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  1. why does everyone care so much about what supporters of a team in a different country think of a player that doesnt play for us anymore
  2. Wendy saints is worse than both of them waiting for every opportunity to criticize kearney
  3. Not so lucky george oakley from inverness
  4. Hamilton signing someone at half 8
  5. Also i dont think it should be on the "general nonsense" page like nothing big has happened
  6. calm down jesus hes not good enough for the premiership
  7. As long as he comes no where near us
  8. I think this guarantees heatons' departure
  9. You seem to pipe up every time we lose but didnt last week funny that
  10. You calling me thick[emoji23][emoji23] you want the guy back who put us in this mess
  11. 3 nil dundee Uniteds defence is terrible
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