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  1. Well, it's Tuesday morning and thankfully we've made it through the night. Four days until ko, I sounded what signings we'll unveil today?
  2. Sorry Elvis but things like that really bug me. (not that I'm the best when it comes to the English language) Do carry on though as I generally like your posts.
  3. Alloa won again, which is a good habit and are undefeated since the 1st of December. They'll play a settled side. Wish I could say the same for us!
  4. Hey at this rate we might be able to field a team against Alloa.
  5. Bye Cammy, thanks for the memories, think our clubs could be passing each other at the end of the season. Bye Eck, thanks for the memories, great signing for Forfar. Both will always be champions.
  6. Should we install a revolving door?
  7. Maybe but it doesn't look that strong! There are a few in listed that I don't expect to be involved next week anyway.
  8. I really hope OK knows what he's doing and has quite a few "marquee" signings definitely lined up. This could all end in tears.
  9. But we'll still have captain Stephen McGinn!!!
  10. Thought big Buchanan had a good game last night!
  11. All the best to McShane, I for one am sad to see him go, there are a few others I would have got rid of before him.
  12. Ryan Flynn!!! Sorry, hadn't seen the response from WS
  13. So with the last game of the year played and the window opening tomorrow I wonder how many of the current squad have we seen for the last time, 4/6 newcomers?
  14. He was to blame for their second goal, twice he lost out to Stewart who just brushed him off before playing a slide rule pass.
  15. I'm normally with you S R but this is a strange post. We got beat again ffs
  16. Sorry but this is too sensible a post and therefore has no place on here!
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