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  1. I think you've deliberately and conveniently forgotten how bad things were under Stubbs (i.e. we were defeated before half time in most games following our flukey win against Dundee). 
    Home game against Livingston (who were bottom of the league at the time), 0 shots on target and game over before after 36 minutes when Livingston go 2 ahead. Away at Pittodrie Aberdeen take the foot off the gas after going 3 nil up after 26 minutes. Game finished 4-0 to the Dons. Next game Hearts score 5 times before half time (once for us giving us our first goal in 3 games during which time we concede 10).
    Your joke that Kearney and Goodwin can't match the standards set by Alan Stubbs (signing Heaton, Kpekawa, King, Brock-Madsen, Willock etc; trying to sign Kenny Miller twice on a 3 year deal; turning up for work unfit to lead training, moaning to the press about the board) is wearing rather thin and has been wearing thin for over a year. 

  2. Please don't include me in this. I respected what he did and wished him well when he left for England. Now he's managing a team in direct competition with us, I have no interest in him being successful.

    I bet he's now raging he never held out for the spurs job

    Your bitter and twisted line of f**k him and your previous spreading of unsubstantiated rumours highlights your real thoughts

    And highlights yet again, your real character

  3. That quote was from a story early this year. Someone shared the tweet he directed at Derby when he re-signed for us. He was fully fit. As I said previously, yep injury prone player and has to be managed, that isn't a reason to throw a 20 year year old on the football scrap heap.
    Your view that no one should sign him and Kyle or any other player with fitness issues should give up on football and not try to overcome them is pathetic. Assume you think Barca should have done the same with Messi last season or that Celtic should have patched Larson after the horror leg break? Does it extend to other sports? Thank god Tiger Woods never reached out to you for advice. 🤣
    "a special thank you to the medical staff that worked really hard to get me back to full fitness"

    Unless Messi or Larsson were plagued by injuries all through their youth careers, then your point is irrelevant
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