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  1. Players: Gilles, Murray, Lavtey, Ludo, Thompson and Stephen McGinn. Manager: Jack Ross Cant put them in order but think those would be my favourite.
  2. I would take him till the end of the season 100%. He's a natural goalscorer and if Jim can get something out of him he will be exactly what we need. He's obviously got issues. It's a bit of a mental dressing room at Dundee with people like McGowan, Adam and Cummings. Maybe wasn't the best place for him to settle down and focus.
  3. He deserves the time to turn it around. We are on a bad run but we've seen and been through much worse.
  4. Is there any possibility of replacing the dome with a proper building and sports facility? I don't see why we don't aim for something like we had in the Caledonia stand at Love St. Spend a few hundred grand on it and get proper gym and sports facilities that can be used by the community 7 days a week. If it takes a few years to save for it then so be it. These stop-gap initiatives like the dome are just half measures and money down the drain IMO.
  5. I'm not going into the rights or wrongs of what he has done with this communication point. The point I'm making is, If the he/the club has decided that he is going to stay then what else should they say in the media about it? It looks like they plan to ride this storm out. If that's the case theres nothing else for them to say. They aren't going to keep bringing it up. Whether you think they are right allowing him to stay is a different matter but it's not to do with communication.
  6. I was referring to the other comments when he called them H*ns. But yes, the bridge one was pretty bad considering his position at the time.
  7. He made these comments about H*ns when he was not in a position of authority within football though. Thats the point here. He was just a guy going to the games as a fan like the rest of us.
  8. I think we'll put a few past them on Saturday. Brophy to get his first goal at home for us. 3-0 Saints
  9. I'd rather give them W6 & 7 again than give them the family stand. It's embarrassing for the TV and must be demoralising for the players to see away fans at both ends. What was the reason we moved the OF fans from W6 & 7 to the family stand again?
  10. When you put a fan in charge of the club this sort of stuff has to be expected. Stewart and Tony spent most of their career in the public eye or at least have been public names for the entire time social media has existed so the comparison between them and JN is unfair. The squinty bridge tweet aside, everything else was said prior to him being involved with the club in an official capacity. He hasn't said anything most other St Mirren fans haven't also said. It's wrong to hold him to a higher standard for things he said as a fan years ago. You can't pick some Joe Bloggs (a fan) off the street to be chairman then be surprised if they have a few unsavoury tweets from the past.
  11. We can't put a fan in charge of the club then be surprised when some unprofessional/Non-PC tweets emerge from their history. Making those comments as a fan is completely different from making them as the Chairman of our club.
  12. Theres a fair chance to club have access to the true facts as well. I don't have a problem at all with him wanting to leave. I just don't see whats wrong with the club letting the fans know what happened. We always complain when they leave us in the dark, now they tell us and they are the bad guys.
  13. What's wrong with the statement? They have just stated the facts and wished him well at the end. Providing the facts are true I don't see anything wrong with it.
  14. If our CEO doesn't think we are capable of finishing in the top 6 then we would have a major problem. Tony is absolutely right to have said what he said. Its not fairytale ambition to say we can finish in the top 6 when smaller clubs than us like Killie, Livi and Motherwell done it last year.
  15. The self righteousness of Hearts and Patrick is embarrassing. Trying to take the moral high ground the way they are condemning the clubs who voted in self interest. Do they really think we believe they wouldn't have voted the same if they weren't shite enough to find themselves bottom of the league?
  16. There has been a lot of research done to show that non violent protests are actually much more effective https://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2019/02/why-nonviolent-resistance-beats-violent-force-in-effecting-social-political-change/ You can see why this is the case. A large amount of the discussion now is focused around condemning the looters rather than talking about the real issue of racism and police brutality.
  17. The club should do something about this point. They should make the exception that people done lose their seats if they don't buy a season ticket this season. It may be worth bringing it up with the club, they need to show flexibility as much as they can in a time like this.
  18. Fans have an emotional connection to a football club. Thats the point of supporting a club. If my relationship with football was purely transactional like it is with local shops and bookies I'd support Barcelona.
  19. I don't think they are suggesting that the R number should be looked at in isolation. Its just another data point to consider along side others. Your example is a good example to show why the R number can't be looked at alone.
  20. This is a once in a hundred year global pandemic. Nobody is out to get Partick Thistle. They've just been really unlucky and found themselves at the bottom of the league when this all hit. There's no agenda here or better solution. Shit happens. Do I expect them to be happy about it? No, but I expect them to suck it up and move on. The club is 120+ years old. I'm sure they'll get over it.
  21. An independent review into what exactly? They already had an independent review done by Deloitte into the voting situation and it was determined that there was nothing wrong.
  22. They say this same pish every time we come back to the traditional stripes after being away from them for a few seasons. Im sure they said that exact same line last time
  23. I'm glad of this as it means we aren't tied down to too many long term contracts on a pre-coronavirus budget. We will be able to adjust our finances accordingly for next season without as much trouble as other clubs. There isn't a chance of this season continuing so we don't need to worry about that.
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