 2- We have never been informed that the previous ticket company went bust. If so when di this occur. Also it was sold to the fans that it was a change of direction. What was the name of the previous company.

    Point 3 What was in Skyviews contract that allowed them to come in and make late demands.

    Point 1 They have a plan in place you just dont like it, they say they have pushed to try and get more fans in and I believe them.

    Point 2 No idea as I dont work for the club, have a look around yourself , I was guessing they were going bust due to this from Tony "Due to circumstances out with our control with our previous provider we have not been able to have season tickets on sale up until now. 

    Point 3 You seem to think I have some sort of inside track on this but I know as much as any other non employee of SMFC. I am only going on rumour same as the rest.


    You don't believe in coincidence, well great for you. Luckily I am a glass half full sort so will take their word for it and am I am sure a more chilled and less stressed person for it.

  3. 1 hour ago, Brilliant Disguise said:

    he opening of the stadium should have been getting planned from the day it closed. Not now

    The season tickets change over should have sorted out this time last year. Not no

    The strip sponsor deal should have been tied up this time last year or at the least January. No now

    While I understand people are upset I cannot agree with your three points unless you can show me something I don't know/haven't seen

    Point 1 - rules change all the time in fact he even states that on the 9th the rules will change again so how do you expect them to have been planning for months???

    Point 2 - The club have said they started planning as soon as they found out the previous supplier was going to go out of business, takes time for that sort of thing

    Point 3 - As far as I understand it Skyview came in very close to season start and demanded much more than any team could be willing to give so the sponsor had to be changed and has been very quickly.


    So I get it that people are not happy the 3 things you said make no sense unless as I say I have missed some news of them dicking around instead of trying to resolve. 

    The thing I understand people being most upset about is the season tickets as it has taken a long time to resolve, I guess the unknown variable is how many staff Saints have been able to throw at it along with everything else as we are only a small club.



  4. not the best of performances again but plus side we are getting in lots of crosses into good areas now we just need to convert the fecking things. Jay henderson continues to impress, tanser good solid performance, Dunne needs to tone down the hollywood passes but good player, all in all a decent performance and it looks like this year the forwards will have no excuse about poor service.

  5. The government should not be able to stick a needle in anyone's arm however the government should be allowed to restrict their activities somewhat i.e. if you travel back from an amber list country you have to isolate for 10 days unless double jabbed etc.


    If you decide not to get a jab then you make the choice to accept those restrictions, rough with the smooth and all that

  6. 36 minutes ago, Doakes said:

    While the vaccine is relatively untested - and hasn't been around for long - it's important to leave a section of the population (preferably the ones youngest and least at risk) - unvaccinated

    Yes it's a new vaccine but it's not new process this is one of the biggest bullshits being spread by anti vaxxers (not saying you are one) they were able to roll out the vaccine more quickly as they relied on proven techniques used on other viruses. It's like the whole 5g tinfoil hat argument it's new so it must be dangerous, nope it's just applying proven technology and advancing it

  7. 23 minutes ago, Doakes said:

    If you are under 30 and unvaccinated, you have a 99.7%+ rate of survival

    What a fecking attitude that is, how many of those under 30 have parents and grandparents who could be put at risk by them not having the vaccine? Yes being double jabbed lessens the impact of covid on those older than 30 however it does not remove the risk especially when you add in other complications like those with COPD or asthma etc

    You are getting the vaccine as much for others as for yourself just like mask wearing, it doesnt really protect you but protects others.

    Unfortunately many in the UK and worldwide only think of themselves and not society 

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