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  1. When Ilkay’s not firing then there is no creativity in the team. McGrath been a huge disappointment so far. McAllister same and far too injury prone. Disaster giving him a three year deal. Andreu, far too inconsistent. MacPherson and Foley both been good but don’t create a lot of chances. It’s a worry. There are no match winners there.
  2. This is why I’ve voted in favour. I get the impression there is an apathy among the SMISA membership to get involved and make a direct contribution. If it got to 2026 and we were looking for folk to step up then I think it would be the same story. This way we get control but aren’t reliant entirely on SMISA to drive commercial streams.
  3. Northbank boycotting the game over ticket prices. Good one to miss I’d say. But hopefully doesn’t affect the team’s performance.
  4. Ok I see. But SMISA would lose any influence in that time if they only held 2%. No directors on the board. No 3-way sharing of power in the interim phase.
  5. They are buying Gordon’s remaining 22% or so. Which in your scenario would only take them to 24%. Edited for maths.
  6. So SMISA should reduce their shareholding to 2% or so? How would that work?
  7. McGrath was quiet the other night but his best position is centrally. Worth a look.
  8. I’d go: Hladky Hodson McC Akin Waters Foley MacP McAllister McGrath Durmus Jak or Chabbi (if fit)
  9. There is no benefit to owning 71% compared to 51%. It would just be a waste of money.
  10. Contacted SMISA to ask and there is no vote at the meeting. It’s being done online next week.
  11. Thinking back to the summer, you wonder if it was telling that Goody made Magennis and not Paul the captain when Stephen was injured.
  12. Game was there to be won with a bit more ambition
  13. A striker would have been the priority before last week but with Magennis injured and McGinn probably away we now need cover for both. God knows when we’ll see McAllister again. 3 year deal now looking like a disaster. But him and McGrath should at least give us more creativity. I’d punt all 4 of the forward line that started yesterday. None of them reliable.
  14. Cheers for the steer Aldo. Ordered a copy of Nutmeg last week and just finished reading the Bubbles article. Such a heartbreaking story but great to hear so many Buddies like Mark Yardley, Jimmy Bone and Junior still speak so highly of him. Great read.
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