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  1. Pozbaird has repeated his racist joke on the main forum now. Will the odious Cnut get the ban he richly deserves? Unlikely!
  2. I don’t think there is any doubt that using the phrase “a chink in div’s armour” in the context of a Chinese hacker is a play on words using a racial slur.
  3. Yeh, clearly lacking a policy of banning those whose make racist jokes
  4. Probably not. It seems that its okay to post racist jokes on this forum then abuse anyone that pulls them up about it.
  5. Says that King is a winger. Maybe we've replaced Lewis Morgan?
  6. Heaton and Cooke replace Davis and Sutton. Neither were small or fast!
  7. Peter Crouch, Michail Antonio, Ashley Williams, Joe Hart, Charlie Austin, Troy Deeney, Chris Smalling, Les Ferdinand, Rickie Lambert, Kevin Phillips. Ayrshire Saint will be along in a minute to ask us if we seriously think these guys were / are better than Gavin Reilly! Stu will be along soon to compare them with Kyle Hutton!
  8. I can't be certain but I would think that Stubbs' signing policy is to sign good players. What sort of signing policy do you think he should have followed?
  9. Billy Stark came from an amateur side, not the juniors!
  10. I know what your point was. Just pointing out that adding Lambert to the list didn't help your point!
  11. You asked "is anyone seriously suggesting a guy from tier 6 in England will be better than Reilly?". I merely pointed out that Jamie Vardy came from the 7th tier in English football and is clearly better than Gavin Reilly! Not sure the relevance of there not having been many players move from the 6th tier of English football to the Scottish Premiership and how that means the guys we have signed won't be as good as Gavin Reilly? Motherwell signed guys from the 5th tier of English football and they turned out to be stars.
  12. Lambert won 2 successive promotions with Norwich, taking them from League One to the Premiership and keeping them there. He had 3 seasons at Aston Villa. He saved both Blackburn and Wolves from relegation, knocking out Liverpool at Anfield in the FA Cup in the process. He's earned £ millions in the course of managing 7 clubs in England. Hardly a failure!
  13. Louis Moult, Marvin Johnson and Ben Heneghan weren't useless.
  14. We signed Ball from Derby County. Hardly non league!
  15. Ian Wright was playing Sunday league football before joining a team in the Kent League (equivalent of 10th tier in English football). He played 6 matches there before joining Crystal Palace. Going by Ayrshire Saint's logic, he would only have had a fraction of the ability of Gavin Reilly.
  16. Yeh, good description of you and the likes of pozbaird
  17. Jamie Vardy was in the 7th tier of English football just 12 months before Leicester "discovered" his talent at the age of 25. Are you seriously suggesting that Gavin Reilly is better than him?
  18. Andy Dow, 181 games in the top flight with clubs such as Chelsea, Hibs & Aberdeen. Only 29 when he joined us as well. Stuart Carswell, 86 games in the top flight with Motherwell.
  19. Would rather the main criteria for brining in a player was ability rather than "experience"! As someone else pointed out, Gary Harkins had top flight experience when we signed him! Samson, both McGinns, Eckersely, Mackenzie, Flynn and Smith all have top flight or top flight equivalent experience so we're not exactly lacking!
  20. Not sure how the fact that Reilly’s goalscoring record is a bit better than Mullen’s would justify us keeping him rather than trying to sign someone better? Also, Mullen had played on the wing or as a no. 10 a lot of the time unlike Reilly. Mullen gives us cover across any of the 4 forward positions. Reilly didn’t score enough goals in the Championship last season to justify being our main striker in the top flight. He’s a championship standard striker who did a job. We need better now.
  21. It’s ironic that the abusive and threatening racists come into the sin bin specifically to troll as well. Even more ironic was watching pozbaird and cockles make such arses of themselves!
  22. I said he “was” responsible in reply to your “were playing one up front”. [emoji12] Regardless, playing one central striker is pretty standard these days. I think we have a class no.10 in Cammy Smith so, IMO, we’ll play one up front. Just my opinion.
  23. It was a league game on a warm Saturday
  24. If that were the purpose then why are folk like pozbaird and cockles not in it? Pozbaird is probably the most abusive poster on the forum and even posts racist jokes. Cockles has threatened violence on more than one occasion. Both should have been banned a long time ago.
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