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  1. ^^^^^^ actual tears [emoji23]
  2. and your supervisor's supervisor's supervisor? Must be great being in mensa!
  3. mmmm, I see that the mensa reference went over the top of your head. No surprise there then!
  4. I gave you examples earlier! For a start, Alan Stubbs was a rookie manager with Hibs. They were one of Scotland's big 5, trying to get out a division that contained Hearts & Sevco! Rangers appointed Souness, Walter Smith, Ally McCoist. Celtic appointed Lennon & Brady. St. Mirren gave the job to Clunie, McFarlane, Alex Miller (with 2 months experience) & Fitzpatrick. Outside of the Old Firm there have been... Paul Lambert (Livingston), Tony Mowbray (Hibs), Billy Davies (Motherwell), Eric Black (Motherwell), John Collins (Hibs), Neil McCann (Dundee), Simon Stainrod (Dundee), Martin Canning (Hamilton), Lee McCulloch (Kilmarnock), Bobby Williamson (Kilmarnock), Gary Locke (Hearts), Gerry Britton & Derek Whyte (Partick Thistle), Craig Brewster (Inverness), Stuart Kettlewell & Steven Ferguson (Ross County), Billy Kirkwood (Dundee United), Gordon Chisholm (Dundee United), Peter Houston (Dundee United), Eddie May (Falkirk), Steven Pressley (Falkirk), Willie Miller (Aberdeen), Roy Aitken (Aberdeen), Ian Cathro (Hearts). I make that 32. Is that enough?
  5. Hibs, I believe, are a far bigger club than St. Mirren and wanted to get out of a division that included Hearts & Sevco. I'm pretty sure that they took their managerial appointment at least as seriously as we did this season! The fact is that you were talking nonsense when you said that St. Mirren shouldn't appoint a manager with no experience and that we hadn't done so before other than Fitzpatrick and that it rarely happens at big clubs!
  6. Can’t believe that Hibs appointed Stubbs in the first place. I mean, it was his first job. He didn’t serve an apprenticeship!
  7. To be fair, Craig signed one Jules Verne league player and yes, it didn’t work. However, Leicester City also signed a striker from a Jules Verne league and that certainly did work! I don’t mind what league we sign players from, as long as they are good!
  8. The point you were replying to here was that Dumbarton were the best p/t team when Murray was manager. Right enough - a meaningless detour!
  9. Don’t see what’s incredible about folk having an opinion on Stubbs. Personally, I’m undecided. My opinion on Craig, Rae and Murray at outset was that they would fail. Football is all about opinions!
  10. I think he could have dined out on the cup win for at least another season at Easter Road. I work in Edinburgh and Hibs and the Scottish Cup was an annual obsession for both sets of fans through there.
  11. Drew and pozbaird, the forum chuckle brothers Without the humour
  12. Let’s hope there is a relegation break clause!
  13. He’s threatened me with both hospital and a lawsuit [emoji23] I’m still waiting.... [emoji848]
  14. Aye, you like putting your stubb into rings [emoji12]
  15. You’re replying to yourself? [emoji106]
  16. Did you win that money on the premium bonds? [emoji23]
  17. StuD got so many bites with his John Kennedy post! [emoji23]
  18. What matters is that he was shit at St Mirren. Just as Dibbles and myself predicted!
  19. Thought you wanted Neilson? Or was it Kearney? Or McCoist? [emoji23]
  20. Another Mensa member! [emoji23] Did you join at the same time as Slarti? [emoji23]
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