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  1. BBC Scotland tonight at 7 pm programme on j&p coats Paisley
  2. Top arrived today hand delivered by kenny. Chuffed to bits and thanks again Kenny
  3. In tears with tonight's episode. Brilliant
  4. I think we have to treat this week as a pre-season week. Double training sessions even having the new players having digs with established players. They need to be together and get to know each other as much as possible
  5. That was my first ever saints top. Got it for my Christmas in 1978
  6. I went for a job interview at a blacksmiths. The guy asked me if I had any experience shoeing horses. I said no but I once told a donkey to feck off
  7. His enthusiasm comes across loud and clear and realises how important the fans are
  8. Took me that long to get the reply typed and sent. After 3 f**ked up attempts
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