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  1. Not sure we need 2 more centre forwards. We only play with one up front! Kellerman is the attacking midfielder sorted. Need a defensive midfielder IMO, another full back and agree with you on keeper, centre half and winger.
  2. Still need another central defender. Mackenzie is injury prone and Baird isn’t good enough.
  3. Wonder if PB will be along to make a joke about it......
  4. Indeed it is. That's what their supporters do and their respective clubs have a business model to exploit it. Its a real shame that a Saints fans would condone this.
  5. Same approach brought us James Marwood mind you.....
  6. I'm sure David won't be bothered with my abuse!
  7. That's not a reason for keeping Reilly! I want us to sign a new striker - someone better than Reilly! Mullen is decent cover for striker, out wide and Cammy Smith.
  8. Naw, it actually IS McDowell! You’re almost as big a fanny as your bro! [emoji867]
  9. Mullen scored 7 league goals last season. Reilly scored 11. Mullen started fewer games than Reilly, spent half the season with an inferior club and played some of the time on the wing. Mullen is under contract whilst Reilly isn’t, hence why Reilly was looking for a new deal and Mullen wasn’t! A striker who scores 11 goals in the Championship for a side that wins the league doesn’t sound like the sort of striker who would be prolific in the top flight. Gavin Reilly is this season’s Donnie McDowell.
  10. Its not hard to figure out Sherlock!
  11. I note that Halkett has signed on for 'managerless' Livi for another year. David Martindale is quoted as saying "it makes my job so much easier" Its amazing how many signings this managerless club has made. Its as if life has just gone on as normal since Hopkin left....
  12. Livi's real ' manager' is still at the club....
  13. Yet you still managed to make something up which he never said!
  14. Are you sure he actually said this or did the journo just make it up again?
  15. zico

    Rory Loy

    Could be a decent signing for them
  16. Dark blue seems to have been adopted as the colour of Scottish national sports teams as well, despite it not being the colour of the saltire. Wales only have the red from the dragon, the majority colour in their flag. Northern Ireland and England also don’t follow the colour of their flags. Its the rest of the world which is out of line in terms of using their flag colours for their strip. Apart from Germany, Italy, Holland, Australia, etc, etc.......
  17. Scotland shirts aren’t the same shade of blue as the saltire. Scotland’s socks have traditionally been red, there’s no red in the saltire. Scotland adopted the original colours of Queens Park as per saintnextlifetime
  18. Although obviously not in the World Cup this year, Scotland play in a kit that doesn't contain the colours of the flag.
  19. Yet it was David Van Zanten that won player of the year that year. A bit like Lewis Morgan not winning POTY this year! Fans wanting to be alternative! Broadfoot, Adam & Sutton were the key players that season. Van Zanten could easily have been replaced and it would not have made not difference!
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