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  1. I have to wonder if this has been fully thought through
  2. Maybe Jack's Contract included a decent bonus payment if Hibs won something..................
  3. Thanks for this, much appreciated.
  4. It was getting inspected for the damage the other day, with repairs to be carried out soon. Thanks for the update Cookie Monster. I wasn't aware it had been damaged No football.............I feel deflated !!
  5. Anybody know what has happened to this ? The dome is currently down and no sign of any activity when I went there this morning
  6. Anyone know when the club are getting the non-digital version of their allocation?
  7. Is the undersoil heating on? Does it still work? Otherwise the games a bogey methinks
  8. Got to agree with Andy Millen. I also liked Stephen McPhee for the short time he was with us. I thought there was a player in there, but he never quite hit the big time
  9. Is it maybe a grass v plastic matter?
  10. As a youngster (in the late 60's) I used to go there on holiday Monday's with my father who would be taking mostly cattle for auction I don't recall it quite like the photo (not sure I actually recall what it was like), but maybe the picture pre-dates the 60's and it may have been modified between times? The building on Storie Street (camera side, right) must presumably be the public baths? I used to have the odd chuckle when the lorries (loaded with cattle) parked on Storie Street) would sometimes spray out pish and dung onto the poor souls waiting in queues to get into the Baths!! They did need a wash then!! There was also a church close by, maybe even where the pic is taken from that my cousin was married in, some time in the 70's
  11. Alfie Jones has gone back to Southampton
  12. Tweet????????? Can I email? Thanks
  13. Does anyone know how or who to approach to get a birthday message at half time Emailed the club and also left telephone messages with no response.....................................pretty disappointing actually considering we are meant to be a community club. Any quick help would be appreciated.........................birthday is tomorrow (30th)!!!
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