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  1. McIntyre is an actual manager. That rules him out. I can see their new "manager" being John Hartson or maybe Neil Alexander
  2. "Livvi board" = their assistant manager
  3. But isn’t the huge over representation of players of African descent in the Belgian side down to genetics? They are all going through the same coaching set up!
  4. How do you explain the hugely disproportionate representation of players of African descent in the Belgian national side then?
  5. Yes, its given you a bigger pool of players and yes, they were born in Belgium and went through the coaching system. But around 40% of Belgian international players are of African descent whilst only around 13% of the population is of African descent. There is obviously something else at play! As Gordon Strachan suggested, genetics!
  6. I didn't say it made any difference to the Belgian coaching system. I said it had made difference to their football team.
  7. I'm sure Belgium have done a lot to improve their youth system. But their football team has also benefited from immigration. Almost 40% of Belgium players capped in 2017 were of African descent. The likes of Lukaku, Kompany, Fellaini, Benteke, Dembele, Origi, Batshuayi, et al.
  8. In other words, you know you are talking shite. Yet again.
  9. 2 points. 1. Its you who began the 'argument' about the inclusion of the word 'Glasgow', albeit, its not really an argument, you are just plain wrong. 2. Who has denied that other clubs are named after a town/city and what relevance is it?
  10. Prize money is paid in 4 instalments across the season with a guaranteed minimum which is close to the total for the bottom club. Clubs budget for the season ahead on where they think they will finish in the league. Therefore, what clubs earned in prize money for last season is irrelevant for next season. Its already all been spent!
  11. The official names of Real and Atletico both contain the name Madrid. The official names of the Old Firm do not include the name Glasgow.
  12. Rangers & Celtic don't have Glasgow in their names. Not really bothered about other clubs. Paisley has never been in our club's name and IMO it should stay that way!
  13. St. Mirren draws its support from beyond just Paisley. There are plenty of Saints fans in the surrounding towns and villages. So, no, Paisley shouldn’t be in the club name.
  14. My burd isn’t into bum love. Not a big fan myself.
  15. Jesus Christ!!! FFS!!! That was for LAST season! They will have got the bulk of that as installements LAST season. They will have spent that money LAST season and budgeted for LAST season accordingly. NEXT season, we will both be in the same league. We will both budget accordingly! :1eye
  16. You think that Ross will be allowed to decide how much to pay in transfer fees? [emoji23]
  17. I’d give it Paul Lambert and Billy Davies as co managers with David Hopkin as assistant.
  18. It matters cos he wasn’t in charge! He’s the acceptable cover for the guy who is really in charge at Livi. He sits in the dugout, he does interviews. That’s his job. Someone else is the brains.
  19. I heard that one of his brother’s might be related to a former Rangers chairman. Anyone know if this is true?
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