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  1. Anybuddie


    Big article about him in the Sun yesterday. Been through the mill in the last two years with heart operation. Lucky to be playing again.
  2. Anybuddie

    Liam Smith

    Prior to the season ending JR enquiried about Liam at that time comparisons were made with Morgie ( u21 international etc) and Hearts wanted a fee in excess of £100k which Saints didn’t have, a sell on was offered but turned down by Hearts at that time. Saints then went for McGinn on a free. When it was apparent that he was not going to get an opportunity at Hearts he asked to get away but injuries etc stalled that and clubs had established their squads and budgets and Stubbs had his own ideas.
  3. Anybuddie

    Speculation Thread

    Is it a done deal or just speculation? Don’t see anything on Hrarts forum .
  4. Anybuddie

    At this point, what do we still need?

    Can’t reveal source but no reason to doubt the information
  5. Anybuddie

    At this point, what do we still need?

    Dialogue has taken place about Liam Smith and the manager says he doesn’t want/need him !
  6. Anybuddie

    First Team Squad

    What reason ?
  7. Anybuddie

    First Team Squad

    Noticed Liam Smith not with Hearts squad tonight after captaining their second string to a 5-1 win over Forfar. Do we think there’s a place for him and should we make a move to get him back
  8. Anybuddie

    Gavin Reilly

    Heard Livi are interested in signing Reilly, hope he doesn’t come back to bite us on the arse !!
  9. Anybuddie

    Alan's first signings

    What the Donald Love earning £10k a week at Sunderland !!!
  10. Anybuddie

    Alan's first signings

    Not much mention of who we want Stubbsy to sign, what do we need, probs 2 for each position so need a good few in, a lot of players left at the end of the season and a couple in. Do we need to wait and exploit the loan market, Stubbs wants players in but how much does he have to spend.
  11. Anybuddie

    Paul McGinn

    Had hoped we’d get Liam Smith back but this has probably put paid to that. Heard that we had enquiries and Hearts were looking for a fee. McGinn has good experience and hopefully Jack and James will develop him further.
  12. Anybuddie

    Harry Davies

    Apparently his wife struggled to settle with their young family and moved back down south.
  13. Exactly where I am on this one, couldn’t watch that eye bleeding style every week
  14. Alexander, Liam, Ryan Williamson, Halkett, , O’Ware, Morgy, McGinn, Cammy, Vigurs, Gav, Dobbie
  15. Anybuddie

    Memories from Season 2017/2018

    The come back at QOTS, Stelios and the bounty at Morton and the noise when Liam Smith scored the second v pars z