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  1. Bullshit, well seen you don’t attend many games.
  2. Bought mine yesterday, can’t wait for the season to ko. Don’t care if it’s next year, club needs money, I’m a supporter and can afford a couple of hundred quid. Saved a fortune WFH over the last few months in petrol, eating out, booze.....happy days[emoji846]
  3. I love the smell of humble pie on a Friday night. Dickson delete your account ya roaster you’ve made an arse of yourself.....not for the first time I hear.
  4. They don’t “benefit financially” in terms of making a profit, all money made is reinvested back into the charity. Of course you knew that and would have been more clued up if you had bothered turning up last night to the present......oh you’re not in SMISA well in that case your opinion doesn’t bother me. Bye [emoji112]
  5. Yes you’ve interpreted it correctly that the attraction for me is they’ll bring expertise to the party.......as well as resources, business acumen, sustainable business model, contacts that the club will be able to benefit from, fresh ideas, energy and also be a partner that we can I hope all agree on are morally and socially responsible. Oh and SMISA will still be the majority shareholder and in the unlikely event that Kibble decide ever to part ways with the club then are legally bound to offer SMISA first dibs on buying their shares back, or even gifting them to SMISA for free. Kibble won’t charge the club for services they provide and are not in for profit as they are a charity. I could be missing something but I can’t see a downside despite looking long and hard for one. I understand there will be some who don’t share my view and then they should vote against the deal.
  6. I see it as a win-win deal where both parties get benefits. We are not selling off St Mirren assets (office space or facilities) but working together to maximise and improve their use. The benefit to SMFC is the extra revenue will be made available for the manager to strengthen the team, for Kibble the get the benefit of having access to employment opportunities for their young people thus giving them wider exposure to real working environments. By financial investment they are demonstrating that they are committed to making the partnership work, in return have minority voice on the board. This is all explained in the video which I’m sure will answer all the questions people have. You are correct in that “expertise and talent” that the likes of Kibble can provide are and will be required when full fan ownership is reached particularly to take us to the next level. This has always been a slight concern to me about fan ownership; once complete did the fans have the correct people with the right skills, experience and time to take the club forward? Who would I like to see provide that? A sugar daddy businessman who would want profit share/payback on any investment? A foreign partner with no particular local attachment to Paisley or St Mirren? Or a long standing, local charity with commercial know how (turnover £32M), large resources in terms of staff and facilities, with a sound ethical and moral values. If you were to hand pick a partner then you couldn’t to my mind chose a more appropriate one. I attended last night and was 80% decided that the deal was right for the club. I now am totally convinced that it is and will vote that it is accepted. I cannot think of any downside only positives and hope that most people will see the same. Congratulations must go to all those involved at SMISA for the effort to date and to the board for the obvious work done to bring a well thought through proposal to the table.
  7. This tournament is a distraction, we should field our colt team and focus on surviving in the top league.
  8. I’m totally against it. There is no need for it, if you can't go an hour and a half without a drink then you’ve got a problem. Imagine standing in our tiny concourse (Like down south you won’t be allowed to your seat with booze) with a flat, cold pint of Foster in a plastic glass during our winter.....crazy. We’ve all grown up without it in grounds so there is no need to introduce it now and the opposite of what we should be doing.....discourage the high intake of alcohol abuse in Scotland. Oh and I do like a drink, but c’mon it’s not something we need at our games. A decent cup of coffee perhaps!
  9. ^^^^^^^^^^^ 100% spot on. All I hoped for was effort, organisation and team spirit which we got, plus some. We have our club back.
  10. I'd like to say I'm sorry that Jackson has been "released" and but I can't. Don't let the door hit your arse on the way out Darren.[emoji112]
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