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  1. Good championship striker, helped us win promotion. We need better in the top flight.
  2. Pozbaird did make a racist joke however. He is the one who should really have been banned. Not just sin binned, but banned.
  3. Those signings were a bit more than fine tuning. Along with Broadfoot, they were the outstanding players in the side! You’re right though. They don’t happen very often!
  4. On the flip side, Smith has been replaced by McGinn, Mullen and Hippo arrived in Jan to boost the attack with Reilly getting dropped while Flynn also arrived in Jan to provide another wide option with Kellerman arriving a couple of weeks ago. Yeh, we need new players but, as someone else said, better to get quality. Two of the best close season signings ever, Sutton & Adam, arrived on the final day of the transfer window. Let’s not panic!
  5. Oban has a paisley post code Edit, should have read the other posts first!
  6. The Asda Phoenix address is Paisley!
  7. I’m with one of your 7 wives at the moment Says they all think you’re a pr1ck
  8. It’s a polished article. Shining bright! It’s gleaming!
  9. Information to be “gleamed” (see dictionary) Shine brightly, especially with reflected light?? [emoji23]
  10. There is nothing to believe! He either said it or he didn’t! The evidence is that you made it up! To be fair though, at least you didn’t accuse him of saying that some players aren’t pulling their weight!
  11. Yeh, every manager assessed the squad. But Stubbs didn’t say it in that interview in ANY way! You just made it up! The rest of your post is irrelevant to that point!
  12. Fallen for what? Stubbs didn’t say that he will assess the squad, you just made it up! No amount of whatsboutery changes that!
  13. He doesn’t say that in the interview at all. You just made it up! And he doesn’t say that some of the players aren’t pulling their weight. IOBS just made that up!
  14. Is that what your nurse gives you with your medication?
  15. In other words, you just made it up that some of the players aren't pulling their weight! Boo boy!
  16. No, you disagreed with me on the headline! You've been arguing that the headline is correct.
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