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  1. A stramash from an Aberdeen corner almost results in a goal for Aberdeen. Considine had a head like a threepenny bit, then it's pinball in the Rangers box.
  2. Only one winner IMO, Rangers, after half time, are faster and all over the average Dons. Still 1-1, 60 mins.
  3. It seems, according to a Jersey boy, you're not allowed to say anything negative about yesterday or you're a nugget. How did we play, as good as Livingston, who are not very good. Make of that what you will. It's ALL about points and 3 yesterday could be the difference between relegation and a play off place IMO.
  4. This girl/woman's "husband" has now shown up. Paedophile among other things? He's now seen the error of his ways, wanting to return to Holland. They're welcome to him, and her.
  5. That'll be the "Time for Change" crew, what a quiz team they are.
  6. PRickys car..................what does it say about him?
  7. Away and READ the match day thread......................if you get stuck with any big words give IOBS a shout, he'll help you. #nomark
  8. A cracker from tantrum.................seems he's canvased ALL of the support and we were ALL contemplating definite relegation, including Kearney when he was appointed. To be fair, LPM.... ... when OK came on board, THAT was precisely what he and we were ALL contemplating.
  9. 11 goals conceded, 1 scored. Motherwell, who some lunatics were trying to say were in the mix, next up. TBH no idea how this will go.
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