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  1. This is what it boils down to. A man who is a proven criminal and liar who’s support thrives on him being a “victim”, much like when he got arrested for “Contempt of Court”, fine well knowing he would get done for what he was doing. The blind sheep that follow him swallowed it up as “trying to silence him”, therefore, success with the con. I hate the idea of anyone using their daughter for an agenda like this, but with his history it would be no surprise whatsoever if this was all bullshit. Again if it was genuine that his daughter was actually groped then I’d support the idea of retaliating, but it all seems to fit in too nicely.
  2. Aye wait a minute... Ricky likes telling everyone he goes to games. “Faraway” doesn’t go to many games. So this helps Ricky with ammunition to beef up the “I go to games, everyone should try it” while running along with this “Faraway” user to help prove his points. Ricky’s been rumbled! If Faraway was real he’d have called himself “Arbroath Saint” to be more specific. Most of us other faraways have all helpfully declared our locations. Clear and obvious now!
  3. That’s what you want us to think...
  4. I really hope it's a lie, for his daughters sake. It’s highly worrying though if the lengths he’ll go to for a publicity stunt would involve his own daughter.
  5. Clearly evidence Ricky is an alias of Faraway’s.
  6. I’m sure we’ve spent all season saying “we are only a couple of wins from this position”. It’s slid down from 4th to top 6 to 9th now 😂
  7. If we end up and the playoffs and lose to any of those sides we deserve to go down. As you say it’s piss poor outside of Dundee United, none of them look likely to come up. If they beat us then we can’t really call ourselves a Premier side anyway.
  8. Hibernian 1-3 Heart of Midlothian Not the preferred result for tonight...
  9. Can’t help but wonder if he’s staged this to increase his “victim” reputation he loves to pretend on. By all means if someone genuinely touched his daughter then 100% he’d do what any other father would do and I don’t question that at all. If it was me I’d paralyse the c**t. But he doesn’t exactly have a record for truth and honesty, it would be no surprise to me whatsoever if found he had staged this to enhance his sympathy support.
  10. How far down the line do you go though? In my case I would have lived long enough in Scotland to have probably applied for citizenship if it existed. As it happens I am a foreigner who now lives down south (with no British passport). Should I be eligible as well, or discounted because my birthplace was in Belgium? I’m more Scottish than anything else (my entire childhood was based there before I moved to Cornwall) but would I be allowed a vote, or disregarded completely? The problem is as Slarti says, the rest have straight, clear citizenship. Until we escape the chains of the UK we will continue to have difficulties like this.
  11. Yet we were expected to play three games in seven days! I’m not one to stick up for the zombie bigot scum, but have you ever known any Scottish side to play in Europe on Thursday and then have a domestic game two days later?
  12. Perhaps, either way it was always going to be moved to the Sunday the moment Sevco defeated Braga. Whatever the case, Saturday 3pm was a no go from that moment.
  13. To be fair this match was moved due to Sevco’s Europa League involvement. They are playing in Germany on the Thursday.
  14. So the EU, where every country has a veto, is in democratic. Where the majority of laws passed are agreed on by all countries involved. Yet you want to remain in a union where one country can outvote the three others. Where you have 800+ unelected members in the House of Lords, including people there due to ancestry, failures like Zac Goldsmith who lost nearly every election he participated in, and a bunch of party donors who expect a say in our politics just because of their paychecks. A government which isn’t even ran by the PM, but that wee rat Cummings. Hard to believe people think the EU is undemocratic when their own country continues to be shafted by its neighbour.
  15. Ehhhhhhhhh, naw. This is unacceptable. I step down from the blame position with immediate effect.
  16. Aye but isn’t he the backup blame choice when it isn’t Gus?
  17. Can’t take anyone seriously who considers the express to be worth reading. So full of shit there’s no point wiping your arse with it.
  18. It’ll be Gus’ fault somehow. Either him or Cheesy anyway. Everything that goes wrong at Saints is their fault in some shape or form. Ignore Ice-tears cause they are a f**king melt.
  19. Precisely this. The first 18 months after we were relegated were f**king depressing. At least being in the Prem there’s the unlikely chance of making it into Europe, and we generally have a chance of aiming for cup success as we’ll have a better team than we would down below (2013 for example). Pendant alert here - Butterfly Effect. There’s no guarantee things would have panned out like that if we were in the draw. Every tiny change in life can change much bigger things in the future. Pedant alert over.
  20. I’ll give Cammy his due - he had a cracking delivery first half which we just couldn’t get a touch on and the ball landed nicely for the keeper. A different bounce and McCarthy could have levelled. I don’t rate Mullen as a starter, but he is a good impact player. In last season’s relegation battle he scored some goals out of nothing. He’s wasted if you start him but get him on when the opposition is tiring. I’m far from his biggest fan but when we need a goal I say get him on - anything has to be better than f**king Andreu.
  21. Aberdeen were there for the taking last night. We didn’t threaten their goal with much, we forced one save in a match we were chasing from the start. Goodwin claims we were the better side. Aye we pinned them back most of the 2nd half but at no point were the Dons defending like their lives were at stake. Shite through balls, shite crosses, shite decisions. The Sheep didn’t need to step out of first gear. Piss poor for a QF at home. I’d have been alright with defeat if we had made Aberdeen earn the win, but we offered very little against a beatable side and that’s the most annoying thing. Based on that alone Aberdeen fully deserve their victory because we didn’t ever look like clawing a goal back.
  22. Penalty is irrelevant. If you’re going to force one save when chasing a match for over 80 minutes you don’t deserve to win or draw.
  23. Do you have to think St Mirren will win every game to be a supporter? He’s a pessimist, doesn’t mean he wants us to lose though.
  24. Very disappointing. Opportunity to make the semi finals and having gone behind early, we’ve forced the opposition goalie into just one save in a match we were chasing since the 7th minute. Aberdeen didn’t even need to step into second gear after that, we made it too easy for them.
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