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  1. I've created another 30 quizzes over the past couple of years if you are REALLY bored. https://www.sporcle.com/user/cairterscorner/quizzes/
  2. We have completed 98 seasons in the top flight. The 1939/40 season was abandoned after 5 matches due to the outbreak of WWII and in general excluded from all records. Totally subjective of course, could argue either way this forthcoming season will be our 99th or 100th in the top flight. Anyone got any thoughts on this?
  3. I'm very certain it was 98, but I will double check.
  4. You can vote for McGinlay for next 24 hours, he's in a play off against Neale Cooper. Winner plays Davie Hay.
  5. Ian Ferguson scored a winner in the final 30 years ago and was still nominated a few times!
  6. I personally wouldn't have had Imrie in, but he got loads of nominations so I couldn't ignore it. I may have a way of getting McGinlay in via a play off.
  7. McGinlay would have been in had anyone nominated him. Do you think he would have been a genuine contender though? For the record, both refs in it so far (Eddie Smith and Collum) have had the most votes by a distance.
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