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  1. It's far better that we have our own database with our own data now than being held over a barrel by some 3rd party company. Interstadia were a joke and the system never worked. The current situation isn't perfect either but at least we own and control our own data. Thats an improvement.
  2. I just don't see any positive attributes from him. He's got no presence at all as a striker, isn't fast, isn't strong, doesn't score etc. I agree he was far from the only problem today. Many of them had really bad games and the managers lack of ability to change anything is a big problem as well. It's just baffling that Adams seems to be a stick-on to start every game and it seems like its based on absolutely nothing as I don't see what he contributes at all.
  3. Che Adams has got to be one of the worst players I've ever seen playing for Scotland - and thats saying something. The game today was lost in midfield but having absolutely zero presence up front really didn't help.
  4. The introduction of Killie into the league probably gives us another 2 sold out away end games. With that said the cost of living crisis is going to have an impact this year for sure so I don't really see there being an increase on average attendance overall. Maybe a slight decrease.
  5. How will this make a difference? Theres always more than enough room in the away end for away fans.
  6. I can't see him turning things around this season based on the fact we are looking worse and worse with each passing week. I would like to have seen him get the chance to build his own team over the summer and start fresh. Unfortunately I don't think we can afford to wait till the summer now though. We are in free fall at the moment and I think the only way to have a chance of turning it around is to get rid of him now and hope for a slight change in fortune in the last few games. If we don't do something now we are going down.
  7. If we lose against St Johnstone next week he has to go. Don't like the idea of getting rid of managers this quickly but this has been a disaster on a new level so far. Beyond belief actually how bad it's been.
  8. LargsBud

    VAR Poll

    I can't believe clubs are okay with the cost of VAR. £67k for the bottom club meaning everyone else is paying more. How is that worth it? For us thats an extra high-end earning player a year. Considering theres been all this fuss of giving the old firm 2 stands to make an extra £100k(ish) because that money is so important but they are happy to throw away more than £67k (£100k for mid table) without much complaints.
  9. Sacking Maloney now is a shocking decision. It shows that the Hibs board have no idea what their doing and theres no long term decisions being made. If you hire a rookie manager you implicitly sign up for giving the manager time and need to accept that there will be mistakes. You don't hire a guy to do a job he's never done before then be surprised when he makes mistakes. Whether they should have hired a rookie manager in the first place is something else though.
  10. Theres always an overreaction by the media every time an English manager gets sacked in the EPL. He's had a good crack at it and they've been good to him as much as he's been good to them over the years. If anyone watched that game against Norwich they'd know how bad Burnley are at the moment. The board are entitled to roll the dice and hope for the 'new manager bounce' IMO. It's either that or certain relegation because thats where it was going.
  11. They were SPL standard when we were 4th and in the QF of the Scottish cup a month ago
  12. My point is more that you aren't going to have a manager on 325k with players averaging 60k. They will all be in line with each other hence the point in an average.
  13. This is our accounts for 2019 and 2020. Going by 2020 figures if you divide our total wage bill (£2.65m) by 42 players (completely ignoring the 35 admin and management staff) the average salary is only £65k so you can take from that he was on nowhere near 325k.
  14. Fantastic appointment. He knows the league inside out and done a really good job at Motherwell. I'm really happy with this, I was expecting to have to spend the night convincing myself Naismith was a good option. Glad we're getting a proper manager in now!
  15. "Having done well at St Mirren" was good enough for Aberdeen. Robinson would be a great appointment IMO.
  16. Stephen Robinson would be a great option if he's interested. Hope there is something substantial behind it.
  17. The size of our support is never going to change. People need to stop living in a fantasy world thinking it will. Can you tell me any club in Scottish football who's support has dramatically increased at any point over the last 30 years? Every club size and support in Scotland is firmly set in stone and wont change IMO. We have the Old Firm, Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen who will always be bigger clubs with bigger supports than us. We are then in the next category of teams along with Killie, Motherwell, Dundee, Dundee Utd, St Johnstone. We will remain in that bracket until the end of time no matter how much we try to tell ourself we wont.
  18. I can only think maybe he doesn't want to come back incase even if he does well he will be seen as a one trick pony doing well twice at the same club and failing at others. It worked out alright for Eddie Howe when he went back to Bournemouth after his failed stint at Burnley.
  19. I think its definitely a mistake for him. I can't see how he thinks he's getting a better job. He wont get anything in England while a 2018 Scottish Championship win is still his only achievement. In Scotland he has exhausted all his options of teams bigger than us. Aberdeen was the only realistic option for him and its gone now.
  20. I just feel that the key skills to be a good manager would be leadership, tactical awareness, handling with the press/fans/board, transfer market dealings etc. None of these are really required to be a good coach. We've seen many people who are supposedly great coaches fail miserably as manager. A lot of the top managers don't take anything to do with the coaching drills.
  21. It's not a coach we are looking for though. It's a manager. Two completely different jobs with little to no transferable skills between them.
  22. I agree he would be the best option but I just can't see how he would leave Killie so soon after joining. It would be a real black mark against his name with regards to his integrity if he jumped ship so early as soon as something slightly better came up. If it was for a big step up like the Old Firm then yes 100% he would do it, integrity goes out the window then. But for a slightly better job like ours, I can't see it.
  23. Highly rated at what? There is close to zero transferable skills between the job as coach and job as a manager. Tommy Craig was very highly rated as a coach.
  24. What about his zero managerial experience, do you not think thats important? Don't see how you could want someone with no experience rather than experience managers like Ross/McInness/Lennon
  25. I don't know if Jack would want to come back but he's been sacked from the 2 jobs he's had since he left us so its a bit of a funny ladder he is on. What other job in Scotland could he get that's better than us? I don't see him getting anything in England again until he has another successful stint somewhere.
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