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  1. Feck up ya filthy whore, my arse ain’t for you! We could be 6-1 up and I’d still be bricking it 😂
  2. Anyone else fearing that this is going to end up being 4-4 or 5-4 😳
  3. Just think of the butterfly effect. If you were there it may have been 4-1 the other way. Well done to you for staying away, you’ve helped us out today!
  4. I hope to feck I’m wrong in regards to relegation, but based on our history it’s what we always do. I also hope to f**k you are wrong about not winning the cup 😂
  5. That “fantasy” happened in 1987, and it happened in the other cup in 2013. Relegation is inevitable for us. If it isn’t this season, it’ll be in the next ten years. We will gain promotion once more as we always do. The cups are special. I’d also like to add - if we won a semi final, the players would suddenly realise their league performances could be the difference between starting the final and sitting on the bench. As a result the league performances could improve further knowing they’d have that chance to play their part in a major success. And IF we did actually win today - what could that do for confidence? Motherwell are the best non-scum team in the league right now - beating them away would be huge for belief.
  6. I’ve always referred to BMW as “Big Massive Wanker” Lidl do very well in regards to bakery for a cheaper store, not sure if it’s the German influence but they do seem to care more about quality. You won’t have been far fae Par Market, literally less than 5 minutes drive from the Tesco and Lidl. Tbh I only go up that way for the kids arena, I’m not one for shopping. Haven’t been up to near Par Inn though.
  7. Bollocks. Everyone remembers cup success. Surviving relegation for about the 100th time isn’t going to be that memorable unless we do it 2007 style. Give me the cup anyday. It isn’t like the Scottish fixture schedule is that strenuous anyway. Can never understand fans who disregard the cups for a league we will never win and will more than likely be relegated from again in 5-10 years time anyway.
  8. Not quite January, but Livi snap up Efe Ambrose.
  9. BMW...every other driver’s worst nightmare 😂 Yes I know where you are. I’ve used that Lidl for breakfast a couple of times (the Lidl bakery sections are excellent) in between contract jobs that took me out that way. It’s not far from Par Market, and I regularly take my kids to Kidzworld/Cornucopia there.
  10. Come on antrin, do some research! The closest Waitrose to Charlestown is in Truro. You can make that in about 20-25 minutes. As soon as you’re out of St Austell it’s a straight road all the way to Truro (through Hewas Water) and the Waitrose is even on the side of Truro you’d enter in so you don’t have to try and make your way through to the other side. Your lack of research means you deserve to suffer entering a shop amongst peasants such as myself. Did you have to buy new tyres for your Volvo afterwards, or was Tristram there ready to pull away?
  11. Therein lies the problem - “major”. What one believes to be minor, another may believe to be major. There’s no line drawn. It is fair to say you can’t envisage a scenario where Kibble may benefit from hampering SMFC, but we never know what potential scenarios will be thrown up and I think with it being a massive situation for the club (there aren’t many things bigger than change of ownership/key shareholders), I feel we need to address this with foresight instead of hindsight. In other words, a scenario we may not see right now happens in future, and suddenly we have our eyes opened to what the potential scenario would be. By then it’s too late to do anything, and if they wanted, Kibble would have us bent over ready to be rammed. I’m not suggesting that Kibble will do this, but I struggle with the idea that a fan-owned club can only proceed with what it wants if the outside company agrees. You’ve summed up my main concern. The fan owned club who can only do what they want if the outsider agrees to it. I feel there are many, many more questions and answers needed before a vote takes place. This has come around too quick and feels too rushed for my liking.
  12. If I was eligible to vote in this, I’d want to know exactly what Kibble could potentially veto before I voted in favour. It feels like we are going blind into this. I have my concerns about fan ownership itself (although I back the idea of a football club being owned by people who actually care about it), but I also struggle with the idea of a fan owned club who can be overridden by an outside company. We should be aiming to get all of the details regarding things like the veto before voting on this IMO.
  13. Do we as a club know what these special resolutions would be that would allow Kibble to have their veto?
  14. Article (Satire) Just came across this article this morning in regards to any Waitrose shoppers who have to lower themselves to the depths of a “lower class supermarket”
  15. Okay. So Baz, you see this as normal because it’s the done thing on boards. LPM obviously sees it in a different light. The next thing I ask is - Are we really going to be a fan-owned club if an outside company can veto anything we try to implement?
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