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  1. Ofcourse its attention seeking Div. You're about self promotion, not for the good pf the club, but for personal gain. Nothing wrong with that, but its more than a bit absurd to see one of the biggest attention seekers amongst the St Mirren support accuse anyone of being an attention seeker. Apart from anything else it shows a complete lack of personal awareness
  2. I've always been reasoned. I've made criticisms, explained why, and often put up suggestions to the alternative. Thats a fact Div. I'm seldom negative without reason. As for attention seeking who out of the two of us has a big advert that flashes up at every corner kick; appears on the radio: broadcasts matches on Periscope; Tweets about the "return of the Sin Bin"; or talks up the clubs then current manager to ridiculous extremes on other clubs websites to aid his move away? Want a clue? Its not me.
  3. I make it two decades Div. Possibly even longer than you! What is obvious is that although I've still got all my faculties, you clearly have early onset dementia. I've made positive posts when they were merited, you've either forgotten them, or you've chosen to ignore them. I was a St Mirren supporter from 1978 to September 2003. From that point on I've been what I would describe as a "customer" as you well know. It's a statement of fact that during the last 15 years I have been to more St Mirren matches, both home and away, than many of your forum users here on BAWA. To say I don't care about the club, how it's run, and what it does is an absolute joke. The majority of the posts I make on here are a constant reference to just how much I do care and the fact that you perceive most of them to be negative is hardly a surprise since the way the club operates frequently disappoints me both on and off the park. Remember when I was a supporter St Mirren were often a top five club in Scotland competing regularly in Europe. There would be a ring of young supporters three or four deep stood round the perimeter of the pitch at Love Street. The club had players that have become legendary amongst the fans. How many times have St Mirren qualified for Europe since? How many players over the last 15 years will be remembered as fondly as those players in the late 70's and 80's? And these days ofcourse the majority of the fans of the club appear to be middle aged or in their retirement with the majority of kids season tickets that the club sells hardly ever being used. Ban me if you want Div but if it's on the grounds of "not being a St Mirren supporter" or on the grounds of being "negative" about a club that consistently fails to meet it's potential then you are setting quite a dangerous precedent. For a start you'll need to start vetting new members to your forums. No more Sunderland, Barnsley or Ipswich fans. No more Chinese Web bots to boost your Google Analytics statistics. No more fans of opposition clubs. You'd need to ban Slartifartbast who never makes a football related post, never mind one about St Mirren. Pozbaird will need to go - he's way too negative about strip designs. And after every single defeat this season you'll need to have a huge cull of all the negative posters calling out poor performances, or bad managerial decisions as the bipolar element amongst the forum membership really kicks in. LPM is no "pal" of mines either. We didn't see eye to eye on the 10000Hours bid, we didn't see eye to eye on fan ownership and we've had many heated discussions on the forum that showed a chasm wider than the Atlantic Ocean between us. To say that LPM and me are "pals" is as absurd as claiming TsuMirren and me are "pals" - it's simply not a statement of fact and most observant people will have clocked that. That the one issue that appears to have brought us together - with all our knowledge and experience of fan ownership models - is our view on the way SMISA operates should be a concern for those who have obviously taken a far more passive interest. As should the fact that the one guy who keeps trying to censor criticism of anything SMISA related is one of the people who sat around the boardroom table in 2012 voting to keep a liquidated Rangers side in the top echelons of Scottish Football - despite what the majority of his customers were telling him on Pie and Bovril and on BAWA. I'm not sure you care about St Mirren or about Scottish Football, Div. All too often your actions suggest you care more about keeping Chairmen sweet at the club and keeping your leaky information channels open so you've got content for your websites. Perhaps you should put yourself in the SIn Bin!
  4. How many of those sessions were Chinese webbots?
  5. If you mean I have my own opinions and that I don't make gushing posts about a club that often frustrates me then aye I suppose so. However if by loose cannon you are referring to someone who often breaches the forum guidelines, in areas like threatening behaviour, abusive behaviour, trolling behaviour or racist behaviour then there are far looser cannons than me on this forum and I'd include the webmaster in that!
  6. There are forum guidelines on here, which I haven't breached - unlike others. There;s a similar warning system on here to other forums - I've never been warned on this forum about my conduct. But twice now I've been put in the Sin Bin with no explanation. You're right though. It's Div's baw. Last time he tried this sin bin experiment he drove away all his most interesting forum members, his traffic took a severe hit, as would his income, and he landed up bleating about big changes being needed or he would close the forum down. The forum has already quietened down considerably since I was moved in here - indeed last week there was more traffic to the Sin Bin than there was on the main forum - most of it from people who are not restricted to the Sin Bin. If Div wants to self destruct his forum it's his prerogative I guess.
  7. You don't get an explanation. All that happens is you suddenly find out you can only post on Sin Bin topics, and the main forum is invisible to you unless you log out. If you look at my post activity on the build up to the ban there's nothing remotely controversial. I said Jason Naismith wouldn't be joining Sunderland cause he isn't good enough - he didn't. He signed for Peterborough the next day. I've also said Jack Ross isn't good enough for Sunderland - his early signings bear that out. Maguire, McLaughlin and Osturk are all better standard than players in the St Mirren squad, but they really aren't Sunderland class. Neither was Kyle Magennis, who has since signed an extension at St Mirren presumably because he's not going to Sunderland. Unless Div is a Sunderland fan it's hard to imagine why he'd be put out by those posts. I have also highlighted that winning the Scottish Championship does not pitch the club and it's players at English League One level. St Mirren signing players from the 5th and 6th tier of the English game clearly bears that out. The only other topic I commented on was David Nicol and my belief that he wasn't a good fan rep because he didn't respond to my e-mails. Div's action stopped that discussion taking place on the forum, and consigned it to your wall. Div is hugely protective of SMISA and doesn't like criticism being levelled at anyone there. You can see that with LPM also in the Sin Bin. It's obvious to me that Div's sole motivation is to silence all opposition and criticism of SMISA no matter how absurd it makes him look.
  8. Its been on this thread a few times already. The scoreboard gives it away. The terraces were often littered with torn up betting slips
  9. Would you like to try that again after you've wiped your mouth with toilet paper? Maybe try English this time.
  10. I can see why you would need to.
  11. He's pish Shull. I knew Ross would toil in this job,. It's far too big for him.
  12. Can we not get these boring pricks banned from the Sin Bin. Honestly what a bunch of f**king dullards!
  13. I think a bigger indicator of him not knowing what he was doing was when he made Jack Ross manager. Ex Hearts player Ozturk the only signing so far and apparently his new "number one" target is former Aberdeen player Chris Maguire who flopped so badly at Bury last season he was told to stay away.
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