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  1. This tournament is a distraction, we should field our colt team and focus on surviving in the top league.
  2. I’m totally against it. There is no need for it, if you can't go an hour and a half without a drink then you’ve got a problem. Imagine standing in our tiny concourse (Like down south you won’t be allowed to your seat with booze) with a flat, cold pint of Foster in a plastic glass during our winter.....crazy. We’ve all grown up without it in grounds so there is no need to introduce it now and the opposite of what we should be doing.....discourage the high intake of alcohol abuse in Scotland. Oh and I do like a drink, but c’mon it’s not something we need at our games. A decent cup of coffee perhaps!
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^ 100% spot on. All I hoped for was effort, organisation and team spirit which we got, plus some. We have our club back.
  4. I'd like to say I'm sorry that Jackson has been "released" and but I can't. Don't let the door hit your arse on the way out Darren.[emoji112]
  5. Jackson most definitely be going, not so sure about Rice.
  6. Out of that run of games it’s hard to see where the current squad can pick up points. I’d have to say we’ll struggle to win any of the games, I’d bet we end that run with another point and be sitting on 4 points and looking for a new manager. Hope I’m wrong and we somehow click, start improving collectively but on the last three league games it’s hard to see that happening.
  7. Watched most of that omnishables on YaTube and frankly that was embarrassing. Ever so glad that I didn’t decide to go, for a nano second mid week I thought about it, then saw sense. Hats off to the hard core support that did pay the money and spend the time to go. I like many did not expect us to win, but did expect a bit of organisation and at least compete/make it hard for them, alas we were as weak as piss, disorganised and chasing shadows. Should have doubled up on GMS. Onwards to our real mini league on Sat versus Livvy. Looking already like us,them, Hamilton and Dundee for the basement battle...no surprises there. We need to get better quality in fast, use the McGinn money in part.
  8. Started well but Dundee came back into it. Poor defensive header into central area by P Mcginn for their strike/goal. Weve had the better chances since but lack a bit of pace/guile to take on last man or run at them. Game can go either way let's hope we can nick it.
  9. Pray for the Tehran Elvis Impersonator. You just know this is going to end badly.
  10. Not even in the top 20 of worst results ever. Agree with Pozbaird that the LC 2010 final is easily worse. Stupid reactionary thread to a win, beggars belief.
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