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  1. Contrary to all the boo boys, I'm delighted with the way things are going so far. Stubbs is filling me with a lot of confidence.
  2. Samson - McGinn, Baird, Heaton, Kpekawa - Flynn, Magennis, McGinn, Kellerman - Smith, Mullen Subs - Cooke, Hippolyte, Stewart (striker), Kirkpatrick, Erhahon
  3. But we've also signed 1, signed 2 in the Jan transfer window and 1 has come back from loan.
  4. Mackenzie only started 14 league games last season. Eckersley started 24, ie he missed a third of the season. Between them they started 38 league games. They both have bad injury records and both are getting on a bit. We are paying 2 big wages but effectively getting the services of 1 player.
  5. Naw, its 99% to do with how big yer budget is. Hence why, other than Leicester (who themselves had a massive budget and are owned by a £ billionaire), the Premiership winners always have the biggest or near biggest budget! btw, Leigh Griffiths struggled in the English 3rd Division with eventual champions Wolves. They punted him half way through the season cos he was rubbish and he came up here and scored a barrowload of goals! Interesting also, that the top 3 highest average attendances in the English 3rd Division that season were higher than every Scot Premiership club bar Celtic.
  6. Its an interesting question. Jason Naismith just signed for Peterborough rather than Aberdeen so he clearly thinks so Bristol Rovers average attendance last season was bigger than 7 Scots Prem clubs
  7. Back in 2012 Leicester City paid £1 MILLION and gave a THREE year deal to a guy that none of their supporters had heard of from non league football.....
  8. Not sure the comparisons between Armstrong and McGinn are too valid. Armstrong is a more attacking player than McGinn and attacking players generally cost more money. Some stats: Scottish Premiership games / goals Stuart Armstrong 224 / 41 John McGinn 100 / 5 Mark Hughes' reason for signing Armstrong is quoted as: "It is important we add a greater goal threat to the team as a whole, and Stuart's record of scoring and creating makes him an extremely exciting addition in that area".
  9. Don't know, but he was back home within 18 months. And she didn't go down south with him, hence the split.
  10. The bank told us that we had to take Motherwell's offer. The pity is that we had accepted an offer of £500k from Dundee United the previous year but Lambert turned it down cos his missus didn't want to move away.....
  11. So, your example of the sort of Premiership bottom 6 type of player you would like us to have signed is a guy who has never played in the Premiership? I have no idea whether Heaton will turn out to be better than Halkett or vice versa. What we do know though is that no-one else wanted Halkett and we know for sure that he will never ever be a player we can sell on for big money! That said, I wouldn't have grumbled had we signed him as well!
  12. Tonet was a trialist. We haven't signed any trialists! I trusted the boss with Andy Dorman mind you....
  13. A player with his sort of background is exactly what you want us to sign!
  14. If he'd played every game then they he wouldn't have been joining us! 176 league games with Dundee, Chelsea, Hibs, Aberdeen & Motherwell and 29 years old. THAT is exactly the type of player that you are advocating we sign on 2 year contracts! No thanks!
  15. You want us to sign a couple of Andy Dow's! Don't think any smiley I've posted is a personal insult! Faraway used to fill his posts with smiley's cos he wasn't able to make his point. You just fill your posts with irrelevant and wrong numbers!
  16. Indeed, Andy Dow had played for the likes of Chelsea, Dundee, Hibernian, Aberdeen & Motherwell and was still only 29 when he joined St. Mirren. Based on BTB's logic, we could have made the assumption that Andy Dow would have been a raging success!
  17. The Celtic figure is irrelevant, they are neither bottom 6 (which is what your point is about) nor is the figure just for their player's! The line about it being the player's wages is a made up line that could have been made anywhere down the line of the quote of the quote of the quote! "a proven bottom 6 player" = Andy Dow I'd rather we didn't gamble on signing 2 Andy Dows on 2 year contracts thank you! The personal insults that you feel you need to add to every post you make just highlight that I'm right and you are wrong. As always.
  18. So you've now withdrawn your quote of a quote of a quote "evidence" that the figures aren't for all members of staff.... And then reposted the figures just for the bottom six.... even though they are irrelevant and wrong! The treble is complete! Anyways, I'd still rather we spent an extra £500 per week on someone the manager thinks will be quality rather than signing up the likes of Kirkpatrick, Stewart, Hilson, Todd & Darryl Duffy as you seem to favour!
  19. deary me, are you seriously quoting a newspaper, quoting a survey, quoting a report & accounts and using that as your evidence? !! Posting wrong in big red letters regarding something you are wrong about is quality! Celtic aren't a bottom 6 club either, so its irrelevant to your point! Doubly irrelevant and doubly wrong! Can you make it a treble?
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