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  1. Why does he have to wait until they come back from the WC?
  2. Why are you always arguing with everyone? You need help.
  3. Eh? What am I being drab about? Glad that you’re happy. The medication obviously works!
  4. Eh? My question was that I wanted to know why you keep advocating that Saints employ expensive ex Rangers duds. You haven’t even attempted to answer the question, never mind your answer being complete!
  5. What’s Stubbs or Jackson got to do with you advocating expensive Rangers duds to get jobs with St. Mirren then berating anyone who disagrees with you?
  6. He’s really not very good at reading dates [emoji23] #actualthickasfcuk #seeintothefuture [emoji23]
  7. You didn’t advocate any of them before they arrived but you called for McCoist and Miller to get jobs!
  8. ^^^^ thick as fcuk beyond belief! [emoji23][emoji8]
  9. Worked out how to read dates yet? [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] #actualthickasfcuk! #seeintothefuture [emoji23]
  10. Aye, pozbaird has disappeared! And so have you! [emoji23]
  11. You seem quite keen to bring expensive ex Rangers employees with no track record to the club.....
  12. You have a point. Twat. [emoji8]
  13. Possibly. Probably up to the manager to decide though. If he’d rather spend a wage on another coach rather than a player then it’s his judgement.
  14. Would agree. He was disliked due to a mistimed challenge 27 years ago. One in a long line of pantomime villains that Saints fans hated. Mind you, it was an awful challenge! Note, Alan Main is another for the list
  15. I don’t think it’s possible to interpret it as anything other than a racist joke. He got so angry when I mentioned it, demanding I produce the evidence then almost had a breakdown when I did! [emoji23] I interpret his anger as a sign of guilt. An odious individual.
  16. Agree. Threats and racist jokes should receive an automatic ban.
  17. Good! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji8]
  18. It was in reference to Chinese hackers. He’s already admitted it was a joke.
  19. Have you figured out how to read dates on quotes yet? [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] #actualthickasfcuk
  20. The Syrian refugees thread comments were gold as well. Someone clearly has issues.
  21. Ooooh, you’re dead hard poz. Takes seconds to use the search facility. Just type in your username, the racist slur that you used, press enter and bingo. [emoji8]
  22. As I said. It’s ok cos it was only a joke. [emoji106]
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