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  1. Show me where they communicate with each other.
  2. And none as boring and totally irrelevant as you. Snide remarks all the way from you.
  3. Just think how many would have been sold on Title Trophy Presentation Day. With the Morton match and Open Top Bus Parade going on. Then sell the Change Top now just as the holidays are kicking in. Maybe a special third Kit in December. Sortit
  4. My incisive contribution regarding Kits out early was made years ago and as usual was the subject of ridicule by many. That's why....
  5. Is One contributing to this Thread.? If so, then yes.
  6. What is ? That him and Laudrup were two of the biggest diving cheats that Scottish Football has ever seen. I totally agree. Laudrup just shading it.
  7. He won't last. He will be thankfully offloaded to a Team in the Lower Leagues. For their sake, they will require a watertight defence. Better be transferred before we are near relegatit.
  8. My Super Turbo Skimming skills were severely tested ploughing through the Off Topic dross in the many pish contributions above by the two most boring dudes on the Forum. Zzzzzzzzzzzz
  9. Tell me all about how you felt when leaving Stadiums after we lost ...... ( HIGHLY ECSTATIC ? ) The 3 Semi Finals in the early 1980's Hammarby Gretna in 2006 Hampden 2010 Raith Rovers last Season and many many many more. Look back and enjoy each step again when the Cup is won.
  10. Winning Cup Competitions is success. Good runs, getting through Group Stages, reaching Semi Finals, but not winning Trophy is.... FECKING FAILURE
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