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  1. Edwards unavailable, Flynn injured, midfield could be interesting!!!
  2. Oh the irony. You looking forward to following it on SPN or Sportsound?
  3. Thanks for the memories Sammy all the best.
  4. Yep never saw that coming and interestingly unless I missed it I'm sure Kyle kept the armband even after McGinn came on.
  5. Good post that I agree with, Mullen is the worst culprit as it's a weekly occurrence and it does us no favours with the officials.
  6. I wouldn't play Mullen, not good enough, only my opinion though.
  7. Aye that'll be right. With no freebie (as you've not mentioned it yet) the only way you'll see it will be on Alba the morra evening!
  8. What do you think? Saturday was the first time this season McGinn has put in a lot of effort and he broke down, just as he did against Utd last season. How many times have you seen opposition midfielders run past him this season as he jogs back?
  9. Cheers, thanks for the update and nice to see we're back on topic.
  10. The same one that troubled him in the Utd away game last season, he's been unsuccessfully trying to manage it.
  11. Morgan not looking to go out on loan to get game time!
  12. This above and if McShane and Ethan don't keep their places serious questions would need to be asked.
  13. Can't believe there's so little mention of McShane's performance yesterday. Kept it simple and was steady which allowed others to play, no coincidence McGinn had one of his better games. Young Ethan had a good game as well.
  14. Fancy some pleasant surprises in the line up today. Would settle for the same result as when the other OF arse cheek came calling.
  15. Don't fancy our chances with Danny diver at ch! A question for all those wanting to bring in all these new players in the window is what are we going to do with those we have, they're not going to walk away for nothing? f
  16. Tart it up whatever way you want but lets be honest here, McGinn so far this season has not done the jobs he's supposed to, be that captain or midfielder. Very poor on both accounts. He should be dropped and get his injury sorted. It can't be good for team moral if an injured player whoever he is, is being played every game ahead of others. Simple thing is based on his performances he shouldn't be playing at the moment. Others can't be any worse than him, we're losing games anyway.
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