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  1. Dont see how ross county equalising is a good result in any way
  2. I reckon we need to get at least 2 free agents a right back and central midfielder as we only have foley, macpherson and hodson for those positions now with an always injured s Stephen McGinn
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/cwoodger93/status/1209122327516061696
  4. What chances theyre all from outside the box i presume the ones you are talking about. Hamilton would have had a sitter if millars final ball was better
  5. Dont even think hes a championship player. Up there with one of the worst players ive saw at st mirren and the stubbs signings imo
  6. So you're quite happy with our best defender being out just to make a dig. True 'Fan'
  7. Josh heatons stinking attitude has got him kicked out of another club
  8. Also missed more penalties
  9. Do you ever have anything positive to say
  10. I think I know who it is would take him
  11. Mihai popescu starts for them today
  12. They just signed a keeper yesterday
  13. why does everyone care so much about what supporters of a team in a different country think of a player that doesnt play for us anymore
  14. Wendy saints is worse than both of them waiting for every opportunity to criticize kearney
  15. Not so lucky george oakley from inverness
  16. Also i dont think it should be on the "general nonsense" page like nothing big has happened
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