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  1. Cheers for the steer Aldo. Ordered a copy of Nutmeg last week and just finished reading the Bubbles article. Such a heartbreaking story but great to hear so many Buddies like Mark Yardley, Jimmy Bone and Junior still speak so highly of him. Great read.
  2. Hladky P McGinn McCarthy Famewo Waters Flynn Foley McGrath Magennis Andreu Obika Subs/squad members: Lyness Macpherson S McGinn Morias Cooke Mackenzie Broadfoot Durmus Erhahon Djorkaeff Mullen McAllister Thoughts? I’d maybe have Kirk in beside one of the centre halves for experience. Not convinced by Waters either but can’t see us signing another LB. And not sure about left wing/midfield either. Both Andreu and Durmus blow hot and cold.
  3. Morias has just said goodbye to Sean on his Instagram page
  4. There’s a bar at the ground but you need a member to sign you in. Maybe some kind soul on here will do the honours for you.
  5. Every defender makes mistakes but he got progressively worse the longer he was with us.
  6. Felt he started well in his loan spell but faded badly. Was a liability in the first leg at Tannadice.
  7. I worry about Ethan long term. He was overplayed for a long time out of position at an age where he needed to be used sparingly. Poor kid has been hung out to dry.
  8. I read some chat on twitter about a new article about Bubbles but I can’t find it online. Anyone seen it?
  9. Aye, manager said in the paper today that Gary Mac won’t play until after the winter break
  10. Heading down with the missus for the weekend. Anyone done a reccy on pubs or meeting places?
  11. Still no Stephen McGinn which seems a bit strange. He must need the game time
  12. Alarming to hear Goodwin say after the game that letting Motherwell run all over us in the first half was actually a tactic. FFS! We have 4 strikers on the books and none of them are good enough for this level. The central midfielders are hard working but don’t get forward enough and are never going to score. Magennis was invisible yesterday for the most part. Durmus put in some decent crosses that nobody attacked. Mullen spent half the game on his arse. Really fear for us as things stand.
  13. Fearing a Shuggy style ignominious exit to Dunfermline or similar for the club captain in January....
  14. Talking of badge kissing.... https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/17881513.kirk-broadfoot-win-back-mad-st-mirren-fans-rangers-celebration/
  15. SMISA can’t win. “Unprofessional, not properly run, amateurish” *installs more professional system “Wasting money” Some folk will moan about anything [emoji849]
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