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  1. bit early to be asking but if anyone is away for this sundays game as it is holiday weekend im the opposite and i am off sunday and if anyone has tickets not being used please get in touch
  2. for anyone like me who couldnt give a monkeys about celtic vs psg tonite what about a wee poll as to who were our top three signings weve brought to the club in last ten years we could do top three best and top three worst
  3. think he might be one of the best signings from outwith the club in a good few years oh wait stelios,carey,tommo,isma,harry davis how bout a top 3 signings club has made in last 10 years??
  4. div already has a taste of media and a wealth of buddies knowledge he can get a pint in the tile on the road home
  5. Was talking with a work mate who has said his club have raised a small fortune by someone arranging famòus stars ie tom hanks justin timberlake etc then auctioned for good figures to be ploughed into the club we would need someone in the know but it is a win win for club and fans great idea
  6. whats wrong with div being co commentater on home match games ?
  7. if celtic keep getting patrick roberts on their man city loan agreement can we not go out and get connor newton again ?
  8. sutton out and jai quitongo in sounds very intresting for deadline day
  9. maybe we can give them daryl duffy wearing a lewis morgan mask
  10. use the new 1877 members club for updates and post match interviews it could be so much better hand in hand with the facilites weve got now
  11. would be good at home on derby days to add to the bite of the game with the feel good factor back at greenhill rd again legends like goodwin money turner big yards vanzy to do their bit
  12. just think it could be improved by club legends doin the home games imagine bashers delight at the goals flying in what other ex players would we like to hear their views ?
  13. I know this has been raised before but who is the posh guy on saints tv surely we can use ex players to better effect and expert ideas and past tales of games and team mates etc ?
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