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  1. Looks to me like he has lost a bit of weight. Seems to have made him more mobile about the pitch
  2. Hibs pal says gogic and £150,000 for McGrath almost sealed
  3. Friend of mine plays in same silver band as Needham. Was in the car with him yesterday and call came in about a striker with premiership experience who would be the last piece of the jigsaw. Needham cut the call short( I can't talk right now) but my friend said it sounded like Jim Goodwin on the phone
  4. Deal was done yesterday. Did say I was told last night by Steven McLean
  5. Was speaking to Steven McLean last night. They have paid a tiny amount to get him now
  6. Found a wee video on YouTube that might be of interest. Go to. Recuperacio del camp de football de borgonya.
  7. Scott Cuthbert just scored for Stevenage
  8. I remember being shoehorned in for the replay and the crowd being announced as about 5,000
  9. Daughter got an email today. No 2021 club calendar this year due to covid crisis
  10. BBC Scotland tonight at 7 pm programme on j&p coats Paisley
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