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  1. Can’t see a thread for this. Saints just announced two games in Northern Ireland (one vs Coleraine) and then a week in Spain. Quite fancy a wee trip across the water. Any NI Buds advice best/cheapest way to Belfast? Plane looks expensive.
  2. I’d be amazed if we can keep Hladky. Sad to say but he could easily play at a higher level. Hope I’m wrong. Popescu has been off the boil but was tremendous in the first few months. Hodson I’d keep as a squad player if affordable. Muzek, Ferdinand, Duck, Heaton, Cooke, Kellerman and Jackson should all be away. Don’t think there’s another year in Gary Mac sadly and I’m wondering if Tansey will retire. Don’t see McAllister coming back either. None of the strikers good enough to start but wee Danny will be a decent option off the bench. So.... Hladky/TBC P McGinn Popescu Baird TBC S McGinn Flynn Magennis TBC TBC TBC Subs: new reserve GK, Hodson, Mullen, McPherson, Erhahon, TBC, TBC
  3. Aye. Folk on twitter and Facebook saying it will be a party regardless. Players won’t be up for it if we’ve got play offs.
  4. People expecting players to be out boozing if we’re not safe? That’s mental
  5. Interesting reading Oran’s interview from today. Maybe he just doesn’t want to distract from Saturday but his chat about coleraine not being on his radar “at this time” doesn’t sound like an unequivocal denial to me.
  6. Not if it’s come from Coleraine who have just sacked their manager. Not their place to care about our predicament.
  7. Tickets are for family stand I believe
  8. The email lists all the community groups who have benefited from using these tickets, probably including folk who have never been to a game before and will no doubt buy pies, drinks etc when they’re there. I can’t see a negative although some people seem desperate to try.
  9. Any idea why it’s down this time? Weather hasn’t been that bad
  10. Jason Naismith doesn’t seem to be a fan judging by his twitter reply to Clangers.
  11. Would have liked us to have shown a bit more ambition but if Oran thinks there’s a better chance at having a real go at accies then I hope he’s right. Scott brown should have been sent off though.
  12. Don’t see it with Nazon. Hope I’m wrong.
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